Genji Muyu | Choosing a sofa also depends on height? This sofa selection guide is too in place

The sofa is the soul of the living room. Basically, each household is indispensable during the decoration, but for the sofa with a wide range of materials and styles, many people spend their eyes when they choose. How can the sofa choose not to enter the pit? In fact, just like many people looking for objects, they have their own standards.

The first standard: look at the face value

Human is a visual animal. Whether it is the first impression of people or things, because of the face value and type of love, I want to look at the deeper connotation of his deeper level.

The same is true of picking sofas, and the sofa of different materials gives people a different feeling.

Leather sofa:

The leather sofa gives a sense of fashion and luxury. It is a gentleman in the home industry. It is suitable for minimalist -style home. It is super atmospheric in the living room.

For example, Genji Muyu’s beloved leather sofa, the contact surface is the head layer of the yellow cowhide, the high back is like a beautiful man wearing a turtleneck, stepped on 15cm to stand in cool “boots”, cool and advanced.

Fabric sofa:

Showing a warm feeling, revealing affinity, the fabric touch is soft and comfortable.

For example, the modern fabric sofa of Genji Muyu, the comfortableness of the medium -sized apartment, the linen ash feels simple, the forest green expressions are fresh and delicate, the fabric is highly weaving process, it is not easy to get the ball, just like a gentle literary youth, but it shows himself everywhere, but he shows himself everywhere. toughness.

源氏木语 | 选沙发竟然也要看身高?这份沙发挑选指南太到位

Solid wood sofa:

Due to the different wooden sofa, the style of the solid wood is different, such as black walnut wood exuding classical flavor. Cherry wood has the beauty of retro, and the color of the log is more fresh and simple. It can be matched according to its own style.

If you want high -level beauty and a little different, Genji Muyu’s outlook and sofa, North American FAS -class oak frame+Indonesian imported rattan editor, smoked in smoke, more transparent in the space, like a clean and elegant retro retro Men can always be followed at a glance at the crowd.

Technology cloth sofa:

With the texture of the skin and the softness of cloth, it is known as “breathing fabric”. Elegant texture, elegant at home, is liked to wear abrasion and easy to clean, and is popular with pets.

源氏木语 | 选沙发竟然也要看身高?这份沙发挑选指南太到位

For example, Genji Muyu’s Watch · Technology cloth sofa, contrasting design, rice white+caramel color, a strong sense of fashion, segmented high -back, like a simple fashion female young, stepping on black high heels, elegant and comfortable.

Second standard: see height

After the face value, is the object of choosing a high care? Select the sofa depends on the size of the space and the sofa.

Space size Decisive style:

The sofa style generally has a type, L -shaped and enclosed type.

源氏木语 | 选沙发竟然也要看身高?这份沙发挑选指南太到位

One -shaped type is suitable for small units, saving space

, Recommended Watch · Technology cloth sofa, field -sofa, and left neighbor sofa bed. The sofa bed covers an area of ​​only about 1.71 square meters, which is easier to place.

L -type is suitable for large units

, Large sofa+small sofa next to it. It is recommended to have a modern corner sofa. The pedals are flexibly placed.

The enclosure sofa is very ritual

, But covering a large area and needed a large living room to place it.

In addition, functional sofa chairs can also be placed like bedrooms and living room corners. It is recommended that Lexi · Multifunctional sofa chair can be opened with the help of the back. Essence

The size of the sofa determines the sitting feeling:

The sofa’s back and depth size are easily overlooked, but in fact, these two sizes determine that the symbol does not conform to ergonomics, and it is uncomfortable to sit. Generally speaking, the height of the sofa is suitable for the shoulder and ears of adults; the knee joint is still outside the sofa.

There are also some sofas designed with high segmented backs. This is for the head and waist to have support. Like our love, the leather sofa has a 58cm segmented and high back, and the top part is filled with three -dimensional hollow doll cotton. Part of the filling high -quality sponge has both softness and fullness. 56cm’s spacious sitting deep, tolerant your various sitting positions.

Third Standard: See comfort for comfort

The comfort we are talking about here is not just a sense of sitting, but in daily use, whether it is easy to clean and store more practical functions. This is like finding out if your living habits fit, so that the longer you can get along, the more you like the more you like. Essence

源氏木语 | 选沙发竟然也要看身高?这份沙发挑选指南太到位

for example:

Love · Leather Sofa

With a semi -curved armrest, the outer storage bag can be placed in a magazine, and those who like to read can consider it;

Zuojin · sofa bed

源氏木语 | 选沙发竟然也要看身高?这份沙发挑选指南太到位

Three gear adjustments, sitting, leaning, and sleeping are transformed at will. Those who pay attention to leisure and comfortable at home can consider;

Modern · corner sofa

With 16cm wide handrails, usually mobile phones, iPads, and books are available.

Every sofa of Genji Muyu has different design highlights, you can choose according to your preference ~