“Exquisite camping” is on fire, environmental sanitation, supporting services and other issues are prominent

“Exquisite camping” is on fire, environmental sanitation, supporting services and other issues are prominent

Sanxiang Metropolis Daily · New Hunan Client All Media Reporter Huang Ya Ping

The poems behind a tent and the distance may not be as beautiful as imagined.

In the eyes of everyone, a cup of ear -hanging coffee was rushed to a deep dialogue between the soul and nature … Behind the exquisite nine palaces of the WeChat circle of friends, some people did not strictly claim the deposit due to the qualifications of the device rental merchant. In exchange for the “Little Red Book Filter”, some people were exhausted by “moving camping” once every 2 hours.

When the camping became a new wealth password, the entrepreneurs rushed to be the first batch of crabs. When the urban park is developed into a camping area, who will clean up the white garbage left after the tent and the sky.

(Citizens camping in Songya Lake, Changsha. Interviewee confessed)

【Field Experience】

The supporting facilities are not followed up, and the sense of experience needs to be improved

Ms. Shi, a citizen of Changsha, did not expect that a suburban camping carefully planned during the Qingming holiday finally became a “Jedi Survival” journey.

Before the camping, Ms. Shi specially organized the popular camping site of Changsha within one hour on Xiaohongshu and Weibo, and listed the advantages and disadvantages. Basic camping tools such as disk. In the end, Miss Shi chose Nishimi Scenic Area in Wangcheng District, Changsha City, where netizens call it “Changsha Little Switzerland”. There is no need for venue fees. The point is that the filter can also shoot a circle of friends.

Early in the morning on April 4th, after Ms. Shi and her friends drove 8 people to Nishimako for nearly 50 minutes, the scene in front of her eyes made her dumbfounded: due to the prevention and control of the epidemic, many staff standing on the roadside tried to persuade to return to enter into Vehicles and pedestrians in the scenic area. In desperation, Ms. Shi had to drive 2 kilometers along the trail of the Lake, but she still failed to find an open area. After some tossing, the group had to return to a camp that needed to charge in Kaifu District. When everyone puts on the sky to eat barbecue, it has reached 3 pm.

Miss Shi’s experience is not alone. A reporter from the Sanxiang Metropolis Daily learned that free camping sites such as Xiyuanzi, Baisha River meadow area, and the two sides of the Xiangjiang River north of the Fuyuan Road Bridge were closed due to lack of unified management. , Leading to a large mottled grass on the green grass.

“After the Baisha River meadow was brought to fire, there were hundreds of bags of garbage piled up in the entrances and exits. There were often plastic bowls and beer bottles that were not cleaned on the grass. It looked very bad.” Dozens of trash cans were added in Dadian. The surrounding residents set up a toll bathroom, and there were also mobile vendors selling snacks and mineral water. However, in general, it has changed from “treasure land” to “grassland”.

The campers rushed back, and the surrounding villagers were even more suffering. Mother -in -law Zhou, who lives in Taiping Village, Pingtang Town, Yuelu District, said that there were few outsiders in and out of the village, and the children ran randomly on the road. “Young people who come to camping overnight, put music, fireworks, and barbecue, affect our normal rest.”

【Equipment Competition】

Close to nature or assembly? How many people’s wallets have been hollowed out

The camping wind not only blown the Xiaohongshu, B, Weibo, and TV variety shows, but also floated into the circle of friends, becoming a set of elaborate pictures of Jiugongge, and finally became the “all things can be exposed”.

“The photos are carefully composed and published after coloring. Whenever we weekends or small holidays, who has not been brushed in the WeChat circle of friends related to camping?” At the end of 2021, Yang Tian stepped on Camping pits, while buying camping equipment while making strategies, now it has become a famous professional player in the circle of friends.

Yang Tian admitted that the threshold for camping was high after entering the pit. From basic equipment such as tents, vinyl sky screens, egg roll tables, clutter chairs, outdoor tableware, etc. to walking lanterns, burning firettes, mobile toilet rooms, hand insulation boxes, camp picnic cars enjoy equipment, the unit price of any equipment There is no upper limit. In order to add fun, she has added audio, string lights, flying trays and other items one after another.

Take the black dog brand outdoor tent, cast iron baking tray, card -type stove, aluminum alloy egg roll table, and two portable moon chairs purchased by Yang Tian as an example. Gathering together will naturally discuss the quality of the equipment. The original intention of camping has also changed from contact with nature to upgrade equipment, and takes more good -looking photos. “

The reporter from Sanxiang Metropolis Daily learned that unlike the past ascetic monk travel, the camping method favored by consumers is called “GLAMPING” (also known as “exquisite camping”). Limitation of urban life, watching movies, cooking raw, cooking, boiled tea, etc. are no longer talking on paper.

In addition to purchasing by themselves, for junior players who “take a picture”, they are more willing to purchase camping packages of “bags in” for hundreds of yuan per capita. At the Changsha Migo Camping Base, the big sky curtain that can be included in the 8 -person meal combination is 759 yuan; in the moon island Star Camping Park, the leisure suite for overnight is 1180 yuan; The seller said that the camping group containing a 6 -person barbecue package charged 768 yuan. If you want to shoot a large blockbuster, you can also provide photographers and venues to set up services such as on -demand.

【Industry Standards】

Those who enter the bureau are busy occupying the mountains, and the industry urgently needs standards and specifications

The market is good and the profits are considerable, and the capitals can’t help it. In April 2022, the outdoor lifestyle brand “ABC Camping Country” was established for only two years, which received millions of dollars of angel round financing; earlier, “Hi King wild luxury camp” also received a million -dollar angel wheel Financing.

In Hunan, no camp has received millions of financing, but the enlisted people are also busy occupying the mountains and want to share a share in the hot camping season. Among them, some purchased dozens of camping equipment at a time have set up simple equipment leasing business; some use a large lawn outside the second ring line in the form of the venue, occupying the city’s points in advance; there are regular periods; Organize camping markets to create outdoor lifestyle brands through social marketing.

In April of this year, Mr. Zhou of Yiyang people purchased 30 sets of A Tower Sky and Egg Roll Tables from the one -stop camping equipment brand “No”. A profit -making business, but the construction of the venue, the later maintenance of the equipment, and the operating manpower are continuous expenses. “

Mr. Zhou revealed that alliance barbecue, Dibinfu, and Xu Ji seafood are trying to cooperate with camping equipment leasing service providers to develop joint packages. Become a long -term business. “

In response to various problems behind the camping tide, Mr. Zhou advocated the establishment of associations to guide consumers to go to tent camping sites, RV camping and other facilities, advocate reasonable use of lawn, strengthen inspection supervision, and continuously improve the camping sites such as urban parks Service function, “There are so many camping locations around Changsha, you can’t get a waste one.”

It is worth mentioning that a reporter from Sanxiang Metropolis Daily sorted out and found that in many places, it has issued regulations related to camping. Our province has issued the “Code for the Organization of Camping Activities”, which stipulates the overall requirements of camping activities, preliminary organizations, destination services, safety management, and service evaluation.

Qi Xiaobo, assistant to the Director of the Tourism Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that relevant departments should introduce the standards for camping industry standards for car camping locations and tent camping as soon as possible to regulate sanitary conditions, tourism safety, supporting services, etc., and comprehensively improve the camping industry Compliance; coordinating the local tourism comprehensive law enforcement department to capture the pictures of uncivilized behaviors such as “parking RVs” and “littering” and exposure.

[Responsible editor: Chen Shuyi]

[Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]

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