Why does the LED explosion -proof flashlight housing always use aluminum alloy, flashlight manufacturers say so

Many consumers may notice that the vast majority of LED explosion -proof flashlight shells use aluminum alloy shells, and rarely use stainless steel or other plastic shells. What is the reason for this? Tank007, who has been engaged in explosion -proof exploration lamp manufacturing today, tells you the answer.

The reason for the LED aluminum alloy explosion -proof flashlight to use aluminum alloy shell


1. Aluminum alloy has the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency. The current high -power LED explosion -proof strong light flashlight will emit a high temperature when working continuously. If the LED light source heat is not passed out in time, it will be a high probability that it will burn the lamp. The aluminum alloy material has the attributes of fast conduction can solve this problem well.

2. The aluminum alloy material is strong and effective. The texture of aluminum alloy materials is soft. It is very easy to use CNC machine tools for precision processing as an LED explosion -proof exploration shell. In addition, aluminum alloy explosion -proof flashlights can effectively impact and fall. Because the relatively soft materials can be effective in the condition of collision, just like the principle of using foam cotton between the car bumper and the shell.

3, low cost. Compared with other stainless steel alloy alloys, the cost of making the same thickness of explosion -proof lamp shells is several times the cost of aluminum alloy materials and cannot be compared with aluminum alloy in weight. In combination with thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and impact resistance, there is no doubt that aluminum alloy materials have become the first choice for explosion -proof strong light flashlights.


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Aluminum alloy LED explosion-proof flashlight shell is better than other metals?