The annual income is 120,000 yuan! Mianxian ecological chicken “take the train” to the Xi’an table … How to turn into a “rich chicken”?

The annual income is 120,000 yuan! Mianxian ecological chicken “take the train” to the Xi’an table … How to turn into a “rich chicken”?

Party building leads to the fruit of the industry’s fun for the fruitful fruit

Mian County adheres to the development of party building to lead the development of the industry, deeply tap local resources, vigorously develops ecological breeding, characteristic planting, sustainable development and expansion of the collective economy, and to defeat poverty alleviation and build a well -off society in an all -round way to increase efficiency.

Ecological breeding, “iron cock” becomes “rich chicken”

“These chickens are about to take the train to the provincial capital.” The party branch secretary of the Camel Xiangcun Village pointed at the “Iron Camel” brand of ecological chickens just loaded, “We and the Xi’an Railway Bureau of the assistant unit launched After cooperation, these ‘running chicken’ will be sold in Xi’an, and the profit is better than the local. “

The Camel Xiang Village in Fuchuan Town is located in a mountainous area. Due to natural conditions, villagers’ income is mainly migrant. After the battle for poverty alleviation, “how to develop, what to develop, how can the villagers get rid of poverty and become rich?” Become the number one problem in front of the village party branch.

“At that time, Murakami had a meeting several times to discuss what projects to develop. After many demonstrations, they finally decided to use the advantages of many forest land and pollution without pollution in the camel Xiangcun Village. Zheng Caliba, the first secretary of the village, introduced.

Do it if you set it! In 2017, the village party branch led the establishment of a joint -stock economy cooperative. According to the cooperative and villagers, the cooperatives unified the cultivation and sales model to strive for 1.48 million yuan in project funds, 150 acres of farms in the circle, and built a breeding greenhouse and slaughtering cold link workshop. And quickly contact the purchase of chicken seedlings, and strive to create an integrated industrial chain of “running chicken” breeding, processing, and sales.

“Last year, we cultivated 10,000” Running Chicken “in the spring and winter. Through slaughtering and sales, the annual pheasant revenue was 120,000 yuan, except for excessive redness, and the collective revenue was 40,000 yuan.”

Bao Zi proudly said, they

It also invested 200,000 yuan, driving 45 poor households to plant 150 acres of golden kitchen chrysanthemums, with an average of 1,000 yuan in households, and a collective income of 30,000 yuan

The “win -win” of the collective economy and the masses increased their income and become rich.

Special planting, “hollow village” to create “orchard village”

“In the past, our village was very desolate, and the production and living conditions were poor. Young people went out to work. There were only some elderly people and children left in the village. It was a veritable ‘hollow village’.” Speaking of the previous Yujiagou Village, Liu Zibao, secretary of the village branch, sighed.

Yujiagou Village, Xinpu Town belongs to the hills of the mountains, with an average altitude of more than 800 meters. Farmers have always had the tradition of planting fruit and wood, but they are planted in front of their own doors. The categories of categories are not scale. Coupled with the impact of transportation and transportation, the fruits produced are basically eaten by farmers themselves. benefit.

In 2017, the Party Branch of Yujiagou Village led the establishment of a joint -stock economic cooperative to comprehensively implement the villagers’ land to invest. In the year, 800 acres of tea gardens and 50 acres of toon were developed, driving poor households to increase their income and became rich. In 2019, Liu Zibao saw his gaze at the Sichuan Jiuqu Water Ecological Agricultural Corporation, which promoted Jinbao Li. He actively negotiated with the company and fought for government support. 200 acres, 300 acres of pear …

“The fruit trees we have grown have been continuously filled. Because the planting trees are older, the fruit has been hanging this year. Some time ago, it was all the flowers of fruit trees, very beautiful …” Liu Zibao introduced the branch secretary who came to observe. This year, the market price of Jinbao Li is around 8 yuan, and it is expected that this output value will exceed 800,000 yuan.

The development of Yujiagou’s characteristic industries also drives farmers to work nearby.

In 2019 alone, the village cooperative attracted more than 80 people to work, and the per capita income of poor households increased by nearly 3,000 yuan. The collective economy of the village also returned more than 100,000 yuan.

“In the next step, we will jointly develop rural tourism with the natural landscape and agricultural tourism integration as the core to develop rural tourism with natural landscapes and agricultural tourism integration. The comprehensive tourist area of ​​the village. “When talking about the future, Liu Zibao was full of confidence.

Green development, “empty shell village” removed the “poor hat”

“Pharaoh, I heard that the price of honey this year is good, do you look like?” Xu Xiaoqing, secretary of the party branch of Zhujiahe Village, said carefully and opened the beehive to check the growth of bees.

“Xu Zhishu, you can rest assured that you will not smash the brand of Zhujiahe and soil honey. This year, the bees have breed more than 100 boxes. Now there are more than 300 boxes. When I sell this stubble honey, I will go to 30,000 yuan. The contract was paid to the village. “Wang Yunzhong said with a smile.

Zhujiahe Village is located in the deep mountains of the Qinling Mountains. The average altitude is above 1,000 meters. It belongs to the Gaohan Mountain District. The village is 24 square kilometers. However, there are only 4,700 acres of cultivated land. Affected by the natural environment, the masses can only plant crops such as corn, beans, and have difficulty in production and life. The incidence of poverty is 52.6%, which is a deep poverty village.

Since the start of poverty alleviation, Zhujiahe Village has used party building to lead poverty alleviation as the starting point, selecting the cadres of the “two committees” of the “two committees” of the strong village, and vigorously improved the infrastructure of water, electricity, and roads.

150 boxes of soil bees, 23 shiitake mushroom greenhouses, developing 50,000 bags of shiitake mushrooms, circulating more than 1,600 acres of land to plant big red robe peppercorns, and use 100 kWh of photovoltaic power stations with idle roofs …

In 2019, in order to improve the added value of agricultural and sideline products, Zhujiahe Village has also won the “United Party Committee+Industrial Park” project in the county, and the construction of pepper -drying and drying, refrigeration of peppercorns and sprouts, processing of Chinese medicinal materials, and edible fungus bag production Machining workshops integrating functions. At the same time, it also cooperated with Jiangsu’s merchants to transfer more than 500 acres of land and develop special planting of perilla, fig, roses and other characteristics.


Earth bee contracts 30,000, mushrooms greenhouses 30,000, beef cattle farms 80,000, photovoltaic power generation 100,000, 60,000 invested pig farms, 80,000 factory bases, these collective revenue for one year is 380,000 yuan

Except for dividends to the masses, there can be a lot of collectives. This is not the income of our peppercorns after hanging fruit … “Xu Xiaoqing calculated one by one.

The practice of leading the development of industrial development is just a microcosm of the villages of Mianxian adopting “party building+X” to develop and expand the collective economy.

Today, Jinfeng Village’s pepper industry is booming, Chenguang Village thousand acres of kiwi harvest in Wangzhai Village, Zouzhai Village’s “Daoda Language” Yitian Double Reception, “Liao Xiaohei” and “Gastrodia Chicken” and other ecological chickens have begun to take shape … …Currently,

The county’s collective economy has accumulated 56 villages with more than 300,000 yuan, and the village -level collective accumulation has reached 220 million yuan

By strengthening the collective economy, the village organizational service capabilities have been strengthened, cadres have confidential speaking, and the satisfaction rate of party members and the masses has increased.

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