Sure enough, winter is more suitable for wearing “woolen coats+skirts”, a few points of get to create a sense of elegance and lightness

In winter, many people may feel that they do n’t know what to wear. In fact, winter is the best time to dress up. Not only can there be more items that can be used, but various stacks and mixing skills can also exert more charm of basic models.

However, for middle -aged women around 40, it is recommended to use a coat with a skirt, which not only keeps warm and comfortable, but also can exert your own charm to the fullest. Sure enough, it is more suitable for wearing “woolen coats+skirts” in winter. Several points of get to create a sense of elegance and lightness. Let’s take a look!

1. Use a simple match to present “woolen coat+skirt”


For ordinary people, it is important to master the matching of matching. It is more important to know how to “delete complexion”, especially for some matching solutions that have been tested by time. With a sense of advanced, woolen coats and skirts are no exception.


1. Mao woolen coat+high waist over -the -knee skirt

Pursuing a simple and generous middle -aged woman, in winter, you can use solid color classic woolen coats with solid color high -waisted over -the -knee skirt. This combination not only brings a sense of neatness and cleanliness visual, but also gives people effortless high -level and fashionable.

Among them, the coat version and skirt style need to be made according to personal needs. Small children can try the above -mentioned A version of long coats, with a version of high -waisted skirt or pleated skirt, which is simple and sharp Create a high sense of thinness.

2. Well coat+dress

In addition to the combination of half skirts, the combination of a dressing coat is also clear at a glance.


Choosing a knitted dress or a small floral dress can win romance and elegance, interpret your own light mature femininity.

2. Use coordinated color matching to enhance the sense of advanced

The pair of coats and skirts is suitable for winter, but whether it can wear a high -level sense also depends on the overall color matching.


For middle -aged women, you can choose more earth colors that echoed in winter, such as coffee, khaki, camel, brown, beige, or apricot, to create a well -known and warm personal image.

These colors are also the best choice to create the same color system. Not only do the color of the whole body control three and below, they also improve the texture texture to a certain extent.

Reducing color matching does not mean using a single color. When the ground color coat is used in the same color system, it is best to form a difference with the coat.

If it is a basic color coat such as black, gray, and Tibetan blue, it is more suitable for breaking the dullness with beige, white, light pink or retro red sweater, and let the two -color match show a more high -quality side.

Third, the coat should be open to wear


The matching classic of coats and skirts is difficult to be outdated, and many people know, but if your dress is not good enough, then you may wish to enhance your temperament by opening the coat.

Compared with buckle or waist, the open coat not only creates a sense of casualness, but also highlights the simple and exquisite dress.

Because the skirt can be partially exposed, this method of wearing can also be visually thin, and the position of your waistline can be raised.

Four, more elegant with short boots

Looking at the matching coloring, look at the matching, and the girls who choose the right shoes, even if they match the skills, can win a lot of people.

In winter, if you use the pair of woolen coats and knee skirts to create an elegant and generous personal image, then you must try to match short boots as much as possible.

Especially pointed short boots that echo the coat, inner clothing, skirt, or bag color, whether it is a cat heel, medium -heeled or flat bottom model, can make the dress more feminine.

In particular, black short boots, coffee color boots or rice white boots are practical and versatile.

Do n’t worry about matching in winter, you do n’t have to worry about the style of style, you do n’t need to work hard to highlight your own charm.


Five, stacking leggings win warmth


If you give up this pair because your coat and skirt are not warm enough, then you may wish to use the leggings in the wardrobe.

Among them, the most recommended black leggings. Due to the color base and deep color foundation of these leggings, the winter combination skirt or small incense woolen skirt can not only show the slender and slim legs, but also avoid the loud and lord of the pants. Instead of style and other issues.

The workplace or out of the street to connect black boots, the connection with the pants is smoother, and the legs are long and thin.

Of course, you can also replace the short boots with flat -bottomed loafers. Comfortable and not tired is one aspect. This method can also emphasize elegant and capable workplace style.


In short, no matter how fashion develops in winter, the most suitable for middle -aged women is the “woolen coat+skirt”, and draw on the above points to help you easily create a good temperament!

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