Xiaobai must look at the eyebrow pencil that is suitable for you, the novice eyebrow pen color matching guide is almost collected

One article, novices will not buy eyebrow pencils. Many times the eyebrow painting is not good, not only related to the shape of the eyebrows and painting methods, but also with the eyebrow pen color and pens style of our choice. relation!

The eyebrow selection is not easy to turn into a crayon small new, the purpose of the eyebrow pencil color: choose the eyebrow pencil of the same color as the hair as the hair, to avoid using the eyebrow pencil that is darker than the hair.

1. Black hair: optional black, gray, gray -brown, gray -brown, tea black, dark brown eyebrow pencil; I have more gray -brown if my own words, because this color is relatively high to inclusive and skin tone, which is very full of tolerance, which is very 100. It will not feel abrupt. The more versatile color is black or brown.

2. Warm color dye: gray brown, chestnut brown, light khaki color, linen color, light gray and other cold eyebrows.

Black eyebrow pencil is suitable for black hair, you can draw classic Daimei. Gray is suitable for black, natural color, gray tone. Dark brown and dark coffee color are suitable for brown hair color, and natural hair color is also available. Light coffee color, suitable for brown color, warm light hair, chestnut brown, suitable for linsea, light gold and other light hair.

If your hair color is light, but your eyebrow color is very dark. In addition to the eyebrow pencil, you need to prepare a eyebrow -dye cream. The color of the eyebrow cream is consistent with the eyebrow pencil.

The following types of eyebrow pencils are common.

1. Muting eyebrow pencil: The color of the wood hard core is naturally not easy to make errors. The eyebrows that can be painted with a soft mist can also draw a clear eyebrow shape. It is very durable. One can be used for a long time. But this kind of eyebrow pencil should be cut into thin machetes.


2. Rotating triangular eyebrow pencils, rotating pen heads, can save the trouble of cutting pens, and also bring a spiral brush, simple and fast usage. Suitable for girls who do n’t like to cut pens can choose.

3. Rotate extremely fine eyebrow pencils. The core is very thin and can be used to draw root eyebrows. Do not turn out too much every time you use it to avoid breaking.

4. The liquid eyebrow pencil is much lighter than the eyeliner pen.

5. Eye powder, eyebrows drawn by eyebrow powder are very natural. It is very good for novices. It can be used as a plate of eyebrow powder.

If I usually draw eyebrows, I will use eyebrow powder to sweep the general shape, and then use the eyebrow pencil to outline the clear feeling, and the eyebrows are more three -dimensional. We must follow the low front and back, thick, back, back, back, and forth, and the principle of thrush. The eyebrows drawn like this are naturally available.

Regarding the painting method of eyebrows, the eyebrow shape of different faces is also different. First of all, we need to repair the extra eyebrows outside the eyebrow shape, and then use three points to position the thrush method to draw the eyebrows. The position of the eyebrows is 1/2 of the nose vertically. The connection line at the end of the eye is the position of the eyebrow tail. From these three points to find the position of the eyebrows of the eyebrows, we can draw the basic eyebrow shape. In the end, it is very simple to fill the color.


The shape of the eyebrows requires us to choose the eyebrow shape that suits them according to our face and style, which is the best.

Six kinds of eyebrow shapes suitable for face shape:

Goose Egg Fast: Standard eyebrows; standard eyebrows are very natural and generous, and very versatile, suitable for most face shapes, especially goose egg face.

Long face: thick flat eyebrows; can shorten the face shape visually, suitable for daily makeup, it will look gentle and cute ~

Round face: European -style eyebrows; eyebrow shapes, high eyebrow peaks, and obvious gaps at the end of the eyebrows. It can modify the flat feel of the round face and increase the three -dimensional sense of facial features.


Diamond -shaped face: small eyebrows; eyebrow shapes are raised as a whole, modifying the face shape with clear edges and corners, and prominent cheekbones, and it will look more advanced.


Face: Bending the moon eyebrows; the lines of the square face are too tough, the bending moon eyebrows can soften the face lines, and it looks more rounded and reduced.


Heart -shaped face: Willow -leaf eyebrows; the eyebrow shape is thin and long, and can be visually modified with wide forehead, protruding cheekbones, and small faces.

Learn to choose the eyebrows and eyebrow shape that suits you. The eyebrows are simple and good -looking. You don’t have to worry about becoming a crayon small new ~

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