“Creative Handmade” a piece of paper, can it be made of flowers? Intersection I didn’t expect a piece of paper to be beautiful ~

“Creative Handmade” a piece of paper, can it be made of flowers? Intersection I didn’t expect a piece of paper to be beautiful ~

There are dozens of festivals a year. Every festival has to give gifts, or it is indeed a headache for the kindergarten teacher to handate it to the kindergarten teacher! But Teacher Xiaosun is coming to save you! It is most suitable for mother and teacher to make origami flower! Today, Mr. Xiaosun brought a few most beautiful handmade to everyone. Let’s take a look at how to do it!

A gorgeous transformation of a cardboard

The clever teacher of the soul taught everyone to make a small flower that never withering with color paper

Big flowers that can stand there wherever you put

Preparation materials: thick points of A3 paper (other sizes), watercolor pigments, watercolor brushes, scissors, glue

Production steps: Use watercolor pigments to color white paper, apply the color you love or draw some stripes at will. What will you like, just draw whatever you like! Then wait for the pigment to dry (take about one hour). If it is not enough, it will affect the next operation.

Draw a large petal on the paper, which generally ensures that both sides of the petals are symmetrical and the edges are smooth and flat. If you don’t think of the petals yourself, please refer to this. Draw another petal of 2/3 of the petals, and then draw a smaller petals. There are 5 sizes in total. The principle is that each petal is 1/3 smaller than the previous petals. After painting, change another, 6 pieces of each size (6 petals today).

Dear friends, don’t rush to throw the remaining corners, keep it for later.

In the middle of the bottom of each petal, cut a mouth.

Apply glue on the edge of the opening on one side, and cross the cross with the other side. After the glue is dry, let go. These two steps make the petals form a certain arc and become three -dimensional.

Cut a round with white paper, apply glue on the side of the petals, and stick to round paper.

Stick the remaining petals in turn, and each petal is overlapped with a part of the petal until six petals are surrounded by a circle.

Hold down the sticky part of the glue and wait patiently to wait for it.

The remaining petals are sticking to the same layer by layer. After all the petals are sticky, it is full enough, because the petals are relatively large, the 5 layers are a bit thin, and finally a layer of 3 petals are added.

Part of the flower part, cut two small petals with the corners, roll around the pen, the glue is fixed, the bottom is also painted with glue and sticks to the center of the flower.

In this way, a huge flower is completed ~

Production of the pole part: The PVC material is too fragile. You can use a wooden stick or metal pole, DIY a stand that can be standing upright, or directly a pole that can stand on a ground hanger.

The pole can be decorated with green wrinkles, which looks more like plants, and then sticks the flowers.

If you like long petals like chrysanthemums, it is easier. Directly tear the petals with your hands. The stamens can be inserted with a cotton swab, or even bath balls.

Is it special at the wedding?

Now, many new people in foreign countries like to use large paper flowers to arrange weddings, and we may be considered to decorate the corners of the home.

Paper Paper

Preparation materials: color cardboard, scissors, rubber guns, pencils

Production steps: Fold the paper pairs, cut out small thin strips on the end of the folding line

Roll up the paper with a rubber gun and open each leaf outward

Use scissors to cut along each pair line

Draw the shape of a small flower on the cardboard with a pencil and cut it in order

Choose another color to cut out a round flower core and paste them one by one on the small flowers prepared before

Use a rubber gun to stick the made small flowers on the leaves

You can make small flowers with different colors and different shapes according to your preference ~

Camerous Mountain Camellia

Preparation materials: color cardboard, rubber stick, rubber gun, scissors

Production steps: Cut out of the three groups of petals of large and medium and medium -sized groups to prepare 6 tablets for each group

A small mouth is cut with scissors at the bottom of each group of petals

The upper ends of the petals are rolled up at the opening of the other end and fixed with a rubber stick. At this time, the petals should be in a three -dimensional state ~

Cut out a round base, and then siege 6 petals into a circle and fix it on the circular base

Use a rubber gun to fix the well -made flowers in the middle of the superimposed petals, and the beautiful camellia is completed ~

You can make different colors of camellia according to your preferences ~

Card paper Zouju

Preparation materials: color cardboard, scissors, rubber sticks

Production steps: Cut out a wide note and a fine note

The fine note is rolled up and made into a flower core, cut out small thin strips with wide note to make petals

Wrap the petals in the flower core and roll up slowly

Open the petals and press it slightly

The flower core can be rolled with a few more, and the petals can be cut a few more.

By borrowing a pencil to roll the petals a little, so that the petals of the daisy will be more natural ~

Red and red bottle flower arrangement

Preparation materials: wrinkles (various red, pink, aunt colors and local gold, or other colors, but red festives), 502 powerful glue, napkin paper, tape, wire, scissors, scissors, scissors, scissors, scissors, scissors, scissors, scissors, scissors, scissors, scissors, scissors

Production steps: Cut 5cm × 5cm square napkin paper, knead it into a ball, stick to the wire, cut a 4cm × 4cm local tyrant gold wrinkle paper, apply glue, wrap it outside the napkin paper, and make the stamens.

Choose dark purple wrinkles, cut 3cm × 16cm rectangular, cut one side, crush on the bottom, coat the bottom with glue, and go outside the flower.

With red wrinkles, a flower cuts 7 petals, 3 petals are smaller and 4 petals are slightly larger.

Stick the cut petals one petal and one petal, and the small ones inside. Remarks: Wrinkles are elastic. After a flower is made, you can pull and roll it arbitrarily and adjust it to your favorite.

Use black or brown adhesive tabs to walk along the wire along the wire, pretend to be branches, use different sizes and colors of petals, make a few more flowers, insert it with various shapes of bottle, and compare with flowers.

Take the golden fern leaf, which is more flavorful

If these two methods are still troublesome, or the stars are not good at controlling pigments and complex petals. There is also a very simple paper flower production method to ensure that you can learn as soon as you learn. If you do n’t know, I ca n’t help it.

Small white flowers born in waste paper

Preparation ingredients: Coffee filter paper or cup cakes under the paper support, draft paper, newspapers, scissors, tapes, bamboo sticks

Production steps: Fold the coffee filter paper, cut two gaps, cut out the shape of the petals, and cut a cross shape in the middle.

The draft paper or the newspaper folded the growth bar, cut on one side, rolled at the top of the bamboo stick to make a flower.

The petals are put in from the other end of the bamboo stick, and the glue is fixed. Get it!

The small white flowers made of coffee filter paper and draft paper are fresh and environmentally friendly.

The cute little flower made by the waste newspapers, the old magazine

In addition to standing with a pole or inserting it in a vase, paper art flowers have many other uses. Some flowers are too difficult to operate, or it takes a lot of fresh cut flowers, you can use paper flowers instead.

Decorative mobile bar

Background wall of the party scene

Paper roses bloom inside and outside the vase

It is special for giving people homemade paper bouquets

Paper Horseshoe

Preparation materials: white and green cardboard, green wire, scissors, rubber guns, twisted sticks, color lead

Production steps: Choose a white cardboard to cut out a few fat water droplets and bend the edges slightly to the back

Painted a part of the yellow lead on the bottom of the back with a part of the yellow on the yellow and coated with green

Roll up the flowers, fix it with a rubber gun, remember to make a horn -shaped, and then turn it on the edge

Tailing a period of yellow twisting sticks, emptied a section of twisted on the wire, and made into a stamen part of the horseshoe lotus.

Fix a section of the flower through the flower through the flower

Choose the shape of the green cardboard to cut the leaves

Use a rubber gun to fix the horseshoe lotus on the flower stem ~

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