Long hands and feet, Ive Zhang Yuanying, mature beauty of 18 years old, enviable visual effects

Zhang Yuanying, a member of the women’s group IVE, elegant 18 -year -old beauty, 173cm height, coupled with long -handed and long limbs, attracted the attention of netizens.


On May 5th, a Korean media wrote the title: “Ive Zhang Yuanying, a 19 -year -old mature beauty (Korean age algorithm, the actual age is 18 years old), a height of 173cm certification, and a long limb” reported Zhang Yuanying, praising Zhang Yuanying to be pleasing to people Envy visual effect.


The 51 Korean group Xiaobian learned that on May 4th, Ive Zhang Yuanying posted a few photos taken during the promotion of the album “Love Dive” event on his Instagram, and left a text saying: I like the love dive very much, I like it very much, Goodbye, thank you, this album is full of good memories, I love you from the bottom of my heart! Zhang Yuanying expressed her feelings about the end of the event.

In the public photos, it contains the various styles of Zhang Yuanying’s event. Zhang Yuanying wore an open -air blue shoulder top and a gray denim skirt. Long hair hangs down, showing the beautiful curve of the shoulder, showing no show with a chic expression. The same charm.

Or wearing a short shirt with a unique shape in the back, look back and make a wink blink, attracts attention with a princess -like cute shape, or wearing a super short mini skirt, dotted with glittering decorations, leaning on the sofa and basking in the sofa. The sun creates an elegant and dreamy atmosphere. She attracted the attention of netizens with her cute doll -like beauty, especially the slender limbs, even if it was not full of body photos.

Netizens and fans also left a message: “


Zhang Yuanying really likes this pink sequin skirt


This peaked hat is like a helmet on Zhang Yuanying’s head. I can imagine how small the head is

I really like Zhang Yuanying’s high ponytail, don’t have a little time


“Atmosphere”, “I look forward to the next return, will it be a summer style? “,” Zhang Yuanying

The clothes in the photos I posted are all my favorite MIUMIU and powder skirt


“,” Zhang Yuanying’s figure shows the freshness and maturity of the 18 -year -old girl at the same time. “and many more.

On the other hand, the editor of the 51 Korean group learned that Zhang Yuanying’s IVE released the second single album “Love Dive” on the 4th of last month, and

The main song “Love Dive” has been the first in the SPOTIFY Korea list on the SPOTIFY Korea list, becoming the largest female group song of Spotify South Korea.

In addition, as of today, the latest single album “Love Dive” HANTEO list sales volume exceeded 478,000, setting a record of the H list of the four -generation women’s group H. Zhang Yuanying, born in 2004, is 18 years old this year.

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