The live broadcast of the series of “Zhazha to Camping” is launched today, and you are invited to experience the happy camping fancy camping

The live broadcast of the series of “Zhazha to Camping” is launched today, and you are invited to experience the happy camping fancy camping

Did you go camping this summer?

Working and living in cities, stress is as inevitable as hair loss. Because of this, we can be close to nature and soothing stress camping, and from “niche” to “top flow” overnight. It is said that even those who are usually the most resistant to outdoor sports are actively searching for camping -related content, and it is considered a personal practice.

If you haven’t had to experience it yet, it doesn’t matter. From August 15th to 18th, every night from 8 am to 10 o’clock, Douyin will launch a series of live broadcasts of “Taka Zha to Camping”, starting an outdoor camping that goes away.

Many celebrities and experts will form a group from the city, support the tent, order the bonfire, play the theme party of the carnival, and return to the slow life of nature.

The star group set off happily, fancy camping!

In the impression of many people, going camping means immersing in the blue sky and green grass, feeling the breath of nature, as if it is about to rise in the next second … But what I want to tell you in “Taka Zha to Camping” is that In addition to being close to nature, there are many fun games for camping!

Speaking of which, are you curious about the guests of this camping live broadcast? Tell you secretly, Yu Yueming, Zhao Yue, Huang Xinchun, Digura K, Jinxi J. S will accompany you through 4 Summer Party, as well as Zhang Dada, Li Xikan, Guan Yan, Xia Hanyu, Zhou Rui, xh. The bedroom At the airborne site such as Chang, Zhou Zhou Da Devil, they will hold you hands with you and escape the hustle and bustle of the summer city. Continue to pay attention to the live broadcast, and you will also unlock more surprise guests to participate in the connection.

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The first live broadcast on August 15 will be the theme of the Games. Guests will be divided into two teams to complete rounds of sports games and unlock healthy camping life. Not only will it add fun, but they can also relax their body and mind in a full sports atmosphere. However, it should be noted that the team that failed every round will face

Disabled! cool! Discipline! Punishment!

Food is one of the essence of camping. Is there any better than eating and drinking than happiness? Remember to watch the second issue of “Zhazha Camping Food Festival” and enjoy camping food together. Of course, the delicious one is not so easy to get. Each food corresponds to a game challenge. Only the guests can get it, otherwise they can only watch others enjoy the deliciousness.

The third live broadcast will be based on the theme of board games that are loved by young people to create a “rich man” game with a new gameplay: guests will get the same number of firewoods to buy camps, camping materials, and rotate the dice roll in turn. go ahead. In this game that relies on both strength and luck, only by playing your brain and courage to the extreme can you win.

The last live broadcast garden will return to childhood with everyone, and relive the fun of going outdoors when they are young. The victory team can get the childhood gift package, the failed team has to play

Shengli strange sugar, painting face, water singing children’s songs, ear clip music

When the child, the game, etc., why do you feel that the loser is happier?

Planting grassy outdoor sports, enjoying delicious camping food, experiencing new human board games, unforgettable childhood memories … The four outdoor camping live broadcasts of “Zhazha to Camping” are more gameplay than your impression. Rich and more interesting? This is far from the limit. At the beginning of the camping, every guest is a “whiteboard outfit”. It needs to withstand the dual test of brain power and physical strength, and obtain equipment through game breakthroughs. Think about it like this, is it even more exciting?

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the summer city, turn on the immersive “Yun Ying Camping”

If you lose, you need to accept severe punishment. If you win, you can be happy. While feeling nature at a close distance, you can play games and play games. For the guests of “Zhazha to Camping”, this show is “painful. And happy. “

And when the guests fight in the camping game, you who are “cloud camping” outside the field can also participate in person to experience happy outdoor camping time together. At that time, Douyin will open a variety of interactive gameplay, such as guests will chat with fans and play interactive games; if there is a blind box hidden in the camp, the guests will open under the guidance of the fans and send surprise benefits!

It is worth mentioning that Douyin has launched a#5 dime over the summer challenge, inviting netizens to use 5 cents to show their “real” outdoor camping state. If someone asks, “Are you going to camping this summer?” You can tell him: “Go, there are videos to prove!”

Walk into nature with a tent, avoid heat inflammation with a bonfire, remove tension with a game, and use a carnival to become the closest partner. The upper Douyin Search [扎 扎 上 上 上 露] made an appointment for live broadcast. From August 15th to 18th, every night from 8 am to 10 o’clock every night, let’s watch the camping live broadcast together!

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