The adhesive jackets are varied, but these models are definitely “carrying the handle”

In the era of plastic balls, the sticky cover has new living space. In the past, the stickiness of the sticky suit was on the right position. Now, the backhand position also has a sticky figure. “Both sides” is a good representative. The proportion of backhand with Crazy 3 or Crazy 8 has gradually increased in the national team. How to make up for “the loss of the loss” is indeed a good way to use a sticky cover. It is also greatly beneficial to strengthening the arc ability and control.

But “sticky” is only one of the conditions, and the new era requires “fast”. This is a new demand for the high -speed era.

If the field of sticky glue compared to a rivers and lakes, then the Red Double Happy Crazy Series is the Taishan Beidou on the rivers and lakes.

Red Double Happy Blue Sponge Crazy 3

The Crazy Series has occupied the market domination of the sticky cover market for 20 years. The positive share of Chinese people once reached more than 95%. So far, it is still difficult to have a glue that can match the overall ball quality of Crazy 3, and it is difficult to achieve such a high balance in rotation, speed and strength at the same time. In the contest of the orange sponge and blue sponge, the blue sponge is more popular with the Chinese people, gradually, and it is even better in fame. NEO Blue Sponge National Madness is the Yitian Sword and Dragon Sword in this sticky rivers and lakes.


Of course, considering the pricing of the NEO Blue Sponge country madness, in the sales volume in the amateur field, the blue province of the organic version is the best, and the cost performance is relatively prominent. There are also many fans of the province and national madness of the orange sponge. Relatively speaking, Orange Sponge Crazy 3 has a natural arc ability, which has lower dependence on glue, low force requirements, and easier to master. If the blue sponge is mad, it looks a bit fleshy. However, the control in the stage is more delicate, and the upper limit is higher. Gas friends with a high level of effort can consider the blue sponge.

If it is purely considering cost -effective, then Pu Kuang 3 is the most amazing sales. When it is simple with an entry -level ball board, everyone often thinks: Positive Madness 3. Although it is a bit hard when I feel the feel is not irrigated, it will live a dragon and tiger after the oil or glue. Considering the price of the general mad 3, it is indeed worth it.


In addition to this, there are brothers and sisters. Crazy 8 is a madness that is better flexible and more penetrated; Tianji 3 is a representative of the dense and non -windy, continuous circles; Tianji 2 (Tianji 2 of the Blue Sponge 2) The board is more powerful.


It can be said that there is always a madness/Tianji suitable for you. And their ball quality and fault tolerance will not disappoint you. It’s not just a positive position, the backhand position is 3-50, Tianji 3-60, the madness 37 degrees soft, and the madness 8 is constantly blooming.

Butterfly DIGNICS 09C

Relying on the many years of experience accumulated on the Spring SPONGE spring sponge on the TENERGY series, the butterfly launched the Spring SPONGe X sponge on the DIGNICS series. At the same time, the DIGNICS 09C was launched by this new cake sponge and viscous glue surface. At present, national players in many countries use this cake sticky cover.

Compared to the strong jet feeling of TENERGY 05, the overall style of DIGNICS 09C is more biased to stable. The glue surface has a very delicate sense of ball eating, and it is easy to rotate down. So the overall style does not seem to be particularly furious. But because the hardness of the glue itself is also high, the support is not bad.

At present, Boer’s positive and backhand uses D09C, as well as Lin Gaoyuan’s backhand and Ochalov’s positive hand. It can be seen that the lethality of this set of glue is still very confident. In terms of stickiness, it is not a very strong one, but the rotation is not bad, and the speed also performs well.


This is the newly listed Victas adhesion. Made in China, the glue surface viscosity is very strong, and it can be comparable to Crazy 3. As a new backhand glue of Dan Yu Xiaoxi, Triple Double Extra (referred to as TD) has a strong arc control and ability to hold the ball. But different from Kuang 3 is that TD approaches many top astringent plastic gums in terms of speed. It can be said that it is a sticky cover that can pull through the opponent by speed. It is a combination of high elastic high -density sponge and high -stick glue surface.

The popularity of sticky sleeves in the era of plastic balls is a common trend. However, the stickiness of Chinese brands is still different from foreign brands. Crazy 3 is to rotate the speed. Many foreign brands are still at the core.


In the Victas Triple series, it is also divided into TD, TE and TR based on hardness. This gives different choices for different levels of golfers, and the front and backhand can “stick” different types of “sticky”.


Pride of China Light

In the Omega 7 series, which is proud of the “wisdom world”, China is quite special. This is a sticky cover, but in fact, the stickiness is not as strong as dancing 2, but the sponge inherits the colorful wrapping feeling of the Omega 7 series. Not only does it rely on the arrogant stickiness and matte feel to create rotation, but also the warmth of the sponge. It can be said that there is a few sticky jackets so outstanding in rotating manufacturing. The ball can eat deeply, but at the same time, it is not difficult to penetrate, and the speed is fast.

Earlier in the early years, the arrogant sticky cover was only good in China. Until now, there are still many fans. There is no madness 3 turns, but faster, and the threshold for strength is low, which is very easy to control for junior and intermediate golfers. Later, I came out of dance 2. Like only Jiajia China, the same sticky glue surface and small pores sponge, but the style becomes softer, better elasticity, and more obvious strength. From Weijia to Tap Dance 2 to China, arrogance has designed suitable internal adhesion for different levels of golfers.

Topagment Hybrid K1 Treasure Edition


A large number of fans were harvested in the K1 series. It is easy to control, good on stage, good arc, strong internal energy. From Red K1, Blue K1, Guo K1 to the purple K1 of the treasure version, and the K2 K2 of the high -secret sponge, these sticky colloids are loved by amateur golfers. Relatively speaking, Red K1 is suitable for backhand, because the hardness is soft; there are no problems as a positive hand. The author will recommend the treasure version of the purple K1. The threshold of force is not as high as the national K1, but the elasticity of strength and feel will feel better than the blue K1.

During the continuous pull, the arc feeling is very stable. During the relationship, the combination of speed and rotation is good. Although it is not the fierce style after the madness 3, for many amateur golfers, the stability, fault tolerance and relatively brisk style of the purple K1 are very close choices.

729 Blue Sponge Pentium II


729 The colorful performance of the entire Pentium series of anti -glue is about to remind people of the “boutique combination” (729 glue with Japanese and German sponge) 20 years ago. The provincial version of the Pentium II was first divided into orange sponge and blue sponge. The difference is similar to the 3 series. Gradually, the blue sponge Pentium II is better. The sense of internal energy is prominent in domestic viscosity glue. It is also closer to Crazy 3, so many people use it as a substitute for the inorganic era. Many amateur masters are currently used.


The Pentium II also has a golden version of Pentium. The glue surface is stronger, and the sponge is relatively hard, only 40 degrees 2.15mm. It is not elastic, and it must be used with a soft bounce. Starting last year, 729 launched a new Pentium: Pentium Max. This rubber is stronger than the previous Pentium elasticity, it looks faster and easier to penetrate at a speed. It is suitable for the front and backhand. Putting on the backhand, the brisk style is comparable to many astringent jackets. A wave of galloping was set off, which was sold out of stock.

Yourajin Tango Power SPONGE

Youra’s sticky cover uses the rose red cake sponge of the middle Kong. So it is quite outstanding in elasticity. The epidermis of the glue surface is very thin, the particles are short, and the ball can be pushed up in thin friction; after the force, there is a sense of magnification, the arc extension, and the power improvement. It can be said that these two aspects are very similar to Crazy 3. The sponge of Power SPONGE is quite tough, and it will not penetrate all at once. The kinetic energy of the sponge is quite strong.

In the new ball era, how to balance the elasticity and hardness of the sponge is a topic. The Golden Template Power SPONGE has done a good job in this regard. The whole creates a soft and transparent feel, but there is no lack of support. For a foreign brand that has long produced sticking sleeves, Youla has always had unique insights.

In addition to the above brands, the Galaxy has also been brilliant on Jupiter and Beidou series of sticks. Many North Korean team players have the first choice for their own hands. Donick’s “tightly” V1 and R1 also received great praise.

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