Crazy heart! NCWuers’s spring tide shooting blockbuster

A total of 1155 words, 60 pictures

Reading time is about 11 minutes ~

A breeze that blows willow leaves

A bunch of flowers under the dim street light

Some simple props

Can shoot trend

Life needs a sense of ritual

In the days of the school


Rich those time

(Photography Wang Yiran appeared in Keran)

Striped jacket appeared on the body shape

The overall port style is full

Take the college tie shirt


Vaguely with a little bit of qi

(Photography Liu Gege appeared Wang Yahan)

Rolling beads


Rizhao grenade skirt

Lace lotus edge stands up

Full of the deduction ceremony

Highlight the charm of classical cheongsam

(Entering Xu Xiaoyu)

Goose yellow knitted cardigan is full of vitality

Short -sleeved cat pattern

Visually rich and gentle

Create a small fresh color

(Photography Sun Yiya appeared in the photo Sun Zhengquan)

Blue baseball uniform fabric comfortable

Bringing free breathing

Wear your exclusive characteristics


It is effortless to match with denim shorts

(Seeing Li Jiayi)

The solemn military training suit

Record the seriousness and efforts of each moment

Stop a brush with a pure shirt

Write youth in the academy


Abdominal poetry and gas from China

(Photography Liu Gee appeared in the photo, Huang Yan wakes up)

Interchange design, equipped with embroidery

Traditional wide -sleeved, exquisitely placed

Tengyun looks like a smoke, like Sanshi

See the pond, good wind and sleeve know


Ancient wind folding fan, head green bamboo slice

Dielan dance picture is detailed with the beauty of the two

(Zhang Bingyu)


Moisturizing little round neck

Exquisite pearl buckle

Details show texture

Two fake cardigan outside

Oversize loose and comfortable


(Photography Liang Chengyu appeared in McDlyrisiati)

The top with jacket -style sleeve pocket

Overall easy to be practical


Highlighting futuristic style

Create a free experience

(Photography Sun Wenlin appeared in Xia Kecheng)

Even the dark look

Can’t stop the sunny smile

White shoes break the silence

Increases mature temperament


White with black

Never make mistakes

Warm sunlight

Fluttering skirt

The most beautiful look of girls


White basic top+black trousers

Suitable for daily wear

It is also the first choice of more formal occasions

Low -key without losing the atmosphere


(Entering Lu Mengjie)


Black leather jacket with a white shirt

Fashion is simple, neat and neat

Jeans are changing versatile

Get a greater advantage in him

(Entering Wang Zihui)

Classic sweater

Full skirt is stylish and stylish

Strong sense of skirt


Add a small playful taste

Matching the middle stockings

Sweet and salty beautiful girl

(Zhu Chenchen appeared)

The long skirt of the literary print is more elegant

Yellow and white stitching


Make people pleasing to the eye

Decoration of yellow flowers around

Incorporate the sunny feeling into fashion

Do you love such a beautiful girl?

(Photographer Jin Yu appeared in Lan Jiahui)

Heart -shaped neckline set off the beautiful lines of the neck

Cuscope lace is lighter

Embroidery elements bring a different romantic atmosphere

Show aesthetics in the low -key

How about it?

These styles are very different and full of surprises

On the Huashhui campus in Haruki

Hidden taste and curiosity

Did you make you want to move?

Go boldly try your favorite style

Stay your picking tide in the comment area

focus on! An important meeting created by Hua Shui “Double First -class”!

like! Fairy dormitory! Fairy class!

Notice on the 2022 Labor Day holiday and school duty arrangements

Please strictly adhere to this discipline red line!

The construction and development of the JAC campus, the amount of information of this meeting is very large!

Latest requirements! Typical Case! work procedure! What you should know is here!

2 special prizes! 13 first prizes! Nine second prizes!


You said that Huashui’s spring is so beautiful, I said yes!


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