What is the difference between Shiseido small golden bottle, blue fat, and white fat man? You can use it if you understand it

In the sunscreen season, there are always a few sunscreens that can stand out from many products and are regarded as the existence of sunscreen ceiling. Among them, two sunscreens owned by Ying Shengtang:

Blue Fat and Little Golden Bottle


That’s it.

Everyone commented on these two sunscreens:


When you don’t know what sunscreen to buy, you are right to buy them!


Koala recently found that Shiseido has a model

White fat man


The popularity is also getting higher and higher. What is the difference between these three sunscreens? How to choose different skin types? Today, let’s talk about these three sunscreen products in detail.

Blue Fat VS Little Golden Bottle

The relationship between these two sunscreens is more like the elder brother and brother.

Lan Fatty Sunshine is Shiseido’s “big son”. It enjoys the most advanced technology and the best component formula. Of course, the price is also the highest.


Although the An Hot Sand small gold bottle is not as “old” as the blue fat man, the treatment is not worse than it:

It also enjoys the core technology of the group, and has its own characteristics in the formula composition

, Especially after the recent upgrade, its strength can be said to be no worse than Blue Fat. Little Golden Bottle is more advantageous in terms of price.

Let’s take a look at their differences in detail.


In terms of protective index, the two sunscreens are the same, and the basic protection ability is very similar. At the level of advanced protection, both sunscreens have waterproof and sweat capacity and are also resistant to friction. And the blue fat man has more anti -dust ability.

In terms of in -depth comparison of two sunscreens, blue fat and small gold bottle are both materialized sunscreen, but the sunscreen used by the blue fat man is richer than the small gold bottle. In principle, the protective stability of the blue fat will be higher. Some.

Both sunscreens have been upgraded,


It is more perfect on the formula composition of the formula

Essence They all have skin care ingredients, but Blue Fat used more to defensive light aging and antioxidant skin care ingredients; small gold bottle pays more attention to moisturizing and soothing effects.

Shiseido’s water -sweat plus technology is a major advantage of its sunscreen

Essence Both Blue Fat and Xiaojin Bottle have applied this technology, giving two sunscreen more comprehensive protection capabilities.

in addition

Both sunscreen has upgraded thermal energy black technology

In this way, when the surface temperature of the skin becomes high, the sunscreen film will also become stronger, and the protective power will be upgraded again. On the basis of these two technologies, the blue fat man has an intelligent fit effect.

Take a look again

Two sunscreen skin feel


Essence They are all shaking texture, and they are squeezed out of the lotion with strong liquidity, and they belong to a relatively clear sunscreen type.

However, the blue fat man’s refreshing degree is higher, and the film formation speed is relatively faster. In addition, the alcohol in the small golden bottle sunscreen is stronger, and the flavor of sunscreen will be stronger.

Regarding the two sunscreens of Blue Fatty and Xiaojin Bottle, their protection is roughly the same. In more extreme environments, the blue fat people have stronger protection than small golden bottle.


The skin feels similar, the blue fat man almost does not pick the skin, and the small gold bottle is more suitable for mixed skin and dry skin.

The sunscreen is similar, and the blue fat son is slightly better, but for people with particularly sensitive alcohol, these two sunscreens are not the best choice.

The last two sunscreens are officially claimed that they do not need to remove makeup, but for waterproof sunscreen, it is still recommended that you use the cleansing of washing and unloading to clean.

Blue Fat vs white fat man

Both of them belong to the “Fat” sunscreen series, but the protection system is significantly different.

Bai Fat is a sunscreen mainly based on physical sunscreens. In terms of product mildness, its performance is better.

However, in terms of comprehensive protection, Bai Fat still has deficiencies. In comparison, Bai fat man is more suitable for commuting and long -term protection needs.

The skin feel of the white fat is more emphasis on moisturizing. The milk texture texture is not thick, but the upper face has a certain moist feeling, which is more suitable for dry skin and neutral skin.


After the white fat man is on his face, the effect of brightening the skin color will be more obvious, but it will not be particularly fake. In the case of plain face, it also has a certain effect of moisturizing.


Finally, let’s summarize some, how to choose three sunscreens:

Choose a blue fat with sufficient budget, to be more refreshing; want to be more affordable, choose a small gold bottle with less high toner; indoor, commute sun protection, and more attention to mild chosen fat people.

Pay attention to Koala and help you grow grass/thunder/look at ingredients/evaluation on the road to change.

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