The most complete connection method of the most complete fishing line, the sub -line and the eight -character ring in history! Will not cut the line

1. Simple first understanding the main line of fishing and sub -lines


The main line online group is mainly connected to the role of fishing rods and eight -character rings. The good main line can quickly cut into the water and stretch, which has good water cutting. The standard for measuring a main line is mainly to look at its water cutting, direct tensile and nodule tension high and stable, wear -resistant also requires high and low memory. High intensity, slightly larger than water, etc.


The sub -line group is connected through the eight -character ring and the main line. The sub -line is mainly used to bind the fish hooks. The number of sub -line numbers used in different fish used for fishing is also different. Essence Unlike the main line, the sub -line is generally thinner, so when the line group is matched, it is best to use the same brand line of the main line and the sub -line, so that the nature is relatively uniform. Why should the main lines and sub -lines be divided, because the main lines and accessories can be flexibly moved on the main line, such as drift, space beans, etc. The sub -line is linked and bait, and a rotor is connected. The function of the sub -line is to lose a small part of the line when the line is broken. If the main line is not thick, it will lose a lot of things, such as floating.

Second, main line

(1) First of all, talk about the connection method of the main line and the red rope of the fishing rod tip


The first thing to buy a new fishing rod is to connect the fish line and the fishing rod. This is a detailed project. The sloppy thing will only run the fish. There are many connections between the red rope and the main line of the pole tip, such as: the valve core connection method, the living buckle fish line connection rod tip method, the rubber band connection method, the connection ring connection method, the space bean connection method, etc. The most practical one is introduced below Two methods:


Live buckle fish line connection pole tip:


(1) Put a pimple at the top of the soft belt.


(2) Put the fishing line on the top of the ring.

(3) Fold the ring into a double ring.

(4) overlap the double ring together.


(5) Pass the soft band from the ring.

(5) Tighten the line to make the ring tighten the soft band.

(2) Space bean connection method

(1) Choose the right high horses, 8 -character ring, large olive -type space beans

(2) Put the strong horse line on two space beans after folding, and about 12 cm long after the folding line


(3) After knotting the cut head of the interrupted line, leave about 1 cm, and then use the fire to make the thread gel one together, trim the burrs to make it as smooth as possible. The part of the line left this is used for the convenience of the line, similar to the usual 8 -character knot ……….

(4) The processing method of the main line is close to the slight connection of the pole: directly connect to the 8 -character ring, and the knot method is shown in the figure. Note: According to this method, please note that the length is more than 10 centimeters shorter than the usual binding method


(5) The connection between the 8 -character ring and the high horse line. Note that the part of the high horse line is connected to the red rope slightly red rope. After the connection, the two space beans are separated on the top.

(2) The main line and the eight -character ring

Trilene knot: to a large extent reduced the entanglement between the sub -line and the eight -character ring during the fishing process

(1) Pass the main line from the eight -character ring, twice, and make a small ring.


(2) Pinch this ring with your thumb and index finger, then wrap the tail on the fixed line, entangle 2 or 3 times, and then pass the line tails from the ring.


(3) Slowly close the tail tail and fixed line, and leave about 2mm to cut off the excess line head.


Palomar knot:


(1) Pass the main line from the eight -character ring, and then wear it back, so that the two lines can pass through the eight -character ring.

(2) Put a knot through the dual -stock line of the eight -character ring, leaving a ring that is sufficient to put on the size of the eight -character ring.


Pull down the ring and bypasses the eight -character ring from it.

(3) Hold the eight -character ring and the main line of the two stars and slowly tighten it. Leave about 2mm to cut off the excess line head.

Third, sub -line


Friends who have just learned fishing and the eight -character ring tie often often occur. It is either easily falling off or easy to break the sub -line. The correct sub -line and the eight -character ring tie method are mainly grasped.

(1) The technique of using the sub -line correctly

(1) Be sure to ensure that the tension of the sub -line is smaller than the main line. Some fishermen do not cut the sub -line during fishing, or they want the sub -line to be more flexible. The value is better than the main line, because the tensile value of the fish line is different, and even the fine lines will be better than the rough and rough coarse lines. To ensure the tensile value of the main line and the sub -line, try to choose the line of the same brand.

(2) There are also different types of lines that can not only look at the tensile value when using it, just like the PE line. If you use the PE line as a sub -line, the nylon line is used as the main line, then you must choose the PE line with a small half of the main line. Because the PE line is not easy to wear, even the tension and the straight trail value of the nodule are basically the same.

(3) The length of the sub -line is flexibly adjusted according to the size of the target fish and fish. Basically, the shorter the sub -line, the clearer the transmitted signal, but the shorter the sub -line, the easier it is to block or the signal is messy. So how to adjust the length of the sub -line is also there are several choices:


(4) When fishing, you should use the eldest son line. For example, 2kg of fish uses a sub -line of 20cm after folding. The larger the target fish, the larger the sub -line can be appropriately lengthened. But do not exceed 40cm, because the signal of the sub -line transmission is not sensitive, it is difficult to find the signal of the fish eating the mouth. Especially when fishing, you must not use too long sub -lines

(2) Sub -line and eight -character ring

(1) First of all, the first is the most classic one. The common method of binding. This method of tie is strong and is not easy to entangle.

The next one is also very classic. Play a section in the middle of the sub -line in advance, and then tie it to the eight -character ring. There are also many people using this method!


After all, the method is still the method. You also need to practice a lot to master it, so that you can tie out the sub -line hooks and line groups that can cope with various fish love!