These summer thin cardigan, the meat is thin, the cool sun protection is all together

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The thin cardigan is the most worthwhile item in summer.

Cover the meat, look thin and sunscreen

, High functional, there is no reason to refuse ~

▲ The difference between wearing a cardigan and not wearing a cardigan


Thai actress Mai Davika likes to get it


Through a thin shirt as a cardigan


, Outdoors can block the boasting of the skin on the skin. In the air -conditioned room, it can also resist cold air and prevent air -conditioning disease ~

I prepared 6 stores I have hidden in today, and let’s see what are all available


The shirt with a thin cover


Reference price: 70 ~ 600 RMB


Sweet cool style


Sisters must not miss this one! It is sweet, cute and royal, and the girl is full!

This thin cardigan is light and soft, the feeling of pendant is still strong, casual and comfortable, and any small camisole inside is very Nas ~

The refreshing mint green shirt is also very suitable for external clothing, like a bite of ice cream in the hot summer, has a unique coolness.

The slim version with the POLO collar design, unexpectedly thin, and cute and loved rainbow buttons, full of vitality!

Reference price: 70 ~ 300 RMB



Retro Lady Fan

There is a lazy and gentle temperament in a shop. Whether it is daily commute or careful dressing and playing, they will feel super gentle and temperament.

Black and white classic color scheme

Small incense short shirt

The fabric is very breathable, the overall is simple and elegant, super delicate. And the version and length are just designed.

Increase the waistline, optimize the ratio


, Real -dotted!

The fresh mint green is white and full, the styles are loose completely, and it is super comfortable to wear! Sisters who dare not wear a suspender because of the thick and thick arms of the shoulders, be sure to try this cover,

Both the sunscreen and the flesh that can cover the arms!


The slim -fitting layout, the fabric is fluffy, soft, and the upper body texture is super good.

The V -neck design is matched with vertical striped elastic version, which is very thin. The silk fabric is super suitable for summer. It is cool and not sweltering. Sisters who are afraid of cold in the air -conditioned room are also nice.

Reference price: 100 ~ 400 RMB

This house is


Retro Literature and Art Fan


The design is simple and not complicated, but it is very durable and photogenic. Daily commuting or vacation and leisure wear is very good!

Many shirts can be worn as a small sun shirt ~ For example, this tulip shirt, the printed flower is full of French style, the fabric of pearl satin is smooth and soft,

The feeling of dangling and gloss are absolutely abrupt!

The loose layout is very tolerant. Crescent white and warm green are clear and bright. They belong to the styles that anyone can wear.


Cotton knitted cardigan, soft and skin -friendly, comfortable and breathable, there are two colors of cheese yellow and breeze blue, which are very beautiful.

Low -key and versatile white knitted small cardigan can be worn alone or with look. It is very suitable for small sisters to wear suspenders!

Reference price: 40 ~ 260 RMB


A bit


Small mature retro style

, Literary and fresh Feel, uniform style, and moderate price. No matter which part of it has, it feels like “earning”, and it will never step on the thunder!


Soft and natural




, Delicate and natural, the fabric is light and smooth, and there is a decoction effect, BlingBling in the sun ~

V -neck is thin, big lantern sleeve is very comfortable


There will be no burden to wear.


Comes with cool buff

Chiffon cardigan

There are two options: apricot color and green, both of which are very elegant.


The design of this cardigan’s fungus is super cute, and the slim sleeves can easily cover the worship of the meat. The short and short effects are super good. There are three colors of light powder, milk white and light purple. OK.


Chiffon fabric+big lantern sleeve design, covering the meat refreshing and not stuffy, gray -blue and apricot are sweet but not greasy.

Reference price: 120 ~ 800 RMB



Simple French style


, Gentle with a touch of coolness. A super -shopping shop, a woman’s wardrobe!

The fabric of the real silk blended, the upper body comfort is not said ~ The minimalist unspecified cardigan design has a good tolerance for various figures.


Cleverly use

The lace tie on the waist

, Can form a naturally thin V -neck effect,

Easily solve the problem of wide shoulders, unicorn arms and small belly

, Visually thinning 2 yards!

Milk FUFU’s pink hollow knitted cardigan is well worn with vests and straps, which steadily shapes the urban Lady’s cultivation temperament.

The exquisite hollow hook flowers cardigan, cool and breathable, put on a looming small sexy, pure and desire, and people are invisible ~

Very loose version, light and not soft, visually make people look more slim and thin, wear an indispensable precious laziness.

Reference price: 100 ~ 260 RMB



French route


The elegant and quiet colors such as goose yellow, apricot, light blue, grass green. Basically, it is a small loose version. It will not be too crash and not to bake meat. It is very thin.

A light blue striped cardigan with a very oily painting, gentle and soft, simple and retro color, and wearing it alone.


The super gentle hollow cardigan, the bottom of the milk is dotted with sporadic purple flowers embroidered, the beauty and texture, also friendly to yellow and black leather ~

The cute and well -behaved version, girls and literary and artistic, there are two colors of matcha green and tea white, they are super fresh and suitable for summer.

Whether it is romantic clouds and blue or elegant cream yellow, it is very resistant to it ~ The weaving of the waves of the waves is smart, and there is a brisk breathing and layering. Even the hot summer day will not be sultry.

Alright, today’s “thin shirt and safe” sauce! What do you grow? because

Shoulder width, back thickness, worship of meat and other problems,

Sisters who dare not wear a suspender, quickly match this cool, flesh -sunscreen summer cardigan! The fairies are worn quickly ~