The new year is coming, please collect this wallet and belt list

Some people may think that this non -Chinese traditional culture festival is a festival that young people will spend now, and their actual significance is not great. However, no matter whether there is a habit of Christmas, as the last holiday in 2018, Christmas will also draw a complete end to your 2018.

After a year of hard work, you may have achieved success and may suffer setbacks … In any case, after your own efforts, as long as you are worthy of yourself. In the last festival of 2018, while helping others to prepare gifts, don’t forget to prepare a copy for yourself.

For men, a gift does not need to be too grand. From the perspective of the editor, a small piece of accessories are completely enough. In the world that is common in contemporary shirts, a beautiful jewelry can show your personal taste.


A decent wallet is the best friend of a man. With the innovation of science and technology, the mobile payment end is becoming more and more developed, and many people gradually forget the function of the wallet and even directly abandon. Indeed, in order to conform to the development of the times, today’s wallet is getting thinner. For modern people, wallets often act as a card bag.

But wallets can still expose your personal style. Different colors, textures, and patterns can reflect your inner situation. For example, as conservatives, they often choose darker colors and simple design styles. On the contrary, for people with cheerful personality and creative ideas, they usually choose more vivid colors, prints or delicate decorations, thereby showing their unique style.

A high -quality men’s wallet has five key areas to pay attention to: leather type, structure, corner bending, edge folds and indentation, these five parts play a vital role.

Thom Brown

Thom Browne’s wallet is known for its sophisticated tailoring. Through a simple style design, it is not only suitable for formal dressing, but also for holiday time.

Thom Browne’s Pebble Gray double -fold wallet is made of carefully selected smooth leather, and the cobblestone granules are created on the surface of the wallet. Of course, our common brand iconic red, white, and blue stripe elements will not be absent. In addition to the Robin LOGO standard, the lining is also the same design element. The entire wallet contains two banknote solemn bits, 8 card slots and two multi -function cards. Golden brand printing brings luxury to this daily necessity.


Balenciaga’s Square wallet is exquisite and low -key, which is an ideal choice for restrained gentlemen. The entire wallet uses soft sheepskin, which feels delicate. The old effect makes the wallet more charm. The entire wallet admires the simple first design style, the only “dazzling” is the two front rivet decorations.

The inner lining uses black cotton canvas, and the loading capacity is equally huge. With 2 banknote, 8 card slots, and two multi -functional card positions.

Bao bao issey miyake

Bao Bao issey Miyake, as an important product of Issey Miyake, has established a different style with a simple structure and diverse material since its birth in 2000.

The design of this Oyster dual -fold wallet is quite avant -garde, combined with multi -function and modern aesthetics, which is presented through repeated geometric shapes. The appearance of the black canvas is made of the iconic triangular matte ethylene base coating with the iconic triangle. The inner lining is made of black grain -grained horses and has 4 cards.

Christian Louboutin

The design of Christian Louboutin is also vibrant. This CLIPSOS wallet is covered with a hard metal nail decoration on the surface of the leather.

The inside of the wallet is also seductive. Christian Louboutin’s iconic red is covered with the entire lining. It can be said that this wallet is definitely the perfect wallet of the punk family.


In addition to the wallet, the belt between the waist is a symbol of rights and status. As for the role and style of the belt, we don’t need to repeat too much here. Let’s go directly to the brand.

Bottega veneta

Bottega Veneta’s INTRECCIATO belt is made of leather, which is soft and smooth. The iconic weaving elements are covered with the entire belt, and the diamond -shaped elements exude the luxury of the Italian brand. The weaving elements are rich in waist shape while reflecting personal characteristics.

The matte buckle design looks extremely coordinated whether it is matched with midnight blue belts and brown belts. It is very suitable for jeans and dark trousers.

Loro Piana

Loro Piana is famous for its luxurious materials and superb craftsmanship. Each product produced by it follows the same high standards regardless of size.

28 Matches ALSAVEL Classic Men’s casual belt is made of soft calf leather fluffy leather, which is waterproof and moisturizing. The plated metal is printed with the Loro Piana logo. Suitable for creating urban leisure shapes.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen’s TWIN SKULL leather belt uses black calfskin, and the deliberate crocodile pressure pattern design is also very distinctive, which makes others unclear the material of the belt. This belt is equipped with a Twin Skull buckle, which is the iconic skull logo on the polished silver buckle.

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