In addition to small black pants in autumn and winter, there are elegant hip skirts, so that you are exquisite in winter

In autumn and winter, everyone knows that ordinary girls like to match sports pants with high boots, wide -leg pants with low boots, like small black pants and small white pants are the mainstream of the sweater with autumn and winter. In fact, this is a wrong concept of concept In the autumn and winter clothing matching, high -level clothing style, personality clothing, super charming, adding points for clothing matching.

In the autumn and winter, the advantage of skirts is the first to reflect the gentleness and elegance of women. Even in the coldest winter, can women lose their delicate beauty and the pursuit of the taste of clothing, so whether it is a hip skirt Still knitted skirts, which are more beautiful and can easily show the good figure of women. This is the charm of skirts.


In a skirt is more convenient than pants, and thinner, even girls with wide hips and girls with short legs can achieve a thin beauty by matching high waist skirts. Low -waist boots are thin and cute, reflecting the gentle beauty of women.

How to choose a model in winter?



Long skirt is suitable for inside, short skirt is suitable

The weather in autumn and winter is relatively cold. Unlike the soft long skirts in summer, the purpose of the autumn and winter match is mainly to prevent cold, so. Autumn and winter are not suitable for matching too long skirts, so that the chance of resisting the cold will be smaller, and the skirt is prone to ventilation and is not conducive to warmth. If you have a short skirt, there is no such problem, which can not only keep warm, but also reflect women. Beautiful aspect.

And whether it is a short hip skirt or a checkered skirt, it can reflect the elegance of a woman.

②: It is better for girls with thick legs with knee skirts


Now that the overall food is better, and more and more foods with high calories, many girls will inevitably experience thick legs, especially girls with thick thighs, which are not suitable for slim pants, so checkered bags The hip skirt or fluffy knee skirt plays a good role, which can not only cover the effect of covering the crotch and thigh, but also reflect the gentleness and charming of the woman. At the same time, it can highlight the slender beauty of the calf,

Bonus points for the entire clothing, but it is better to pay attention to the knee -high skirt. It is better to match the low boots or open boots.

Key points: When choosing a skirt, the small man is best to highlight the style of the calf, and you can leave more space for your own match.

And with a high -waisted skirt to the position above the ankle, it can increase the advantages of long legs to the proportion of waist to feet, forming a three -seven gold matching style. This style is also a way to match and thin.


Short -knitted with hip skirt, the best standard for elegant women


In fact, many women do not know how to match skirts and sweater. The best match is short knitted knitted hip skirts or knitted skirts. This kind of matching method is versatile and fashionable, and high -waisted skirts The distance between the waist and the legs is the best. Short and beautiful, add points to clothing matching,

However, it is not suitable for high -necked sweater, round neck or low -necked effects. Retro bags can add glory to the entire match, reflecting the elegant side.


Example of Winter Skirts

Speaker with knitted woven skirts, elegant and generous


The high -necked sweater can make your upper body look more three -dimensional and tall, lengthen the visual area. It is more suitable whether it is a small or tall girl. It is equipped with light and color to the entire clothing, and the high -waisted knitted skirt is full of texture, it is thin and thin, and the comfort is relatively high. Keep warm, and can show the elegance of women. This kind of matching is suitable for gray, coffee color, beige and other retro and fresh colors. The beauty of several colors and the beauty of layers is added to the entire clothing.

②: Box skirt+woolen coat, the belt is the highlight

The matching of the skirt and the matching sweater is better with complementary color effects, which can highlight the effect of inside. The color classic also gives the entire clothing match with highlights. It can be a woolen coat or a knitted coat. The overall is relatively simple and elegant. The rice -white bag has a lot of points for the entire clothing, and the black belt separates the beige and gray perfectly, which has layered beauty.

The three colors are even more eye -catching. This is the beauty of the matching of clothing.

Summary: Women’s elegance cannot be lost in any season or environment. This is a kind of temperament of a woman and a connotation of a woman. Putting is the best classic item,

Everyone shows the delicate beauty of a woman, with rishes.

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