Huawei’s mother -in -law Q2 network performance test, the network speed is really not covered!

The full Gigabit designed Huawei Zi Mother Route Q2, equipped with Gigabit network port and Gigabit WiFi. The mother and room use the Gigabit power line technology communication. Multiple rooms can enjoy high -speed WiFi. I believe everyone is familiar with his functions. How do you perform in actual use? let us wait and see!

Gigabit network port, Gigabit wifi (PC test)

Mother route: 3 10/100/1000Mbps WAN/LAN/LAN adaptive Ethernet port;

Sub -route: 1 10/100/1000Mbps Lan adaptive Ethernet port.


The mesh of the router is adaptable at 10/100/1000. If the local tyrant has Gigabit network, the computer also needs to support the corresponding network card with the Gigabit network speed. In simple terms, if the computer is configured to be a gigabit or even higher configuration network card, It can support Gigabit bandwidth. As the name suggests, the transmission rate of Gigabit network card is 1000Mbps (Gigabit), and the transmission rate of 100MB card (ordinary network card) is 100Mbps (100M). It is 1000Mbps (Gigabit), which is ten times that of the transmission rate of the 100M network card.

However, I am not a local tyrant. The broadband of my dormitory is 100 mega bandwidth, and one account is connected to two routers at the same time, one Q2 and one Xiaomi, so the rush of the net speed started, but it is often the failure of Xiaomi. It was seven or three, because Xiaomi’s router was bought at 260, and the price comparison knew it.

So my test bandwidth is 100 mega, and the data analysis is followed! Intersection Intersection With a few different test software, not all software data are accurate. The most effective is actually your actual feelings. The data is for reference only.

The test result of the 360 ​​broadband speed measurement is 50-100m, and the speed of the following long-distance connection. The opening speed of the webpage. First of all, it shows that my mobile broadband. very good.

The test results when the computer wired connection is as follows


The test results of the computer wireless connection are as follows

Whether it is a wired or wireless connection network, the speed of the network is very fast. Opening the webpage or long -distance network speed is very fast, especially when wireless, the network speed in 5G frequency bands is sometimes high. Connection is a bit unstable to compare the wired connection, but the overall speed is still very fast, you don’t have to worry.


Q2 Internet speed actual experience

Good steel is used on the blade, so good routers are of course used to play games. Next is my wave of gaming network speed inspections. Other software is not used, and the UU accelerator is tested directly.

1. Wired network:

The first is the optimization experience of the Steam mall. The instant delay is still very low, and the packaging rate is low. Sometimes Steam is really a problem, so a good network is very useful.

After the Steam Mall is accelerated, the survival speed of the Jedi suddenly accelerated, and you can feel it when you look at the network diagram. Originally, it was up to 1MB/s. After the straight line rose to six or seven megs, it was stable. If you do n’t turn on the accelerator, he does n’t speed up. Although most of my usually update speed is very fast, occasionally I will encounter very low speed, and the speed of the Internet will not move. of.


Switch to the acceleration of the survival of the Jedi, take a look at the acceleration of the network for a minute, very stable, the package loss rate is 0

Then when it was switched to ten minutes, the delay of the network was also very stable. The package loss rate was 0 and the delay was 60ms. Playing games was definitely not a problem.


Finally, take a look at the specific situation of the delay. The delay from the computer to the router is only 1ms, and the delay of the router to the game server is 59ms. Of course, the 60MS delay to play games is completely OK. After all, this server is foreign. It reflects the good performance of Q2.


2. Wireless network:

The computer does not use the network cable to connect the router. The router automatically uses the 5G frequency band wireless connection method, and then the optimization of the network after the accelerator is used. The same is the optimization of the mall. Even if the delay is only 33ms, it is worse than a wired connection. Relatively speaking, it is slightly not as stable as wired, and the overall speed is faster than the wired connection.

The five -minute network situation in the mall has a package loss, 1%, which is not as stable in wired, and the changes are relatively frequent, but the instant delay is one level lower than the wired.

Looking at this data, the delay from the computer to the router is only 2ms, the delay of the router to the game server is 32MS, the computer is connected to the 5G band, and the network speed is sometimes faster than the wired connection, but after all, it is more interference. Unstable. Steam is okay. If you do n’t need an accelerator, you ca n’t open it after the first installation. You need to open it several times, and you ca n’t open the market, but you can download games and buy games, so the speed of the network speed is still when optimizing the Steam mall. It will play a little bit, so the delay of the accelerator during wireless connection will be lower. At least I understand that, everyone has higher profound insights. Welcome to correct the comment area.

Next is the network situation of the Jedi survival.

In one minute, the instant delay is 60ms, but it is slightly fluctuating. It is not as stable as a wired connection. The package loss rate is 0


The five -minute network status map can be seen that compared to the wired connection, the network fluctuations are very large. Occasionally there are slight stuck, and the average is 62MS delay. It is still stable as a whole.

The delay from the computer to the router is only 1ms, and the delay of the router to the game server is 61ms. At this time, the wireless advantage of wireless connection is not reflected in the small advantage of the wired connection. Stay, so the delay is 62ms. Personal understanding, please correct! Intersection Intersection

Summary: The performance of Huawei’s mother route Q2 to play games is still very good. The delay of the network delay is also relatively low. The delay of the connection between the computer and the router is basically between 1-2ms. The accelerator’s packet loss rate is very low, the network conditions are good and stable In the actual experience, I have a good performance. Some time ago, I used Magicbook to connect Q2 to eat chicken with smooth chicken without an accelerator. Specific experience, interested comrades can click my avatar reading related posts. In addition, the effect of wired connection than wireless connection is better. Everyone knows. Q2’s wireless connection is still very strong. It is almost close to the effect of cable connection, but of course the stability is relatively worse. When Magicbook eats chicken eating chicken, Magicbook eats chicken chicken eating chicken. That is, wireless connection, the effect is already very good, so wireless can also play games. The Xiaomi router of the dormitory used to use the small emerging 7000 wireless connection 5G frequency band wiFi to eat chicken at all. It will be much better. You can think about what the principle this is (the same no accelerator), ask for answers! The people around me said that this has nothing to do with the Internet, but the actual experience makes me feel related, especially playing the unstable game of Jedi Survival.


Mobile network network situation test


The data of the income is for reference only


1. Test software: wifi evaluation master


Test models: Honor Play 7A, Honor 7i, Honor V10, Huawei Mate10.

This is the running score of various models of the Q2 router. It shows that the same wireless connection will be much worse when the frequency is different. The scores of 2.4G and 5G are different. There may be a gap between different models. The test results in the following figure are examples.


The picture is played in sequence for Honor Play 7A, Honor 7i, Honor V10, Huawei Mate10. Each machine selects the two groups of closer score self -comparison, and many more credible information can be obtained from it.

The delayed tests of Taobao, Sina, King Glory, and were tested respectively. was the highest delay. Taobao and Sina were twelve milliseconds.


Analysis: The first thing to notice is that the test loss rate of each machine is 0. I measured dozens of sets of data, and the package rate is zero. In the delay test, the delay of V10 and Mate10 is short. The average delay of Honor Play 7A and Honor 7i is relatively long, but the signal intensity is obviously higher than V10 and Mate10. The reason for G, 2.4G has a stronger signal strength than 5G and is more likely to penetrate the wall. The connection rate is related to the mobile phone. The data in this figure is reliable, because after connecting to WIFI on the mobile phone, you can view it yourself in the WLAN settings. This is consistent with the value of the phone. Mate10 is far ahead of this, the lowest 7i. The loading speed of the webpage has a lot to do with the loading speed of the webpage. In this, the V10 is far ahead, and 7i is still the bottom. The bandwidth test is also related to the mobile phone, but the gap between 7A and V10 and Mate10 is relatively small. The old model of 7i is still at the bottom. Video on -demand buffer delay the four models of the previous four models, and the performance is very good. The buffer rate is still related to hardware, and interference analysis is also related to mobile phone hardware. But don’t panic, there is a powerful WiFi network optimization function in the smart home app!

The specific situation of the software running is as follows. I only selected a few representative data. From left to right, 7A, 7i, V10, Mate10.

Analysis: The difference is still a bit large. The difference between the difference between the mobile phone test of the 2.4G frequency band is relatively large than the 5G. The running score is unstable. The 5G mobile phone running is relatively stable. The V10 effect is the best. The highest score in this software is 586. Huawei’s mother -in -law routing Q2. My historical highest score is Mate10’s 575 points. Even if the data is for reference only, most of the analysis I believe is correct.

2. Test software: Speedtest


Test model: Huawei Mate10

In order to make the results obtained as correct, I chose these two software, and the data is for reference only.

The first test server is Zhenjiang automatically selected, and my broadband is moving. The latter three are the servers of Nanjing. Because I am in Nanjing, I chose Nanjing manually. Want to look at each data.


Analysis: Ping value. You can see the smallest is 9, and the others are about ten dozen. This game is completely cool. Previously, I used Nova2S to eat chicken, and the 5GWIFI connected to the dormitory Xiaomi could not bring it. I had to play with traffic. Later, the wireless wirelessness of Q2 was completely pressureless. This is my actual experience. In the figure, you can see that the download bandwidth can reach more than 70, and the uploaded bandwidth can reach twenty -eighth. In the actual experience, the peak of my usual Steam download has reached 13MB/s. Four trillion per second, the minimum peak of six or seven trillion, the speed is fast.

Three mobile phones connect wireless iQiyi download video screen speed screenshots

It may be due to the speed limit of iQiyi. The download speed of the three mobile phones is 2MB/s, but after about half of it, it starts to be severely limited. Essence

Multiple devices are connected in, Q2 is automatically selected for them to automatically select the appropriate frequency, so there is no need to reset the 2.4G and 5G bands to separate the 2.4G and 5G bands at all. Show the screenshot.

Signal tester


Because different dormitories have different electric brakes (originally expected to be used in different dormitories), this small test only tests the signal coverage strength. Ziyou is usually used in the toilet to ensure the stability of the 5G signal.

There is no one in history

The dormitory area is about 37 square meters, and the network results in the entire dormitory are more than 90. The test software is the master of WIFI. Selected a test point of the dormitory next door, and the inside of the dormitory (except the bathroom) in the dormitory opposite.



The test results are as follows. The master bedroom is except for the bathroom in this dormitory. The bathroom is separated from walls. The connection speed is 866Mbps, but the signal strength of the master bedroom is -31dBM, and the bathroom is -62dbm The gap between the wall across the wall is still very large. The living room is a test point next door, with a connection speed of 175.0Mbps and a signal strength of -72DBM. It is still a 5G frequency band. The second bedroom is a test point on the opposite side of the dormitory, and the farthest distance. The two walls are separated by two walls. The WiFi automatically drops to 2.4G frequency band, the connection speed is 40.0Mbps, and the signal strength is -66dBM. The score is also the lowest.

Analysis: Huawei’s mother -in -law route Q2 is suitable for covering a house of about 100 square meters, which is completely covered. It is basically no problem. The 5GWifiApp test to the signal intensity is reduced, but it does not decrease in actual use of the medium network speed. The farther the distance, the more interference. The speed will decrease more, the frequency band will be automatically switched to 2.4G, and the network speed will be greatly reduced accordingly. In this case, if the subway can be used to remove the blind spots, and the internet speed is improved in actual use.

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