Do you know the styles of bed skirts, beds, bed cover, and four -piece beds.

Do you know the styles of bed skirts, beds, bed cover, and four -piece beds.

Four -piece bedding is the most common home textile set in our daily life, but there are different types of bedding four -piece set. Do you know?


What does the four -piece set of bedding include?


There are four sets of bedding. As the name suggests, it is a bed supplies composed of four kits. The necessary elements are a pair of pillowcases, a quilt, adding a sheet (bed list) or a bed (bed quantum) or a bed cover (bed cover) Or a bed skirt (bed skirt). Therefore, four -piece bedding can also be divided into bed single sets, four -piece beds, bed cover four -piece set, and bed skirt four -piece set!

Let’s take a look at the difference between the four -piece four -piece set of these four styles?


Bed single set

The sheets are the sheets with rectangular sheets.

The sheets are the simplest in the four -piece format and the hottest sales in the domestic market. You can recall the sheets you use at home, is it a rectangular sheet that has been used in shape? It should be impressed.


Bed cover -type set

The bed cover is a bed with a drooping on three sides.

The four -piece bed cover is named this four -piece set with a bed cover. Including a quilt, a bed cover, and two pillows. Both the quilt and the pillow cover are easy to understand. The bed cover is a bed that can cover the bed. Except for the bedside, the other three sides are sagging about 35 cm, and there are obvious edges.

The drooping part of the bed cover is like a folding leaf. There are many tricks, but as long as you cover the bed and have a complete edge, it is usually a bed cover.


Skirt -style set

The bed skirt has a skirt on the three sides, and the front two corners are round bedding.

Bed skirt four -piece set includes: one quilt, one bed skirt, two pillow sleeves. Why is it called a daughter -like four -piece suit? This name is mainly because this four -piece suit contains a bed skirt.

The bed skirt is a sheet with lace or skirt. And the first two horns are round. Some roundeds are called lotus leaf edges and some are European -style bed skirts.

The bed skirt looks a bit similar to the bed cover from the outside, but it is very different to look at it. The bed cover is completely covered with a piece of cloth on it, and the bed skirt is just a little bit of skirt.


Bed stretch -style set

The bed is the four corners with rubber bands, and there are drooping edges on all sides.

The four -piece set of beds includes: one quilt, one bed stagnation, two pillow sleeves. Among them, the beds are used for bed sheets. The bed is not like ordinary sheets. The bed is four corners with rubber bands, which can be wrapped around Xi Mengshi without sliding.

Generally, the bed is about 20-35 cm surrounding. This is convenient to wrap the surroundings of Xi Mengshi. The ordinary sheets are covered with a rectangular shape, and because the beds have rubber bands on the four corners, they can be firmly wrapped in Xi Mengshi, and they will not slide when they are used. If you are a careful person, you usually use this bedbladder kit in the hotel.

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