The new version of “Gossip Girl” was launched.

The new version of “Gossip Girl” is finally online! From the perspective of the reading volume of the viewers on HBO MAX and T1KT0K more than 15 billion times, the original gold lacquer signboard has earned the popularity.

Although under the name of the new version of GOSSIP GIRL, in fact, the story happened eight years after the end of the original story. It is still telling the story about the dog blood of the students of the college students in Shangdong District, New York, but obviously there is no plot in the front. Essence

It is funny that at the beginning of the new version of the episode, it was out of date to tease the heroine Zoya Lott from the civilian class, and the accessories of the hair hoop should be reminiscent of the Queen B in the original version, right?

Another female lead Julien Calloway took off her head hoop slowly to the neck, which also hinted that the old and new versions took over.

In addition to the emotional line of dog blood stimulation, the extravagance of the high society is also the top priority described by the episode for “Gossip Girl”. However, from the current two episodes of the current broadcast, there is no excessive exposure of wealth in the new version. In order to show the financial resources, the first episode is just let the starring actress take a LV bag, and then despise the teacher wearing ZARA’s clothes. For the time being They are all small cases.

Louis vuittonCapucness large handbag

¥ 44,500

Although many people sing the new version of “Gossip Girls” in “The History of the Lost in Shangdong District”, in fact, Gossip Girl becomes influencers, LGBTQ group plots, and aesthetics are more tolerant and diverse. These elements do keep up with the times. The design from casting to clothing shape implies that the times are changing, and the story of the upper world is still spicy.

While paying attention to the plot, don’t forget the original version of “Gossip Girl” is a god -level fashion drama. Of course, the new version cannot be behind. So can the two heroines of the new version of the new version become the successor of Queen S and Queen B? Come and see how this session of the Gossip girl in Shangdong District wear it!

Julien calloway

In the past, it was the power of power, and today, “influence” is the hard power. The shape of the new version of “Gossip Girl” is still operated by the clothing designer Eric Daman. He intends to distinguish the clothing style presented by the new and old editions. The heroine Julien Calloway played by Canadian actress Jordan Alexander, as an INS Internet celebrity, is no longer limited to the conventional style of generosity and elegance.

In order to fit the positioning of the female lead net celebrity, Julien set up the female owner for the first time with the outpost. Style, create a generation Z -generation style that fits the street.

The modeling of “Gossip Girl” is mainly in the two scenes of campus and party. The stylist deliberately make the new version of school uniforms more unconcerned. They can wear high heels to go to school, to play the lower body disappearance, you can wear an Oversized shirt, you can stack it. Even if you wear your father’s Saint Laurent jacket, you can do everything.

If the original campus style is serious, the new version is loose and lazy. At the beginning of the story, the protagonists restored the lunch party on the stairs in front of the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Julien wore a loose vertical striped shirt with cycling pants, played with the disappearance of the lower body, and the boots under the feet laid the tone for the formula formula of Julien. Several sets of shapes in the back use boots. The red FENDI stick bag on the side also kept up with the wave of vintage.

Maje Cimpo striped shirt ¥ 1910

Maryana Lo crocodile pressing leather boots

¥ 2050

Before Julien, it was difficult to imagine a baseball jacket on a lady in Shangdong District, and then paired with the necessary daddy shoes of the trendy people. Inch, the outbreak of women’s power.

Saint Laurent teddy wool blended jacket ¥ 16500

vinatge Lv Papillon 26 Barrel bag ¥ 12970

Balenciaga Triple S sports shoes ¥ 6310

The trend of the vintage package is believed to be found on Julien. In the new version of “Gossip Girl”, LV’s Papillon bag has a lot of shots. Bella Hadid often takes it out of the street. How many people will be planted by her?

The pilot jacket is also a very neutral item. Oversized’s oversized coat is still a common item for the disappearance of the lower body. The inner shirt and the student’s students are swept away. The bag is still the old flower style of Vintage.

Cartier’s CLOU earrings ¥ 4983

Pilot jacket+bicycle pants+boots+vintage bags seem to be the fixed style of the new version of “Gossip Girl”. The hoodie is more street, and these items are unexpectedly affordable, which is super easy to learn in place.

Maison Kitsune satin Teddy pilot jacket ¥ 1295

9 West Maxim High Heel Boots ¥ 450

Vintage Loewe suede medium bag

Sports shoes are also important matching items that follow the street style. Julien uses Balenciaga sneakers and loose jackets. JW Anderson’s hat bag is even a little playful.

Balenciaga Speed ​​2.0 elastic knitted high -top sports shoes

¥ 6148

Jw Anderson leather hat shape messenger bag

¥ 4239

Of course, Gossip Girl is indispensable for party shapes. In the new version, stylists prefer to use some monochrome and simple items to create a sense of high -level sense. The strong and high -quality personal leather skirts are killed greatly at the party.

Zeynep Arcay leather landscape mini dress ¥ 14855

The party killer is wearing Laquan Smith off -the -shoulder tights, black nets and velvet splicing design. The design of deep V and slit -to -waist trousers is simply spicy. Essence

Laquan Smith off -the -shoulder tight -fitting pants ¥ 5332

In Julien’s party outfit, this Christopher John Rogers 2021 spring series black dress is a relatively elegant style. The Liger -shaped earrings demonstrate their financial resources.

As an Internet celebrity, Julien was invited to take a show of Christopher John Rogers, wearing a brand hanging neck stitching long dress.

Christopher John Rogers cotton hanging neck dress

About 6 15426

In the interview, the stylist mentioned that he used a lot of fate brands in Gossip Girl. Although there were some Big Name, he hoped that he could give some New York designer brands a platform.

Zoya lott

As a representative of ordinary class, Julien Calloway is the sister of the same mother Zoya Lott into the lady circle of Shangdong District. You can see all kinds of super -juncts on her, such as inheriting the original British school uniform modeling.

The co -branded model of this pair of adidas X Beyoncé was repeatedly mentioned many times. Of course, the valuable items were provided by the sister. The red environmental protection bag in my hand only needed $ 12.

Adidas x Beyoncé Superstar sneakers

About 5 3275

The other shape is also equipped with Melanin’s recycling of the US dollar environmental protection bag. It can be done at 24 US dollars, which is equivalent to ¥ 182, which is properly appropriate in Shangdong District.

In order to integrate into the high society, Zoya chose a classic small black skirt at the party, about the Ratio ET Motus yellow shoulder bag of 1866, it seems that she is the most expensive item on her.

Reformation Milano Little Black Skirt ¥ 534

The other party shape is more eye -catching. The bright orange Alex Perry Addilyn sequins dress makes her the focus smoothly.

Alex Perry addilyn sequins dress, about 5850

Although ZOYA still looks rusty in the first two episodes of the new drama, outside the play, the player of ZOYA, Whitney Peak has become the new brand image ambassador of Chanel, and also on the cover of various fashion magazines. Essence

Except for the two heroines, each girl’s small group has its own style. The elegant Audrey Hope can be said to continue the standard of ladies on the original “Gossip Girl”. Cold Barbie doll, sweet and sexy.

She looks like a representative of a good girl.

Veronica Beard jacket approximately ¥ 1262

JW Pei Rantan handbag about ¥ 709


About 5 5015

When participating in the party, put on the Rasario Hollow Duke’s satin dress, and a simple low -cut dress made her transform into sexy stunners.

Rasario Hollow Duke’s satin dress is about 11941

The plot of dog blood also cut in from her as the entrance. The current boyfriend Akeno “Aki” Menzies and Max Wolfe who still love to have a leg. This intricate relationship has smelled the development of dog blood. On the stage.

It is worth mentioning that Audrey’s current boyfriend Akeno “Aki” Menzies starred by the popular male model and ice skating athlete EVAN MOC. The actor’s own charm and aura are already very strong. developed.

There are two other girls Mon de Haan and Luna La in the small group. There are no separate plot lines in the current two episodes.

Balmain button trim trimmed side massida short top ¥ 1152

Veronica Beard Mirabelle Coarse Flower Flower Shits of the Flower Shoot

Veronica Beard Cook Tweed Dickey jacket ¥ 4498

SAM Edelman thick sole shoes, about 634

Ferragamo Stuio E -commerce price ¥ 17474

CAMI NYC GIA shirt approximately ¥ 517

There is no Guanzi in the new version. In the first episode, the true identity of the gossip girl was revealed, because the school teachers headed by Kate Keller could not bear the shame of the rich second -generation students, collectively resisted and took over the new “Gossip Girl”. Unknown secrets.

The clothing shape also deliberately imitated the Sis towel shape in the original version, which is also a echo between the old and new editions.

If you haven’t started watching the latest version of “Gossip Girl”, you might as well let go of your obsession with the original version and think of it as a brand new TV series! Which version of “Gossip Girl” do you prefer?