Dunu DN-ES05 into the earplugs: attended in a fashionable way

Dunu DN-ES05 into the earplugs: attended in a fashionable way

What kind of headset is the easier to accept?

As ordinary consumers, there are not too much pursuit of audio products. Ear earbases are usually used for mobile phones. As a stuff, in most cases, the price of about 200 yuan is easier to be accepted by the public, and it can hear a more comfortable sound. Therefore, among domestic manufacturers, more and more headphones that appear at this price have attracted more people with various more fashionable and beautiful slogans.

Dunu Daringko, for music enthusiasts, may know more about this old brand. For me, it is unfamiliar, because I am not a enthusiast, just a wooden ear. DN-ES05, ​​which is the most young market, launched by Darinke, has a satisfactory answer sheet in a fashionable way through a sound of about 200 yuan.

As a fashionable and young plug, the outer packaging of ES05 does not show the youthful and vibrant side of young people, but it looks more low -key and calm. The black packaging can see the pair of plugs inside through the plastic layer, but before it was taken out, I didn’t make me feel fashionable.

After opening the packaging, after taking out the plug and accessories, the first feeling given to me is that I have a positive for this brand, and a more careful consideration of users.

Usually a plug, the manufacturer is only equipped with a large and medium -sized three pairs of silicone plugs, and ES05 is equipped with 6 pairs of silicone plugs with different specifications, as well as fixed clips and round storage boxes. It reflects the main practical and more user considerations. In addition, it is also equipped with a storage band on the line, which can be carried well with you. Drop details are telling the carefulness and thoughtfulness of my brand, so as to enhance the user’s favorability.

The segmentation part uses a cylindrical reinforcement without worrying that it is easy to damage. The protection at the joint is more suitable for soft silicon glue. For me, it is more assured that it is more assured. It will not be easily damaged and will not be too hard to put it in the pocket. The performance in detail is still satisfied with me.

The cylindrical brass cavity makes the ES05 feel that it feels very much. Compared with other plugs used in usual, there is a sense of precipitation. The surface is treated with mirror electroplating process, causing a visual experience of light emission, which makes me feel the elements of fashion. There is a beautiful visual, but it also makes me a kind of worry easily scratches?

The metal texture of the outer concentric circle shows a more visual impact in light. I personally like this visual experience of light transformation. The two -round red and blue embellishment on the outer side of the cavity, although there is only a trace, is enough to get the ES05 from getting rid of the overall monotonous and attached a trace of young elements.

The cable is made of Cafra, which can be more tough. The outer skin is the TPE of Bayer in Germany. Actually, I feel that the feel of the headset line is very smooth and comfortable. It has a skin -friendly texture, and it will not be easily entangled.

The impedance of ES05 is 16Ω. Such impedance is not a problem for the current mainstream mobile phones, and it is easier to get a suitable hearing experience.

After getting started, according to my personal preferences, put on the minimum silicone plug, and put on ES05, ​​the first feeling to give me is comfortable. Although ES05 belongs to the heaviest one of the several headphones I use, it does not cause too much burden on my ears in the sense of wear. The soft and ears of the silicone plug brings a good wear feeling. Another is that the sound insulation effect is very good. Personally, I prefer to have a better sound insulation effect, which can allow me to reduce the impact of environmental sound when listening to music and enjoy the beauty of music.

In terms of sound quality, it is a very subjective sense of hearing, nor is it a enthusiast. The analysis of professionalism is not good. But as an ordinary consumer, ES05 gives me a satisfactory feeling, not arrogant and impatient. Different personal preferences, ES05 focuses on the more outstanding aspects of the three -frequency details.

When I heard it at the beginning, ES05 had a bass lacking a little elasticity than I like, and a little fatigue, which made me a little uncomfortable. After putting it with X5max for a while, it feels a bit better. The overall rendering is more comfortable, and the performance of human voices is more realistic. The overall performance appears to be more balanced, without the original collapse. ES05 renders a stronger emotional atmosphere, and the sound insulation effect is better. In the end, I can still pull me into a siege environment of a music.

In general, ES05 can afford its pricing. The price of about 200 yuan has such a performance, which is enough. If the demand is higher, of course, it is necessary to go towards higher -end products. The sound of sound, for the young market, there is no problem to deal with popular music.

For sound, radish and green vegetables, different preferences, different choices. ES05 is more reflected in the workmanship and details of Dayinke’s carefulness and thoughtfulness, and gives a more affectionate user impression.

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