The street is fired, called “the left side of the eyes, the right side of the mouth”, the trend to fly

Cowboy is a classic is a fashion element. It comes with a few tough properties and fashion, since the 19th century, denim costumes have set off a fashion frenzy. Today, after a constant evolution, there have been many different styles, no matter Jeans or denim coats have occupy a relatively great location in the fashion world. Cowboy is always with a bit of neutral handsome, can easily concave shape, whether it is ordinary public or fashionable people can’t resist its charm!

Couples in the street are always particularly easy to pay attention to, this is a focus on the high-looking couple. The little brother and little sister are wearing a cool cowboy jacket. They also wear simple white t-shirts. The simple atmosphere is not stylish, and it feels very sweet in the screen!

The pants on the little sister are a pants that have recently street relatively fire, called “眼 眼 眼, 开 巴 巴”. We can see that the hole in the small sister’s trousers is asymmetrical, the little bit of the left, like a wide-glance; the big one, just like the mouth, very fashionable, simply Flying!


The pants of the little sister “left open eyes, the right side mouth” pants are bonded to the legs and do not bind, outlined her slender long legs, with the white T-shirt with classic black and white match, simple atmosphere Magic fashion style. Put the t-shirt, improve the waist line, pull long body proportion, highlight the back of the sky!


The overall shape of the little sister is dominated by black, simple and very cool, black short denim jacket, with black broken tights, foot black boots, and pants integrate, visually elongate The length of the leg, let the little sister look more tall. White T-shirt comes with brightening effect, adding a bright color to the overall shape, embellishment!


The little brother’s wear is also very fashionable. He is wearing a blue denim jacket, with blue jeans, hard tailor design, highlights his implicit body. Feet step on a pair of black leather short boots, with a white inner t-shirt, the overall shape is simple and not simple, handsome is full, the trend of the street!