The new boss was actually a perpetrator of her car.

Fan Mulin’s life was constrained in order to compensate the accident. She went to work every day, and she didn’t drive the car, and she changed the electric car.

On the rainy day of the night, she rode an electric car and happened to meet Zou Shijie.

When Zou Shijie saw the little girl, the electric car was still broken at night, and he suddenly inspired his desire to protect, so he insisted on sending her home!

The car drove halfway, Zou Shijie had to eat supper, Fan Mulin was fortunate to follow the boss for a meal.

After that night, the relationship between the two people finally eased a lot!

Fan Mulin has finally no longer criticized, and she has also been praised by the boss in public.

Since then, Fan Mulin has finally become too much in the company’s days.

Gradually Zou Shijie began to intentionally or unintentionally search for Fan Mulin’s figure. He found that the little girl was beautiful, her character is simple and cute, and she was particularly humorous.

When he was meeting, he secretly glanced at her. He had caught her several times. When she found that she was caught, she pretended to be frowning and looked serious.

The company has recently strived for a new project, and each group is actively preparing a plan.

Fan Mulin led everyone to stay in a few consecutive nights, and finally designed a good set of solutions.

Fan Mulin gave the plan to Zou Shijie. After looking at it, Zou Shijie nodded slightly, and then said to her, “Go to me tomorrow, I hope this solution customer can be satisfied.”

Fan Mulin said ecstatically, “Thank you, President Zou!” This indicates that if the contract is successful, this project is from their group.

Early the next morning, Fan Mulin packed up, and Zou Shijie came to pick it up in person, which made her a little sincere.

Since Zou Shijie has become better and better to her, she has become more and more respectful to him.

After getting in the car, Fan Mulin said well, “President Zou, thank you for picking up me, in fact, I can take a taxi to the airport by myself.”

Zou Shijie talked lightly and said, “It’s getting more and more well -known now.” Fan Mulin quickly said with a smile, “It’s all leaders!”

Zou Shijie turned his head and looked at her, “It’s a good smile!” Fan Mulin immediately stiffened on his face. She touched her face and couldn’t help but bite her lips.

Zou Shijie looked at her and said, “City B’s temperature is low, have you brought thick clothes?”

Fan Mulin stunned and said, “Oh! I brought it, not much!”

Zou Shijie talked about the corner of his mouth and said, “You are not prepared at a glance. City B is 10 ℃ lower than this temperature, and it will freeze you to death at that time!”

Fan Mulin glanced at him, thinking, “Why is the boss talking to me a bit weird!”

Zou Shijie glanced at her and said, “I’m secretly scolding me again?” Fan Mulin hurriedly said, “I don’t, President Zou is waiting for me to be so important, how could I scold Mr. Zou?”

Zou Shijie said at a glance, “Exaggerated!” Fan Mulin smiled awkwardly.

After the two people got on the plane, Fan Mulin began to doze off. Zou Shijie gently leaned her head on her shoulder, stroking her cheeks with a smile at the corner of her mouth.

When the plane was approaching the station, Fan Mulin also woke up. She slowly opened her eyes and was stunned in her head. She rubbed her eyes and found that she was lying on the boss’s shoulder, scaring her to sit straight, and said embarrassingly, “Mr. Zou … I am not intentional.”

Zou Shijie looked at her with a stern face and said, “You just held my waist!”

Fan Mulin was red when he brushed his face, and then said embarrassingly, “President Zou! I might be a sleepwalking, I am definitely not intentional!”

Zou Shijie said with a sneer and said, “It doesn’t matter if you are intentional, I don’t suffer anyway!”

Fan Mulin stared at him and couldn’t help but say “President Zou! You’re greasy!”

Zou Shijie’s face was dark instantly. He stared at her and said, “Am I getting greasy in 30?”

Fan Mulin realized that she was dying again, and she quickly pleaded and said, “Are there thirty in Zou? I think you are in his twenties.”

Zou Shijie said at a glance, “Don’t talk nonsense, hurry up and get off the plane.”

After getting off the plane, the weather was particularly cold. Fan Mulin wore cotton clothes around and wore a single gown.

She walked while walking, Zou Shijie clasped her at a glance, “I know, you must be cold, you said that he brought a gown?”

Fan Mulin’s lips said, “I … no … think so cold!”

Zou Shijie put her jacket on her and said, “You wear first, buy a few pieces in the mall in a while!”

Fan Mulin said embarrassedly, “Isn’t you cold?” Zou Shijie pulled the corner of his mouth and said, “I am a man!”

The two went to the mall together. Fan Mulin picked a down jacket. The price of the mall’s clothes was very expensive. She hesitated for a long time before picked the cost -effective down jacket. As a result, she discovered that Zou Shijie had paid her for her.

Fan Mulin said embarrassedly, “President Zou! Let you send me clothes, how embarrassed!”

Zou Shijie watched her and said, “I was settled by the way when I checked out. If you feel embarrassed, please ask me to have a meal a few times and eat it!”

Fan Mulin thought about “How many times? Do you want to eat enough?”

Zou Shijie played her head and said, “What do you want?” Fan Mulin covered her head, ah, saying, “I don’t want to take you to eat!”

Zou Shijie watched her and said, “I don’t pick eaters, and don’t pay attention to, what do you eat? What do I eat?”

Fan Mulin pulled out a smiley face and said, “President Zou is really approachable!”

Zou Shijie squeezed her little face and said, “Tips again! Still laugh!”

Fan Mulin covered his face and looked at him angrily.

Zou Shijie looked at her and laughed and said, “Okay, let’s go! After dinner and return to the hotel.”

Fan Mulin dressed up at his back, dressed up at a ghost, and was caught by him!

Fan Mulin said with a smile, “President Zou, hurry up!” Zou Shijie reached out and pinched her back neck and said, “Is it necessary to make a mess?”

Fan Mulin hid shyly and said, “I’m wrong, President Zou!” Zou Shijie held her shoulder and said, “Be honest, there are many bad people here, you follow me, I can protect you!”

Fan Mulin couldn’t hide, so he had to be stuck with his shoulders with a red face!

After the two had dinner, Zou Shijie proposed to enjoy the night view. Fan Mulin followed him reluctantly, thinking, “It’s so cold that day, what is good to appreciate, frozen to death.”

Zou Shijie pointed at the Ferris wheel and said, “Let’s do it!”

Fan Mulin frowned and said, “Nothing is fun, so high, just play that!”

Zou Shijie said funnyly, “Are you afraid of tall?” Fan Mulin hurriedly said, “I’m not! I’m tired of playing before!”

Zou Shijie pulled her arm and said, “Then sit with me once! I haven’t done it yet?” Fan Mulin was dragged into the Ferris wheel by him.

After Fan Mulin went up, she could look down at the beginning. Later, the ferris wheel rose higher and higher, and she was scared to scratch into the corner and did not dare to move anymore.

Zou Shijie looked out of the window and said, “A glance of the small mountains, it’s not bad! We will sit again during the day, and it will not be exciting at all at night.”

Zou Shijie couldn’t hear her echo, and when he turned around, he found that she lowered her head in the corner, and the whole person was shaking.

He hurried over and said, “Are you afraid of high?” Fan Mulin grabbed his arm and said, “President Zou, borrow you!”

Zou Shijie sat on her, hugged her into her arms, and said with a smile at the corner of her mouth, “I hold you, you lean!”

Fan Mulin closed his eyes, pierced into his arms and said, “Why is it a bit scolded?”

Zou Shijie talked about the corner of his mouth and said, “Why am I willing to scold you! You are so petite and pleasant!”

His voice followed her hair and passed into her ears, and she couldn’t help but start to accelerate.

Ten minutes later, the ferris wheel finally stopped. Fan Mulin got out of her face and ran out. Zou Shijie looked at her back, and couldn’t help raising slightly.

No one spoke along the way. After arriving at the hotel, they entered their respective rooms and they never came out again.

After Fan Mulin took a shower, she saw a message from the mobile phone.

Fan Mulin looked at the information and thought “What does he mean?”

She thought about it for a while, “That file is ready!”

Zou Shijie “This is not this, what do you think of me?”

Fan Mulin was dull, and it was time to hear what he meant. She was silent for a while and said, “President Zou, is a good leader, and I have grown up a lot with President Zou. After that, I must follow President Zou. subordinate!”

The replied “Is it just a subordinate?” Fan Mulin replied, “Of course!”

Zou Shijie looked at the text message and was a little uncomfortable. He thought, “Did this be rejected?”

He was unwilling to post another sentence, “Don’t you want to be on my big model?” Fan Mulin hesitated for a while and said, “Can’t afford it!”

Zou Shijie “I am serious.” Fan Mulin “I am also serious, I will be serious about your subordinates!”

Zou Shijie sighed, threw his phone on the cabinet, and covered the quilt with a black face.

Fan Mulin looked at the mobile phone with a sad look, thinking, “Where he matched his family, he was thrown in vain, wasting his feelings, and weakening people’s will.”

The next day, Zou Shijie took the sunglasses and saw her even colder!

After the customer came, the negotiations were very smooth. After noon, they ate together and signed the contract in the afternoon.

On the way back, Zou Shijie had never spoken, and the atmosphere was awkward.

Fan Mulin was sitting aside and could only lean on a chair to sleep!

After the two got off the plane, Zou Shijie walked forward quickly. Fan Mulin pulled his luggage and trotted.

After returning to the company, everyone was very puzzled, why the contract signed, and the boss’s face was so smelly.

Fan Mulin’s group is responsible for this project, so she needs to go to his office to report work frequently. Every time Zou Shijie is cold, he doesn’t say one more word!

The two people were inexplicably trapped in the Cold War. Perhaps Zou Shijie was proud. Fan Mulin’s rejection not only hurt his feelings, but also hurt his self -esteem.

By the end of the year, the project was finally over. At the celebration feast, Zou Shijie drank a lot of drunk.

He walked to Fan Mulin, reaching out and holding her shoulders and said, “Fan leader, but he made his work, let’s respect the leader of Fan!”

As soon as the boss spoke, everyone began to toast Fan Mulin.

Fan Mulin glanced at him, then raised the cup to dry.

Zou Shijie sneered and said, “Leader Fan and I still have a relationship, but unfortunately!”

Fan Mulin was afraid that he would be in front of everyone, and she felt what happened.

Zou Shijie squinted and looked at her for a while, and then said “Okay!” After that, he slightly obliquely obliquely, Fan Mulin had to help him go out!

Go to the entrance of the hotel, Zou Shijie closer to her ear and said, “I don’t want to drive on behalf of you, I want you to send me!”

Fan Mulin stepped back and said, “I’m drinking, I’ll call you secretary!”

Zou Shijie grabbed her shoulder and said, “Call a driver, you escort me home!”

Fan Mulin hesitated for a while and said, “I’m a little uncomfortable, let me …”

“It’s you, otherwise you will go back and go with me!” Zou Shijie squinted!

Fan Mulin had to contact him first, and then helped him into the car.

Zou Shijie leaned on the back seat and closed his eyes, as if sleeping and sleeping.

Fan Mulin was ready to be on the co -pilot seat, but he reached out and pulled up the back seat.

He said coldly and said, “You’re so afraid of me to harass you?” Fan Mulin slanted him at a glance, “No!”

Zou Shijie snorted coldly and said, “You have this head, no wonder you have no money.

Fan Mulin watched him say “What opportunities?” Zou Shijie put his hand on her neck and said, “You know!”

Fan Mulin talked about the corner of her mouth and said, “You may be aware of me, it is a bit floating on the surface. I really love the money, but I hope my money is made by hard work, not the rules of the hidden rules.”

Zou Shijie said coldly and said, “You are just up!” Fan Mulin pushed his hand away and said, “President Zou, I hope you will not play with me in the future!”

Zou Shijie looked at her and sighed and said, “I may leave next year, and I will not see you anymore. Can I treat me better in the last few months?”

Fan Mulin was shot in her heart, she watched him say, “Why do you go?”

Zou Shijie looked at her and said, “The head office is lacking!” Fan Mulin glanced at him, and then lowered his head and said, “How dare I dare not treat you well, it is your own black face.”

Zou Shijie snorted and said, “Who makes you don’t like me.”

Fan Mulin said with eyes avoiding, “I can stand you!”

Zou Shijie looked at her and said, “The head office is in City A, and you want to end in the future, and you can’t get it!”

Fan Mulin glanced at him, and said calmly, “Then I wish you a fortune in advance!”

Zou Shijie talked about the corner of his mouth and said, “Your mouth is not suitable for auspicious words!”

Fan Mulin looked at him and grinned for a moment, maybe too uncomfortable, so he laughed so good!

Zou Shijie reached out and squeezed her face and said, “Real or false!”

After talking about the driver, the driver came over. She watched him and said, “I send you upstairs, I’ll go again!”

Zou Shijie touched her head and said, “Really good!” Fan Mulin lowered his head embarrassed.

After reaching his house downstairs, Zou Shijie had fallen asleep. Fan Mulin patted him, and he opened his eyes confused.

Fan Mulin helped him upstairs. After entering the house, Zou Shijie was also awake.

He covered his heart and said, “If you are uncomfortable in the stomach, can you help me pour a glass of water!”

Fan Mulin looked around, and soon put a cup of hot water in front of him.

She watched him and said, “You drink it quickly! I have to go away, otherwise it is not easy to take a taxi.”

Zou Shijie looked at her and said, “Don’t leave!” Fan Mulin’s face turned red instantly, she stunned, “That … me …”

Zou Shijie sighed and said, “Makes you! Hurry up! Call me at home!”

Fan Mulin quickly smiled and said, “Okay!” After that, she took the bag and left without looking back!

As soon as she went downstairs, Zou Shijie called over, and she said, “What’s wrong?”

Over the saying, “I listened to you to go home and I hung again, it’s too late!”

Fan Mulin said warmly in his heart, “No, I’m not a child anymore.”

He said, “What I said! Otherwise, I will go down and catch you back.”

Fan Mulin said, “Okay!”

Zou Shijie “Is your ex -boyfriend very poor?”

Fan Mulin, “Who said this, who would deliberately find a particularly poor one.”

Zou Shijie “but you don’t like particularly rich.”

Fan Mulin “Some of them were pocket money in their school days, and they were not poor.”

Zou Shijie “How did he chase you!”

Fan Mulin “I chased him!”

Zou Shijie thought about it, why ask this to add to himself!

But he still couldn’t help asking, “How good he is, let you fall in love at first sight!”

Fan Mulin “didn’t chase it much, he went from me.”

Zou Shijie “You are particularly like female hooligans!”

Fan Mulin “There is no way. When the young girl Huai Chun, when she saw the handsome guy, she couldn’t hold it.”

Zou Shijie “You mean you can hold it now.”

Fan Mulin thought about, “No, you are shaking every day, I don’t hold it well yet.”

Fan Mulin “I am in love now to get married, too poor and rich.”

Zou Shijie “It’s too poor! I can understand why is it too rich?”

Fan Mulin “My mother said that I couldn’t hold it.”

Zou Shijie, “What time is it, but also enlightenment of feudal superstition!”

Fan Mulin “Sometimes I have to believe it, you see if I just bought a car and got on you!”

Zou Shijie “Maybe I’m your blessing!”

Fan Mulin, “Even if it is Fu Xing, don’t you want to leave?”

Zou Shijie sighed and said, “So! In the next few months, treat me well, I will give you a few more projects, and you will get out of poverty.”

Fan Mulin “Oh!”

Zou Shijie “Is it home?”

Fan Mulin “I just arrived home! Hang it! You go to sleep too!”

Zou Shijie “It’s New Year after a few days, can you spend a year with me?”

Fan Mulin “I usually go back to my hometown.”

Zou Shijie “That’s it! Hang!”

The company did not take a holiday until the twenty -seventh month of the lunar month. Fan Mulin had been grabbing the ticket, and finally did not grab it.

She finally fiercely, thinking that she couldn’t do it when she couldn’t do it!

On the 28th of the lunar month, her mother called and said that the second aunt asked them to go to the countryside to accompany her to celebrate the New Year, so this year, she did n’t need to go back, let her go back to the Lantern Festival!

She was no longer on the New Year at all at once. By the 29th lunar month, Zou Shijie called her “Is it home?”

She sighed and said, “My mother is going to accompany me, so I don’t need to go back.”

Zou Shijie said happily, “Let’s celebrate the New Year together!”

Fan Mulin hesitated for a while and said, “Okay!”

Half an hour later, Zou Shijie drove downstairs.

Fan Mulin hurriedly said, “Where should we go?” Zou Shijie said with a smile, “I will take you to go on the car.”

After Fan Mulin went up, Zou Shijie watched her and said, “Would you like to try it?”

Fan Mulin was surprised and pleasingly and said, “I’m afraid that my skills are not good!” Zou Shijie stared at her and said, “Hurry up, I believe you!”

After the two people changed, Fan Mulin touched the steering wheel and said, “The luxury cars feel different!”

Zou Shijie talked about the corner of his mouth and said, “No way out!”

Fan Mulin said with a smile, “Sit! Let’s go out for a circle.”

Two people spared a large circle around the city, and foreigners went home, so there were very few vehicles on the road. Two people listened to the explosive music and chewed gum, which was so comfortable.

After returning to Zou Shijie’s house, the two played the game for another afternoon.

In the evening, Zou Shijie ordered takeaway. The two people talked while eating and drinking.

The two were lying on the sofa like this and fell asleep holding the bottle.

Waking up in the morning, Fan Mulin discovered that Zou Shijie was lying on her belly and slept very sweetly.

She moved slightly and woke up there. She said embarrassingly, “Do you have extra pajamas? I want to take a bath!”

Zou Shijie watched her smile and said, “I will take it for you!”

He took himself a cotton big T -shirt. Fan Mulin put it on like a skirt after putting it on, but he had a flavor!

On the 30th day of the year, the two went to the supermarket to buy vegetables and meat stuffing. The two of them made dumplings together.

Fan Mulin was surprised to say, “Do you still make dumplings?” Zou Shijie watched her and said, “I am also an ordinary family, and my parents deliberately exercise my cooking. After that, my daughter -in -law will not quarrel with me!”

Fan Mulin couldn’t help saying, “Auntie is very foresight!”

Zou Shijie said lonely and said lonely, “Unfortunately, they died in a car accident together when I was twenty years old.”

Fan Mulin suddenly said with red eyes, “I’m sorry! I shouldn’t mention this.”

Zou Shijie glanced at her and said, “It’s okay! I have accepted this reality now.”

Fan Mulin looked at him with red eyes and said, “I should promise to accompany you for the New Year.”

Zou Shijie talked lightly and said, “Yeah! You are the second to ask for me.” I chose me. “

Fan Mulin said embarrassedly, “What do you want to eat? I do it for you, or what do you want? I buy it for you!”

Zou Shijie looked at her and said, “I want a girlfriend!”

Fan Mulin’s face was blushed, she said, “I can’t buy this!”

Zou Shijie sighed and said, “It seems that I am destined to be lonely and old.”

Fan Mulin said embarrassingly, “That’s not so!” Zou Shijie said at a glance, “Forget it, don’t say this, the more sad the more you say!”

In the evening, a lot of red candles were on the room. The two of them ate dumplings and looked at the Spring Festival Gala. It was really a bit of a child.

Zou Shijie ate dumplings and said, “My mother likes to eat leek filling, but my dad likes cabbage filling, so our family is these two stuffing every year.”

Fan Mulin looked at him with a distressing way and said, “I also like dumplings with leek filling.”

Zou Shijie laughed and said, “I like cabbage filling.” After that, he lowered his head, took a bite of dumplings, and then blushed and said, “I didn’t see my parents last, I was still in college!”

Fan Mulin approached him with red circles, patting his head and saying, “Their appearance will always be in your mind.”

Recalling like a spring water, he poured into his mind, Zou Shijie couldn’t help but began to cry.

Fan Mulin couldn’t help crying. She kept wiping his tears with her hands, and finally bent over and hugged him.

Zou Shijie hugged her hard, crying and saying, “My parents don’t want me, you don’t want me either!”

Fan Mulin choked and said, “You are so excellent, I have to match you, I dare not!”

Zou Shijie opened her and watched her say, “Then you like me, right?”

Fan Mulin did not speak, but fell tears silently.

Zou Shijie wiped her tears and said, “I am an ordinary orphan, I have no home, I can have home with you!”

Fan Mulin hugged him distressed, Zou Shijie hugged her tightly with her hands and said, “Promise me, be my girlfriend?

Fan Mulin didn’t speak, just nodded slightly!

Zou Shijie finally laughed. This laugh was from the heart!

Zou Shijie no longer cried, but Fan Mulin may be distressed by him, so tears kept flowing down.

Zou Shijie coaxed her lightly and told her how she worked hard for so many years.

After the New Year, the two officials officially started to associate.

A few months later, Zou Shijie was really transferred to the headquarters, but a month later, he arranged Fan Mulin to the headquarters.

One year later, the two got a certificate of marriage.