Don’t know if you are pitted, there are similar lineins and cotton and linen.

With the development of diversified culture, the first dress in terms of clothing, food, housing and transportation has become a point that we pay more and more attention, and at the same time, it is more and more important. But when I choose the clothes fabric, I do n’t know how to distinguish it. Today I will talk to you about the easiest to confuse cotton and linen and linen.


In recent years, the fabrics of clothing have become more and more diverse, and the trend of development has also returned to simplicity and nature. Fangs such as cotton and linen, linen and other fabrics are becoming more and more popular.

Near the summer, the requirements for fabric comfort when buying clothes are extremely high. Performable linen clothes have become the preferred materials for the public, but many people do not know what the two fabrics are. Start.


1. Appearance


First of all, the cotton and linen fabrics are not very different from ordinary fabrics. The tightening lines are delicate and the feel is softer.


For linen fabrics, it is easy to see that the interval between the line and the line is very large. The ventilation effect must be good, and this rough linen is more rustic.

2. Properties

The difference between cotton and linen and linen is that the attributes are different. Cotton and linen are cotton and linen blend fabrics. They have the characteristics of hemp and cotton, combining the breathability of the hemp and the comfort of the cotton.


The linen is a pure natural plant cortex fiber. Its attributes are similar to human skin. It has natural properties such as protecting the body and regulating temperature, and it is very suitable for summer wearing.


3. Functional characteristics

The proportion of cotton and linen is generally 55%linen and 45%cotton. Therefore, the breathability of cotton and linen is better than pure cotton, and it also retains a certain softness of cotton. There will be a tie pain.

Linen is one of the best fabrics in summer. The super breathability reduces the degree of sweating of the human body. After contacting the skin, it will form a capillary. The temperature at the room at room temperature will be 3-4 degrees.

Although linen may feel slightly rough, high -intensity scattered wetness and sweats are conducive to preventing skin diseases such as skin itching. It is an ideal fabric choice.


Line and cotton and linen resolution method

1. From the gap, the texture is tight and delicate.


2. From the sense of hand, the linen is more weight than the linsee.

3. From the color of the color, the color of the pure linen will have the color deviation of the yarn, and there will be some impurities to generate, but it is normal. After all, natural things will have certain traces.

From these methods, the difference between the two fabrics can be distinguished. It is almost coming in summer. These knowledge must be get.