Change the skin acne again? This mung bean mask is more suitable for you!

Every time the season is changed, the skin will be extremely unstable, and there will always be skin problems that bother us. Therefore, we want to stabilize the skin, and we might as well give the skin a “mung bean puree” to reduce the fire. However, there are too many types of mung bean mud mask on the market. How should I choose the best mung bean mud mask?


1. The mud is cracked.


Look at a mung bean mud mask first look at his mung bean essence. After 3 minutes of the mask with a low content, the mud began to crack (left). Not only is it difficult to play the effect of mung beans, but it is also difficult to clean.

2. The content of mung bean juice is secret

The state stipulates that the amount of components is marked from the large amount to the amount. The higher the juice content, the better. More than 60%of the content of mung bean extract is the best mud mask product on the market. Many of the primary juice that adds 1%or 0.1%to promote themselves as plant products. Many consumers are prone to misleading.

3. It can balance water and oil deeply clean


A good mung bean mud mask can balance skin water and oil and improve skin greasy state. It should have obvious relief ability for acne. For masks that can clean and stubborn blackheads, the effect of adding deep -sea mud.


4. Popularization of energy knowledge of small mung beans

The oyster alkali in mung bean extract has excellent cleaning and moisturizing effect. Natural polysaccharides can improve dry skin, extraction ingredients Vitexin, and isovitexin to improve the pigmentation to prevent aging. The AHA composition in mung bean seeds promotes cell regeneration and increases skin elasticity.

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Mud does not crack

Fan Qian’s mung bean mud mask is prepared with mung bean juice. The content of mung bean juice is as high as 65%, which is much higher than that of ordinary mung bean mud mask. The mud continues to be moisturized and will not crack. The fragrance of mung beans is overflowing, allowing you to experience the most refreshing joy.

Scientific preparation

Selected high -quality mung bean essence, with the selection of deep -sea mud to make each director from scientifically developing the best mung bean puree formula.

Balanced water and oil to improve greasy muscles


Mung bean mud mask, balance skin water and oil, and improve skin greasy state. Relieve frequent acne. Deep sea mud sucks blackheads in pores. Cruculin blocks melanin formation, drove away the dullness, so that the skin is bright and white from the inside out.

Clear heat and moisturizing improve skin flaws

The mung bean mud mask extracts various effects ingredients in mung beans, high -efficiency clearing heat and detoxifying, improving skin dryness. While thoroughly removing deep skin waste, it can also improve skin flaws and other skin flaws and increase skin elasticity. Use the right method, the effect is better!