My kitchen is not coordinated, or I choose a set of smoke stoves or buy it separately.

I believe that when you go to other people’s houses, you will be habitually compared with your own. Recently, some readers and friends asked Xiaobian privately: Why do other people’s kitchen look full of high -end texture, but what does their own do not coordinate?

This kind of embarrassment occurs, the reason is that when buying kitchen appliances, buying gas stoves and range hoods separately, only price and promotion. As a result, the tragedy happened after installing it, and the color was not tone and the shape combination was not beautiful. In contrast to the kitchen of other people’s house, the sense of style was a lot worse.

自家厨房不协调,烟灶选择套装还是分开购买 听听厨电达人怎么说

First, choose a suit or buy separately?

自家厨房不协调,烟灶选择套装还是分开购买 听听厨电达人怎么说

In the kitchen appliance market, many merchants will put the range hood and gas stove together to sell them together. But as consumers, we are very resistant to this bundling sales model, thinking that this is a trap set by the merchant for us, thereby guiding a large amount of consumption.

In fact, after the recommendation of a number of relatives and friends who have purchased the smoke set and compared with the editors, they found that this combined smoke set is actually the result of the carefully selected by the merchant. The smoke stove suit not only has certain advantages in price, alleviate the pressure at the time of purchase, but also matches the overall appearance. Under the strong combination of the two high -quality products, it can be used in the future cooking and use. More practical effects. The specific reasons are as follows:

1. More suitable for Chinese kitchen

自家厨房不协调,烟灶选择套装还是分开购买 听听厨电达人怎么说

As we all know, the difference between Chinese dishes and Western dishes is very large, because there are many ways to cook Chinese cooking, focusing on the blessing of fire power. During the cooking process, it is inevitable that a large amount of oil fume will be available, which not only affects the operation of the chef, but also endangers the health of the family. Therefore, a high -quality smoke set can be designed for the firepower and large oil fume environment of Chinese kitchen, and it is more efficient in cooperation with it.

2. The appearance is more harmonious

The smoke stove suit can efficiently meet the cooking needs, which is the basic design concept. At present, the rise of the new generation of consumption, in addition to paying attention to the performance of the product, the young consumers also value the value of the product, and strive to perfectly integrate the kitchen appliances into the overall layout of their kitchen. The combination of the whole set of smoke stoves will be more uniform in color, shape, and panel materials. It is simple and generous to match, and the kitchen effect is harmonious and beautiful.

3. It is more convenient to install after -sales

Choose the smoke set of the same brand. You only need to make an appointment to complete it at a time to avoid the long -term and troublesome installation. In addition, if the product has a after -sales problem, you can also check and repair two kitchen appliances through better services.

Second, high -quality smoke set recommendation recommendation

自家厨房不协调,烟灶选择套装还是分开购买 听听厨电达人怎么说

After reading the article, I believe you can also understand the better cooking experience brought by the smoke stove suit. But for consumers who do not understand smoke products, how to choose is still a headache. As a editor of home appliances, I will introduce a face value and strength to you today, and have a cost -effective smoke set!

自家厨房不协调,烟灶选择套装还是分开购买 听听厨电达人怎么说

Recommended smoke stove set:

Vantage side suction hood+fire force gas stove set: DC inverter range hood i11151+5.0kW fierce fire stove I10056B

This is a side suction fire smoke cooker set launched by Emperor Hua Emperor Hua Emperor Hua Emperor’s 618-year-old promotion activity. The two large pieces are as low as 4499 yuan. Orders are placed in a limited time. Gifts. Buying at this carnival node, it is most suitable to have higher cost performance.

Yan value matching: smoke stove face value uniform overall kitchen decoration style

自家厨房不协调,烟灶选择套装还是分开购买 听听厨电达人怎么说

First of all, look at the appearance value of the Vantage Tiangjing Pro range hood i11151 and the fierce fire stove i10056b. This side -suction hood has black crystal glass panels, with the secret silver body, which can harmonize the decoration layout of various kitchen; match The gas stove also adopts a charm -black explosion -proof glass panel. The two complement the color and shape of the color and shape, showing the beauty of science and technology and art.

In addition, in terms of details, the hidden soft light LED lamp, rear stainless steel large oil cup, coupled with the classic cross cooker bracket of the gas stove, and the classic square shape knob, show the artistic aesthetic feelings of modern kitchen everywhere , Make high -end -quality kitchen decoration styles vividly.

Cooking match: 5.0kw Chinese fierce fire, wisdom constant suction time and efficient

Vantage I10056B, through the upgrading and improvement of the stove of the product, effectively improves the performance of the high fire, and achieves the top 5.0kW in the industry. Under the blessing of such firepower, it can cook various Chinese food faster and more stable. According to the test report, boiling a pot of 1 liter of boiling water, the traditional firepower stove takes 4 minutes, while the Vantage’s fierce fire stove I10056B only takes 2 minutes, the fire effect can be seen.

Under the cooking of fire, it is inevitable that the larger oil fume will inevitably rise. At this time, it is a critical moment to test the effect of the range hood. In the face of this situation, the range hood in the cigarette combination must be required to respond in a timely manner, and the performance and suction performance of the product should be strong enough, otherwise the stir -fried cooking will become a disaster in the kitchen.

The Vantage Tiangjing PRO Hi Machine I11151, using a dual -screen opening and closing solution, greatly improves the product’s cigarette performance, which is very suitable for Chinese cooking habits. The product is equipped with a new generation of DC frequency conversion motor, which has the function of automatic induction of oil fume. In actual use, the range hood can automatically follow the flue resistance, the infinite frequency frequency air pressure and air volume, the maximum air volume can reach 21M³/min, the maximum static pressure is up to 830Pa In response to rapid automation, creating an ideal cooking environment with energy conservation and efficiency and low noise.

In fact, if you want to choose a smoke set that suits your home, you only need to grasp the trick of buying, and you can easily choose a high -quality smoke set. During the 618 period, the Vantage Kitchen Appliances launched a number of cost -effective smoke sets, which is intelligent and efficient when used. If you have a new plan for kitchen appliances, you may wish to go to the Vantage flagship store for selection.