The warm and warm down jacket, accompany you for the New Year!

1. The Korean version of the fox super large hair collar can disassemble the long knee -to -knee warm down jacket, which is very warm and very thin.

2. Frontier fashion women’s winter new models, luxurious oversized fox hairs, white duck down filling, strong warmth, super beautiful winter clothing down jacket.

3. New Winter, you can take off the fox’s hairy hat -connected down jacket, the style is very beautiful


4. Winter new style, color -based letter pattern stands up and collar a medium -length thin down jacket, wearing a very slim


5. The pile collar is a long -length zipper down jacket with a pile collar, which is very warm


6. Korean version of the slim luxury gaps in the hair collar, very beautiful


7. Korean version of the slim fox hair collar hair sleeve sleeve down jacket, wearing very warmth

8. Korean version of the mid -length drawing rope waist fox fox double -layer collar down jacket



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