80 % of the women’s sideways were cut, but it was actually a disaster of high heels?

The survey shows that the 80 % maternal BB of Guangzhou must cut the side

The side cutting rate is doubled compared to the British and American countries such as Britain and the United States

“About 99 of the 100 first -born first mothers will be” side -cut “, and few of the exceptions are only doctors’ families, relatives and friends, or themselves.” Those who are “side -cut” are considered to affect the life of husband and wife, and a considerable number of people are infected with onset, and it is difficult to heal all year round. “

Recently, a post titled “All Hospitals are being killed, and your family and your family” are “sideways” “. In addition to the many hazards brought by the “complaint” side cut, the post also pointed at the doctor directly, thinking that the doctor caused the “side cut” rate to make a high rate of “side cutting” in order to profit and save time. At present, this post has panicked many “prospective mothers”, and some people even prepare to give up the planning plan and choose to choose a caesarean section.

Is this really true?

Guangzhou’s side cutting rate is about 80%

The “side cutting” repeatedly mentioned in the post actually refers to “perineal side cutting”, which is the perineal opening of the maternal maternal to help delivery. The reporter and several hospitals with a large number of infants in Guangzhou conducted a small survey. “As a result, the” side cutting “rate of the Guangzhou hospital is about 80%. It’s really high. “

The reporter also interviewed a total of seven women around them who had produced babies by the babies, and found that they all encountered “side cuts” during childbirth.

It is understood that there are two main purpose of “side -cut”. One is to protect the perineal of the maternal, so as not to cause the perineal to tear during childbirth due to excessive perineal or too large fetal fetuses.

The second reason for “side -cutting” is to protect the fetus. This is mainly because some mothers have poor perineal development and scars, which are very tight, so it will cause the fetus to cause difficulty in childbirth and hypoxia in the uterine cavity.

Early high -heeled shoes to cause high side cutting rate

The change of modern human lifestyle is one of the reasons for China’s “side -cutting rate”. Now many women start wearing high heels just after adolescence. I do n’t know that high -heeled shoes will affect the development of the entire pelvis, which will increase the inclined inclined of the pelvic pelvic inlet.

It is understood that the side cutting rate is only about 30%to 40%in developed countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States. The reason why my country’s side -cutting rate is relatively high, and the intense doctor -patient relationship has also played a role in helping. Guangzhou medical experts have exchanged with some British obstetric experts and found that Britain’s “side -cutting rate” is indeed very low, but the maternity of maternal perineal tears is very high. However, these mothers who encountered perineal torn were rarely held accountable for doctors.

If this situation is changed to China, today, when the doctor -patient relationship is so nervous, it is estimated that there are obstetricians to the court every day. Therefore, in order to avoid the risk of maternal tears and fetal hypoxia in order to avoid the maternal maternal lime tear and fetal hypoxia.

special reminder

Caesarean section harm is greater than “side cutting”

The reporter logged on to the Mom Forum yesterday and found that many “expectant mothers” were affected by the “side -cut” posts, and they were afraid of the birth of the delivery.

There are two main concerns about “side -cut” for “prospective mothers”: one is pain, and the other is to affect sexual life. In fact, before the “side -cut” doctors, doctors generally injected anesthesia for women; secondly, women’s vagina feels not very keen on pain. In addition, under the pressure of the fetal head, the vagina nerves have been paralyzed, so “quasi -mother” No need to worry too much about pain.

As for the impact of “side -cut” on sexual life, it is not so serious. Whether there is a “side cut”, as long as it is a woman with vaginal delivery, the vagina will be relatively loose than women who have not had children, but because the vagina itself also has muscles and wrinkles, it can still return to the acceptable range.

On the contrary, it is even more wise to go to a cesarean section because of worrying about “side -cut”. Because there are more than 10 complications caused by caesarean section to pregnant women and children, children like caesarean section are more likely to have pneumonia than children who naturally give birth.

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