This is really worth it: OnePlus buds N true wireless headphones to get started

This is really worth it: OnePlus buds N true wireless headphones to get started


In recent years, true wireless headphones have become one of the indispensable accessories for smartphones on the market. This Father’s Day, after I changed my father’s new mobile phone OnePlus Ace Racing Edition, I always felt as if something was missing, and one day after seeing him still using the wired headphones he gave him many years ago, I suddenly remembered: there is still a lack of true wireless headphones! Considering that the synergy between smartphones and true wireless headphones of the same brand is now advantageous, plus the experience of using OnePlus’ true wireless headphones before is good, I decided to send him a true wireless headphones of OnePlus. Considering that my father is more sensitive to price, he chose a OnePlus Buds N for less than 200 yuan, so let’s share it below.


The packaging box of OnePlus buds N is still a familiar red and white color, with the product name and OnePlus logo on the left, and the product poster pattern on the right, which looks fashionable and simple.

At the bottom is a detailed introduction to product parameters.

Uncovering the box, you can see that the charging case of OnePlus buds N is covered with a plastic protective film.

The charging case of this OnePlus buds N is fluorite blue, the brand name of OnePlus is in the middle of the top lid, and the green font is very prominent.

The back can be seen with the hinge, charging port and multifunction button.

Open the lid on the front, the headphones are already in the charging case, and you can also see that there is an LED indicator underneath that lights up when the lid is opened.

The inside of this charging case is also green, which is the same as the font color of the top cover, which is very bright.

At the bottom are various certification marks.

Let’s take a look at the headphone body, its shape is very chic, and the handle of the headphones is very square.

The round green area at the top of the handle is the touch area, which is very distinguishable.

All the remaining accessories are in this small red box, which are the charging cable, two pairs of silicone earbuds of different sizes, the user manual and the warranty card.

In general, the appearance of one plus buds N is very chic, a little fresh, personally think it is quite good-looking.


The experience part mainly includes wearing, control, Bluetooth, sound quality and battery life charging.

Wearing experience:

OnePlus buds N headphones are ergonomically designed, which fits the ear canal very well, and there is no discomfort in personal measurement for half an hour of single wearing. Its single earphone is only about 4.8 grams, so it is relatively light to wear. My father reported that it was more comfortable to wear and better than the wired headphones he had given him before.

Control experience:

OnePlus buds N true wireless headphones support touch operation, click to pause/resume playback, double-click to switch to the next song, three-click to switch to the previous song, you can directly do some custom modification settings under Color OS. Thanks to the large touch area, the control is very sensitive and precise, and the success rate is very high.

Bluetooth performance:

OnePlus buds N true wireless headphones support Bluetooth 5.2, support open cover flash connection, Bluetooth connection is also very stable, high audio and picture synchronization rate when listening to songs/watching dramas, will not cause the trouble of audio and video out of sync. It also has a built-in game mode to enjoy lower latency while gaming.

Dad liked its lid opening and flashing function, because he really couldn’t manually connect Bluetooth headphones.

Sound quality and hearing:

My father did not have high requirements for the sound quality of the headphones, but after using the master tuning function, he was still surprised to say that he heard a slight difference between the modes of deep sea bass, bright and lightweight, and pure vocals.

Taking this recent favorite Wanjiang as an example, in the default equalization mode, the volume of the instrumental music is significantly larger, while the children’s chorus in the bright and light mode is more felt, and the solo part of Li Yugang in the pure vocal mode sounds more emotional.

Battery life charging:

The battery life of one plus buds N true wireless headphones is very good, the maximum battery life of a single earphone reaches 7 hours, and a total of 30 hours with a charging case, which is relatively long in true wireless headphones.

In addition, it supports fast charging, and charging for 10 minutes can provide 5 hours of battery life, which is very practical.


Although the price is less than 200 yuan, this oneplus buds N true wireless headphones have left a very good impression on me and my father:

Small and exquisite appearance, comfortable and stable to wear, strong battery life, fast charging, convenient and stable connection, pleasant and bright sound quality, my father has now abandoned the original wired headphones and used the oneplus buds N true wireless headphones as the main headphones.

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