Roller blinds installation steps roller blinds the latest offer

In the soft installation, more and more people are willing to use ribbon curtains to decorate their new houses, and the rolling curtains are characterized by strong movability, and the shading wall is not very aging. Now the roller blind is also more delicate, but some people buy it after buying home, but I don’t know how the roller blind is installed. Today, Xiaobian will tell you the roller blinds installation steps and roller blinds the latest offer. .

Roller blinds installation steps

First step, install a roller curtain accessories

卷帘窗帘安装步骤 卷帘窗帘最新报价

Determine the vertical direction of the armrest and the vertical direction of the pull-bead, the brach can be interchangeable, and the brach can be installed according to the preferences or home placement. The pull-bead brake can be rotatable, and the pulsation of the side is respectively applied, respectively.

The second step, the bracelet installation

There are two ways to install the brach, respectively correspond to two installation schemes.

1, exterior

Comparing the roller blind and the window, find the right position, mark the position of the brake screw on the window or wall, tighten the left and right brakes on the window or wall with the screw, and pull the armrest of the balloons The rotatable module is opened.

卷帘窗帘安装步骤 卷帘窗帘最新报价

2, inner

卷帘窗帘安装步骤 卷帘窗帘最新报价

Place the roller blind into the window frame, find the right position, indicate the position of the bracel screw at the top of the window frame, and lock the left and right brakes directly on the top of the window frame, and pull the armrest of the balloons The rotatable module is opened.

Step 3, install the track

1, first set the upper rail to the army head, and then set the upper track to the head of the non-drawading.

2, on the rotatable module buckle, confirm that the roller blind will not drop or move it easily, and the installation is complete.

3, will pull the beads on the front side to easily pull down, the roller blind is automatically raised.

卷帘窗帘安装步骤 卷帘窗帘最新报价

4, will pull the beads on the back to pull down to control the decline in the roller blind.

Roller blinds latest offer

卷帘窗帘安装步骤 卷帘窗帘最新报价

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The above is the related introduction of the shutdow curtain installation steps and roller blinds, the latest offer of the roller blind, you should have a certain understanding of the installation and price of the roller blind, and you can refer to Xiaobian when installing the roller blinds in the future. These methods introduced are installed. In fact, there are a lot of types of rolling curtains. If you are interested, you can get online.