Is the 1,000 -pound West Lake Longjing value worth it? Yifu Hang Hangyun 20+ Longjing Tea Evaluation

As the three major production areas in Longjing, West Lake Longjing’s annual output is not high, accounting for about 10 % of the total output. Therefore, the price is relatively high, especially the core production areas, and the price is common. High -end tea with a pound of 10,000 yuan is also common. Today is the highest-level Longjing-Hangyun 20+ in Yifu Tang system. We see that the bottom value is not worth it?


The Longjing of Yifu Tang ranges from 6 to 20 according to its own standards, with a total of 12 levels, corresponding to different production areas and prices. The Hangyun 20+ production area is the West Lake production area, and the picking time is the front. Mechanical tea, this price is difficult to understand at this price. Let’s enter the specific evaluation below.



The color is yellow and green, slender. Both are better and have a strong aroma.

First bubble

Tea soup has a strong aroma, fast -moving, smooth tea soup, fresh and mellow, strong tea, but the sweetness is slightly weak.


Second bubble

The aroma decreases a lot, the soup feels slightly weaker, the Shengjin is good, and the Shengjin is concentrated in the bottom of the tongue. The mouth feels good, and it is more obvious.

Third bubble


The aroma decreases significantly, the soup feels still, the taste is almost bottomed, the width of the livelihood is still good, the rhyme tea is very good, and it is more lasting.


Tail water

There is still the aroma, the soup is not bad, the refreshing feeling still exists, there is a slightly chestnut fragrance, and it is sweet and sweet. The aftertaste is more lasting.


Main taste indicator icon


Figure analysis

: The initial concentration of the aroma is very good. Unfortunately, the overall performance of the soup feels is relatively balanced. The whole process is stable and released. The bitterness is very good.

Comprehensive evaluation: Score 84 Star Samsung Samsung Half


At present, the highest score is scored. You can see that this tea taste is better. The front -brewing aroma concentration, soup, and Shengjin Huiyan are online, especially the retaining time of Satojinjin Huiyan is relatively long.

Look at the bottom of the tea, boutique level, uniform ingredients. Combined with the tasting, non -core production areas, but the head is collected.

At the same time, we see that the price of this tea is actually mechanism tea, bad reviews. No Lanxiang, bad review. The overall drinking experience does not reach a 10,000 -dollar taste. The price / performance ratio is not much improved than the 13+15+of his house.


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