High -heeled shoes games that are all over the world are getting more and more outrageous

Sister is the queen, and I am confident to let go of the light. If you love it, you do n’t love it …

When the familiar melody sounds, a woman who has hates the sky also emerges her mind. She has a devil -like figure, and the tight -fitting jacket shows gracefulness. At the tip of the tide, the pair of high heels under her feet also became higher and higher, and it towered into the clouds …


This is the most beautiful leisure game from the beginning of the year to the current leisure game.


In the impression, it was first seen that it was a small advertisement that appeared from time to time in the software. Until the vibrato, more and more women who stepped on high heels on high heels were also began to be captured. Fortunately …

“Most Beautiful Mine” has won the list of the Apple Store download list many times in the first quarter of 2021. Now, the various magic revised “The Most Beautiful High Heels” has begun to emerge, and the character image has also begun to transform crazy.

It started not only the game itself, but also a wave of women and Cooler culture surging behind it.

We first returned to the beginning to see how the woman who stepped on high heels became hot.

Step on high heels, sister is the queen


“Most Beautiful Mine” is actually a parkour game. You can use only the left and right to slide the screen.

The magical place is that the character is to maintain the motivation to move forward by continuously increasing the height of high heels. Every time there is a part of the obstacles, it will also lose some high heels.


There will also be many obstacles in the process of moving forward, such as splitting two bars, crossing the Duguqiao, crossing the big box, etc. She seems to walk as thin as ice, but stepped on the high heels that are several times higher than heels, and it looks vast again. Blacks are unstoppable.

Although the characters will fall from the aisle to the abyss from the aisle, along with the high -hate shoes.

On walking, you can also collect diamonds, buy skin, wear different high heels, and use different characters, such as leopard catwoman, hip -hop girl, sports girl, DC clown girl, and even a bearded boy …

But no matter what kind of dress and gender, as long as you wear enough high heels, you can walk through the heavy steps of the end, stand on the cheers of the stars, and go to the way of the queen’s cultivation.

This game is said to have nearly three hundred levels. Although the obstacles have become more and the high heels have become difficult, in fact, the environment has not changed.

The reason for its popularity is similar to the previous magic addiction game “Synthetic Big Watermelon”. The same simple operation, the same magic “development path”.

However, “the most beautiful high heels” also has its own characteristics, that is, the courage, confidence, and unparalleled women’s power behind the game.


This also makes it fascinated by the recently hot online divine song “Sister Is the Queen”.

In fact, there is no soundtrack “The most beautiful high heels”, but many netizens have found that after the “Sister is the Queen”, it has an indescribable matching feeling-

Wearing the favorite clothes and the most exquisite makeup, women want to be melodious and lively, their lives do not need to rely on whose light, and who do not be the princess to be domineering queen!

Divine music, brainwashing, is integrated with the strangeness and magic of the game. It is like the cola to get the ice cubes. Oreo is equipped with milk. Jay Chou is equipped with Fang Wenshan. Can’t get rid of that wonderful pleasure.

When the song orgasm reached the end of the game, the ribbon sequin was thunderous, and the queen looked back and smiled, and the sixth palace pink daisy was not colorful.

The player has also entered a bloody blood on the heavenly lid.

Female players have gained a bold show of themselves and winning recognition. Male players tried the role of a funny mentality from the beginning. They gradually recall the shame of wearing mother high heels when they were young. Release of the fan.

Of course, the shortcomings of this game are also obvious. For example, it can’t count on its advertisements to ten fingers. Playing a round will jump out of small advertisements. Players can’t remember how many characters they have changed, how many high heels they wear, and how many high heels they wear. But the lines of the advertisement can be reversed.


“Most Beautiful Mine” occasionally appears a stutter bug, and it is also made by netizens from time to time:


▲ Suspected of the real version of “High Heels Most Beautiful” appears bug. Picture from: Weibo@没

But this does not affect its popularity on the short video platform.

Its popularity must be attributed to social media to a large extent. This game has played a round of characteristics in a short time, as well as magical gameplay and style, which is very popular with young people, and it is very suitable for spreading on a short video platform.

The game publisher Rollic CEO Burak Vardal also revealed that “the most beautiful high heels” has a great influence in the Gen Z -generation user group, and has obtained a large number of users from short video platforms.

Its fiery also allows various magic revision to follow, and these versions have once again exerted “magic” to a new height.

Gradually outrageous magic revision “High -Hee Me is the most beautiful”

At the beginning, the magic revision was just imitating the “most beautiful” game of “high heels”, and the character “eat” high heels to grow high to other places to highlight female elements.


For example, collecting hair on hair is the most beautiful.

The characters dragged dozens of meters long hair, continuously increased hair cutting on the segmented road, and changed different colors, and even rainbow hair, and increased the swinging thousands of links, so that the hair of the sky fluttered in the sky.

For example, collecting “Nail Women” forwarding nails.

A bumpy girl extended the long nails on both sides of the road, and the momentum was instantly filled. The nails could also change different colors, and they could also cut off the obstacles of the road as a weapon.

Soon, the Queen’s long -haired version was also changed to the “washing and cutting version.”

Girls with two neon ponytails have to go through the challenge of washing and cutting all the way, but there is no longer a pipeline between the two buildings for splitting. Dragonfly flew to the other side.


▲ Picture from: Weibo User@Mobile Games Jun

The magic reform of the game all the way, only you can’t think of it, no developers can’t do it.

You can even become a retro elf in a skirt jumping ballet. In that spectacular building like Western Europe, the rotation jump never stops, allowing your skirt to grow into the world’s largest wedding tablecloth.


You can also be a female version of Bruce Lee, wearing a classic yellow conjoined suit, and on a never -bent steel pipe, show your flexible limbs than rubber puree.


You can also transform into European and American actresses Katshan, constantly increasing your hips, and twisting into the new continent of alien species forward.

When the game’s protagonist has been changed from beginning to end, people start to dig the core spiritual meaning behind the game -sister is the queen.


As a result, the men’s version of “The most beautiful heel” appeared.

In the game, the woman wearing a red, red high -heeled shoes, and tight -fitting hip skirt was like a fighting doom warrior.

At this time, the high heels became a man on the roadside, and the obstacles became enchanting women all over the road. Wall, go to the ultimate victory of the Queen.


But the ultimate victory is no longer the stage of being cheered, but throwing a man with a physical strength. The farther the score is thrown, the higher the score.

The more outrageous magic revision is that the heroine’s game no longer walks, but is carried by the muscular macho.

When walking between the two buildings, the muscles must be transformed into a bridge to send the female protagonist.

▲ Picture from: Weibo User@Company

The players spit out the good sand sculpture, and couldn’t help but fell into this brief.

These magic modifications have become more exaggerated and bold and more rebellious than the original version of “The most beautiful me”.

This kind of play -style game has also attracted the attention of many Kuae people.

▲ Picture from: Weibo User@嘎


The diverse color behind the spoof game


At the beginning, “the most beautiful high heels” mainly focused on the female audience.

The “2021 Mobile Game Classification Report” released by Sensor Tower shows that in the TOP 100 game last year, the download volume of fashion theme games increased by 109%year -on -year to nearly 1 billion times, far exceeding other themes.

Games similar to women’s themes such as A, makeup, dressing, hair cutting, etc. have also received a lot of attention, and “the most beautiful high heels” was also born under such a trend.

Its bold and bold game design is quickly loved by young female users, especially at the moment, more and more problems with women are hotly debated, including full -time housewives, anxiety, older single, heavy men, and materialized women. Wait, this game is also under this wave, which has been spread in response to the trend.

At the same time, it is also concerned about the Kuaer crowd, mainly because of its gameplay, which is easy to think of the transformation culture.


The “most beautiful” game -style game process, finally when everyone was cheering by everyone, it was also like an event called “Ball” in the Kuaer community in the 1980s.


▲ Picture from: “Gesture”

A group of groups that surpass women or men, dressed themselves into various heavy makeup characters, walking and dancing on a underground stage, playing the royal noble, elite white -collar workers, and sexy girls. They bravely show their own style and posture. Agree with self -identity.


When they are difficult to score on “Ball”, they will use a dance called Voguing to further compete.

In the popular FUNK music at the time, they showed their physical and desire through complex hand movements and POSE. Madonna’s champion single VOGUE’s creative inspiration also originated from this, and this song also brought Voguing into the mainstream culture.

Although the creators of the “most beautiful” game of “high heels” said that they were not facing a certain type of group, but hope that everyone in this game can play and has more tolerance. It is still loved by many Cooler people.


But obviously a pair of high heels and limited skin do not satisfy people’s creativity, especially on this open Internet platform. Therefore, the magic revision “the most beautiful me” has also brought the female elements and Kuer elements to the maximum.

Now these magic modified versions have tended to a kind of prank. In many strange mobile games, similar spoofing elements are also common.


▲ Picture from: Game OTOKO TOWER

The popular “synthetic watermelon” before, also appeared in the synthesis of Mr. Guo’s magic revision, synthetic Jolin magic revision, etc., only the upper limit of imagination, no creative limit.

As another sub -culture, the spoof culture has also been widely spread in the Internet community. It has also been fermented by platform B and other platforms. It is gradually recognized by mainstream culture.

There are advantages and disadvantages of spoofing works, but from another perspective, it also presents more and more sub -culture to the public.

When we play these wonderful games while talking addicted, we are also experiencing and accepting more current changes.


▲ Picture from: Weibo User@Mobile Games Jun

▲ Picture from: Weibo User@Mobile Games Jun

▲ Picture from: “Gesture”