Bird watching, cycling, picnic … How to “wild” in the spring of the spring

Bird watching, cycling, picnic … How to “wild” in the spring of the spring

Source title: bird watching, cycling, picnic … How to “wild” in spring

Spring should be a season of flying, a sports cycling, or preparing to camping at once, you can let the kites and enjoy all kinds of flowers. There are so many gameplay waiting for us in spring.

This time, I will take everyone into the precious wetland park in Beijing, watch the spring of migratory birds, breathe fresh air, and feel the vigorous scene of the earth’s recovery.

These wetland parks have a wide area and have a good vision. They can ride, picnic, and tents. Although it is not suitable to play in water, just looking at this group of natural wild fun, the mood will be extra comfortable, and all of them are free.

What’s more, the natural environment of the original ecology is the best place for the child to Sahuan, recognize plants and water -watching birds. Spring holidays have to be spent like this.

Chaoyang · Majiawan Wetland Park

The Majiawan Wetland Park hidden on the southeast five rings. People are empty. They are leisurely places where picnics, cycling, walking, playing with water, digging sand, and walking dogs. The entire wetland nestled next to the Empress Dowager. The area was not only large, but also the green coverage rate. Whether it was under the flower tree, on the lawn, or the riverside, square sand pit, it was always a good position suitable for rest.

The river bank of the park is comparable to the level of net red, and the surrounding water plants are lush. It is a good place for wild ducks and water birds. A wooden trestle bridge extends more than ten meters to the water surface. The sky and plant reflection are particularly beautiful on the water. Standing on the bridge can be very close to the water surface, watching or taking pictures is too suitable. Especially in the evening, there will be photography enthusiasts with cameras to delay, and everyone loves the scenery here.

There is a lawn by the river. Some people pass through the lawn to fish by the river. Some people take wedding photos and enjoy the joy of beauty. “Sakura willow Yingdi” is an important spring victory in Majiawan Wetland. It is said that every spring, it will spit green along the river willow, and the cherry blossoms on the embankment are popular into the sea.

The road of the park is clean and flat, and the special walking trail runs through the whole park. You can run and take a walk. Children can also ride a beloved car to gallop freely. The Xiaotu Mountain in the garden is not high, but it is also fun. Ascending to Xiaotu Mountain can see the landscape of the park.

Fangshan · Niukou Wetland Park

The ecological environment of Niutou Wetland Park is well maintained. It has a suitable water surface with different density wet meadows and aquatic plants. It is planted in the ponds with aquatic plants with purified capacity such as reeds, green onions, and fungus. You can feel its charm in the wetland hinterland along the 345 -meter -long plank.

Because the environment is too beautiful, it has become the ideal habitat of birds and is also a veritable bird watching place. A total of more than 50 wild birds can be seen in total, among which there are many national first -level and second -level protective poultry, which is even more wild than Nanhaizi.

And the park has set up a bird watching area for bird watching enthusiasts, allowing everyone to watch birds or shoot blockbusters at a close range without affecting bird life.

By the way, there is a beautiful black swan here. As long as you see people, you can swim elegantly and say hello. When the spring flowers bloom, the new generation of swan babies are going to be born.

In addition to bird watching, you can bring some steamed buns, bread to feed fish and ducks, and get in touch with these cute people. There are also distant mountain viewing platforms, walking trails, rest gazebo, children’s amusement parks, cruise ships, and can also be equipped with dogs. In short, it is a destination that is very suitable for the whole family.

Haidian · Daoxiang Lake Natural Wetland Park

Daoxiang Lake Park is a fresh and bright pastoral scenery. In addition to the remote location, the traffic is not convenient, it is really a good place to play.

It is mainly composed of two parts: more than 600 acres of natural lakes and wide rice fields on the shore. It has the reputation of “Western West Holy Land”. From the weekend, there are still many tourists who come to play with their mouths.

On the occasion of spring and summer, the reeds on both sides of the strait, the excellent ecological environment, attracted a variety of rare poultry. The pleasant screams from egrets, yellow crickets, and turtles doves in the air, which is very ethereal. Plastic runways are laid around the lake, while enjoying the beauty of the countryside and exercising, it is really enjoyable.

The commercial facilities of Daoxiang Lake are relatively complete, and they can also enjoy modern entertainment in the poetic pastoral. This is also the reason why it is very popular with parent -child families.

The original Damei Children’s Paradise, which is original for children, is suitable for children at different ages. It is equipped with parent -child theme hotels, hot spring castles, sports parks, art galleries, and non -heritage exhibition centers. It integrates entertainment, catering, and accommodation. Two days. It’s a pity not to come and see such an ideal doll victory.

Shunyi Hanshiqiao Wetland Park

Located in the Hanshi Bridge Wetland Park in Shunyi, it has 1,000 acres of forests and two thousand acres of reed swamp wetlands. It is an excellent ecological leisure park. It is also a transit and habitat for migratory birds. Appreciate wetland landscape and bird watching.

Wetland park has good scenery and few adults. It is very suitable for baby. Many families will take more than an hour to take a baby to play on the weekend, but the old man runs without seeing the wetland.

In fact, Hanshiqiao Wetland Park has two areas. The south is the Twin Lake Park, which is mainly played by the play project. It is a state of semi -natural.

The reed wetland is the north of the park. Friends who don’t mind spending money can take the three -wheeled section of the Beijing uncle and enjoy the scenery of the wetland. Of course, a better way is to have a parking lot to go to the wet area of ​​the Ludang Bridge. Playing or enjoying the scenery, the two ways of playing in Hanshiqiao will not disappoint you in short.

The reeds in the wetland area are densely covered, the waters are wide, and the natural scenery is full of heart. March to May is the peak season of bird watching, with a total of more than 150 birds. Migrating birds will come back for food and stop, and even settle here. Interested friends can bring a telescope and watch the bird watching birds.

Daxing · Nanhai Son Park

There are Ousen in the north, the South China Sea, and the beauty of the South China Sea. The area must be as big as 4 Suifer Garden. If you are too lazy to think about where to bring your baby, just go straight to Nanhaizi.

This large park not only has free tickets, but also parking is free. In the large Beijing, there are really a few parking lots that are not charged. It is said that Nanhaizi is a treasure leisure doll. No one should question!

The origin of Nanhaizi is the Royal Garden Nanyuan, so you can see that there are many Chinese elements in the garden. Entering the garden, the plants are lush. After a few days of the flowering season, the spring flowers are so beautiful.

The trail was spacious and flat, and the tourists with three or two were walking leisurely. The children swayed in the skateboard and broke into the embrace of spring.

There are mountains in the park, lakes, wetlands, and neighboring elk places, and are punching places that children linger. The elk garden, which is completely wild, stands on the observation platform to overlook the group of elk to observe their daily life. If you want to see wild animals in Beijing, except for the zoo, it is probably only Nanhai.

Huairou · Baihe Bay Wetland Park

As soon as the spring arrives, I want to see the mountains and the water, so walking in the distance. The Baihewan Wetland Park is really a fairy secret place in the suburbs of Beijing. It is located between Liulimiao Town and Tanghekou Town. Formed river beach and wetland.

Because it is too hidden and few people usually ask, there is always the original style without too many artificial traces. The scenery of Baihe Bay in spring and summer is the best. It is also the peak season here, green mountains and green water, and dense woods. In short, it is an excellent outdoor outdoor.

There are Qi Peak, River, and Strange Stones. The forests are lush, the air is fresh, and the water quality is particularly good.

In the park, the boardwalk around the lake and the pavilion for tourists to rest, walk along the waterfront, climb the scenery, or sit in the pavilion to talk to the family.

When the weather is warmer, you can also find a comfortable place in the woods to put a tent and hang the bed. When you come to step on the water and fish in the summer, you can also play drift and experience off -road fun.

Mentougou · Sanjia Store Pu Cao Wetland

The three stores are the starting point of the ancient Beijing ancient road in the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is also the exit of the Yongding River through the Guan Hall of the Guan Hall. There is a beautiful Pucao wetland here, also known as the Cultural and Sports Park of Jinglang Island.

There are large areas of waters, and clear lakes and vast reed fields can be seen everywhere, which is very different from the other wetlands in Beijing.

The breeze brushed across the wetland and lakes, reeds, Pu Caochasha made a sound, and a group of water birds and wild ducks with “beer belly” were shocked. If you are lucky, you may also see the national second -level protective bird egrets.

There are often people who pick up the telescope and camera in their hands with interest, enjoy and record the beauty in front of them, and quietly wait for the beautiful scenery of “A row of egrets on the sky”, which is really interesting.

The parking lot of this wetland park is worthy of exaggeration. Not only is the parking spaces sufficient, but also a charging pile is installed, which is too friendly to electric vehicles. There is a wooden forest near the parking lot, which is suitable for paving the picnic, but it seems that it does not allow the tent and the security personnel are guarded.

Children can bring bicycles to ride in a beautiful natural environment. Generally speaking, there is no play facility here, but it is a good place to enjoy the scenery.

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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