Shower officer must-have: pickup and portable dog cup

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When I was working in Beijing, I adopted a Teddy dog ​​with a potato. For more than a year, the most upset every time I walk the dog is to pick up the dog and feed the water. So I love all kinds of Taotao artifacts, I finally found the artifact of the dog and the small water cup that gave the dog to the dog every time.

Pick up: First it can carry pickup bag, then pick up the bag in the head of the pickup, and pinch the handle to put the dog into the bag. For me, I am simply a liberation artifact. Because you don’t need to bend, you don’t have to bring a big toilet paper every time you can easily pick up the trash can. Let our hand no longer feel the temperature [哭 r] [哭 r]

Portable Dog Water Cup: This cup is first like a good price, and there is a small mouth for dogs to drink water in front, and the remaining water can be placed back water. Let the dog do not have a short water, especially hot summer, water can save your dog’s life.

With these two artifacts, I don’t think that the dog is a headache. Moreover, a high-quality shovel is a must-have condition for raising dogs. Now, pets and nourish children, want others to accept, want others to understand, doing yourself very important, don’t be bears, don’t be a bear, bear shovel, don’t be bears.