Dark guard wet water vapor, designers share 5 moisture -proof solutions to say goodbye to the trouble of breeding bacteria

The house decoration, the bathroom itself is relatively humid. If you buy a house with a small bathroom window, or the bathroom is in a dark position, what should we do if there is no window? The following designers will share with you five kinds of dark guards. If your bathroom is a dark guard, you can learn from it.

1. Scraped knife

The bathroom is preparing a scraper, the effect is much better than the rag, and the rags are prone to breed bacteria. The scraping knife can not only solve the humid moisture of the dark guard, but also does not cause bacteria to erode human beings. Whenever we take a shower, there will be certain water droplets on the wall. We can use the water scraper to scrape the stagnant water on the wall. This way, water will not have accumulated toilets.


The designer recommends that if you buy it, the quality is better, because the scraping knife is often contacted with water to avoid rust or oxidation by the air. It is recommended to choose a 304 stainless steel scraper.

2. Moom removing agent

The bathroom is used for a long time, and the gap between the tiles will definitely have mildew and black. If it is ignored, it will definitely affect our daily life and even mood. The model has a strong oxidized mold, which can completely solve the condition of the tiles of the bathroom.

Designer suggested that because the mold removal has strong oxidation, do not touch the solvent directly with your hands. Avoid injuries directly.


3. Heating fan

At present, the bathroom heater is relatively popular. Of course, the heater is also a heating equipment for Yuba, because the strong light of the Yuba is more dazzling, and it is not waterproof. If the bathroom considers the installation of the heating fan, this will not occur. In the summer, the cool wind can also dry clothes.

The designer suggested that the warm wind machine should be versatile with integrated ceiling, and it needs to be reinforced on the dragon skeleton stand of integrated ceiling during installation.


4. Electric heating towel rod


The dark guard considers placing an electric towel rod, and the humid towels will not always be in a wet state. For a long time, the humid towels will breed bacteria. Once people use a humid towel, a goosebump will rise.

The designer suggested that the electric towel rod is placed in the middle of the bathroom cabinet and the toilet. Before the hydropower transformation, the position of the socket is reserved to avoid inconvenience caused by later use.

5. Use the stone to pack the door sleeve


Everyone knows that the width of the bathroom door is about 850mm now, and the tidal resistance of the bathroom door is relatively poor. In addition, the water in the bathroom is easy to flow to the corner of the bathroom. Therefore, we can wrap the door cover with stone (150mm). The stagnant water will not affect the corner of the door, and at the same time, the phenomenon of rotten and warning will not occur.


If your bathroom is a dark guard, you do n’t know what method to choose to prevent moisture, you can learn from the above 5 dark guards shared by the designer. If you still have a better way, you can enter my comment area to leave a message We learn and communicate together.

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