Want to be tall? The trendy and stylish loose cake sandals show different stylish taste

Although high heels say that you can wear flat shoes that you can’t have temperament and charm, you have to say that the comfort must be comparable to peaceful shoes. if


If you want to show tall and don’t want to be tired

If you want to try the trendy and fashionable loose cake sandals! Demonstrate a different fashion taste!

The introduction of the eye is a pair

Sandals designed by personality with personality

, Not only show the unique design sense of the shoe body, but also perfectly modify the lines of the legs.


Stretching body ratio

, Show a slim and good figure, outline the perfect leg curve, and decorate more elegant elegance.

These sandals are adopted

Create of solid -colored leather material


It is very comfortable and refreshing on your feet! There is also a unique eye -catching toe

Fashion and elegant,

Setting out the curve of the feet on the feet is everywhere, which shows the unique charm and temperament of women everywhere.

This flat -bottomed shoes look very comfortable and clean. If it is paired with a lady’s literary dress, it may be more beautiful as a whole. The thickness of the thick bottom is not tired,

Especially tall and thin!

And it is also very fashionable and versatile. It will make people shine, full of youthful vitality, and have a good one.

Age -reducing effect

Woolen cloth!


Pine cake sandals have always been based on comfort, so the high -quality rubber soles are used.

The touch is soft and delicate and breathable,

It’s not stinky at all.

The upper also uses a velvet,


Let the shoes look cute and playful. Coupled with the design of the classic slope heel, the comfortable height, it is also very comfortable and stable to walk!

It is also a sandals designed with a puffy cake heel, both

The proportion of height is increased


, Will not be too tired, leather leather soles,

It is very soft and breathable to wear!

The shoes are inlaid with metal rivets. The shiny punk is full of wind, with street trendy, adding highlights. One -character sandals design, ripple -type pattern, adding a trace of

Cute and playful

Essence A non -slip striped soles, the safety factor is not easy to slip.

This thick bottom sports sandals,

Styling design, fashionable and beautiful.


The feet are comfortable, breathable and deodorant insoles, super -breathable mesh, ultra -light shoe soles, and perfect shoe shapes are perfect and versatile. It is a must -have sandals for summer! Especially this comfortable thick -soled design, not only

Instantly increase height, it seems that the whole person is taller,

And walking is not tired. Coupled with such a fashionable style, you will be modern, and the charm is endless!

This thick -bottomed loose cake loafers are used for breathable mesh, so the breathability is very good and will not stink.

Place geometric rhinestones in different specifications, exquisite and stylish.

The wear -resistant rubber outsole effectively reduces the pressure on foot during walking. Whether it is shopping or workplace commuting, it can be easily controlled!

Soft and breathable shoe body, multiple designs of convenient magic characteristics, convenient to wear. Song cake and sandals style,


Comfortable, soft, and tall

, Immediately have long legs! The open -toe hollow design, very cool and breathable after the upper foot, the ultra -wear -resistant sole is non -slip and has certain elasticity.

So Korean version

Simple design with a word, simple is not simple


Essence Gives a good visual experience, shows a style of temperament, and also highlights the essence of modern fashion, which greatly improves the comfortable shoes. And it’s very versatile, with a strap skirt or jeans, it is a good choice!

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