Gifts of the Chongyang Festival!

Gifts of the Chongyang Festival!

On October 28, 2017, the ninth day of September of the lunar calendar was the Chung Yeung Festival. The ancient folks had the custom of ascending the height on that day, so the Chung Yeung Festival was also called the “Dean Festival”. There are also states of weight nine, dogwood, chrysanthemum festivals, etc. In addition to the traditional festival, because the “Nine -Nine” homophonic “ninety -nine” in September is “long -term”, it has the meaning of long -lived longevity, and “Nine” is the biggest and most respectful in numbers, so the Chung Yeung Festival is also given a new meaning. In 1989, the Chinese government officially set the Lunar New September ninth day of the Lunar New Year as “China Old Man’s Day” and “Respect for the Elderly”.

Children, in this special day, make a small gift for your elders in your home ~

Greeting card

Preparation materials: scissors, jam, color pen, birthday candle, cake paper support, rubber stick, cotton wire

Production steps: Choose a card with your favorite color as the bottom of the greeting card, and then fold the card to fold it. The color choice is actually very important. For example, the Chongyang Festival’s greeting card is recommended to use red or yellow It will be better!

Then spread the cake paper support, which is round and folded.

Cut into the paper cup of this paper cup cake, cut pink paper into ellipse.

Paste the pink paper and cake paper on the cover of the greeting card. The paper custard should be pasted on the pink paper to form a blocking relationship. Stick a small white round piece on the pink paper. Can.

Below the birthday candle to the greeting card, the candle is heavy, so you must stick to the candle here. If the rubber stick is not used, you can also use a strong glue to paste it.

A colorful rope on the candle is even more beautiful, then open your greeting card, draw some paintings, write some blessings to complete ~

Stereo bouquet card

Preparation materials: color cardboard, white paper, scissors, color tape, rubber stick, color pen

Production steps: We can draw stripes with green pens on the cut white paper

Then tie up like this is the part below the bouquet

If you have a flower sticker, you can use it directly. If you do n’t, you can cut some round -colored cards by yourself, and use the color pen to draw the flowers on it.

In this way, the part of the flower beam is used with color tape, and then the flowers and leaves are glued on it. In the free position, cutting some small white circles to decorate it, forming an appropriate cover relationship will be more beautiful.

A love card

Preparation materials: one white, pink cardboard.

Cut out a heart shape, put it on the white card paper, draw the heart shape, and engraved it with a carved knife.

Confed in pink card paper.

Draw the heart with wings on the white paper, cut it, and fold it.

Paste it in the pink card paper to get a three -dimensional heart.

The seemingly ordinary card, in fact, hidden mystery, I believe that Grandpa and grandma will be surprised to receive it.

Origami Shou Tao

Material preparation: a square pink color paper, watercolor pen

Production method: Fold it according to the steps of the legend, and then use the color pen to paint the redness of the Shou Tao.

Suitable for age: Children in the middle and large class

The following Shou Tao origami is relatively simple, which is more suitable for middle class children

Paper -cut Shou Tao

Material preparation: square material, pencil, safety scissors

Production method: Fold the square material from the middle,

Draw the seal of half a peach along the folding side with a pencil,

The shape of the peach with a safe scissors along the seal is made.

Suitable for age: Chinese and large classes

You can also put the cut peaches creatively on the paper and make stickers.

Wan Shouju handicraft

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