Crescent moon -shaped lace shawl, boldly comes to date with color


“Love of Knitting” 2016 spring issue


Jen Lucas (this is a shawl professional household)

Finished product size >>>

Size after setting

Wing width is about 70 inches, about 178 cm;

The vertical depth is about 20 inches, about 51 cm;

About the line >>>>

Frology Feet dk Gradients by Done ROVING


100% Meru Nu wool, machine washing


113 grams per group, about 350 yards (that is, 320 meters)

Use needle:

3.50mm ring needle, or adjust the needle number by itself to adapt the density needs


2 regiments, 113 grams each group

What a small line with a personality ~~~~

Weaving density >>>

After setting,

3.50mm knitting full flat need

10 cm = 18 stitches × 34 lines

The main pattern >>>

Weaving instructions >>>

From 10 stitches;

Next line (reverse):

Below 2, [hanging needle 1, below 1] 3 times, [below 1, hanging 1] repeat 3 times, below 2; at this time there are 16 stitches;

Repeat woven patterns A 7 times to 7 times, turning into 268 stitches;

Repeat the first line of line 1-12 of the weaving pattern B, and finally the first and second lines of the woven pattern B; it becomes 320 stitches;

Close the needle, hide the line head, set it, and get the work ~~