Is mobile phone dust plug really useful? True is unexpected

As the name suggests, mobile phone dust plugs are accessories for mobile phone headset holes and power holes to prevent dust from entering. With the rise of this type of accessories, many manufacturers have launched the dust plugs that have waterproof functions, then this type of accessories Does the mobile phone really have a role of protection? The following small series will uncover the mystery.

Unless you work in a large environment of dust pollution, it is necessary to have basically no role in daily life. In this case, the significance of dust plug is only acting as a decoration, from the literal explanation, The use of dust plugs is mainly to prevent fine particle dust from entering mobile phone headset and power holes. It is necessary to prevent these particles from entering the phone inside, and to avoid dust from the mobile phone, it will eventually lead to the connection of components. . In summary, it is naturally clear for mobile phone manufacturers. Therefore, the mobile phone basically has dustproof function, so unless you work in a special environment, it is necessary to use your mobile phone in your life. Dust plug.

Of course, if you use the effect of dust plugs for waterproof, then Xiaobian also believes that it will be egg, when your mobile phone fell into the water, the dust plugs played minimal, in fact, mobile phone manufacturers in manufacturing mobile phones At the time of the charging port and the earphone hole, there is a certain waterproof design. Therefore, it is better to solve it with its dust plugs. If you use a scientific method, if you put your phone into the cartridge filled with a desiccant or rice, or Drying using a hair dryer or the like.


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