China, Japan and South Korea have encountered an ultra-long rainy season, on the prospect of stainless steel decorative pipes

China, Japan and South Korea have encountered an ultra-long rainy season, on the prospect of stainless steel decorative pipes

Recently, China, Japan, South Korea and other countries have been hit by disasters such as heavy rain and typhoons of varying degrees. Korean professionals believe that there are certain factors related to global warming. Global warming not only brings sea level rise, but also precariously affects coastal areas, and brings secondary disasters such as the long-term rainy season to make people’s livelihoods poor. Perhaps in the future, the global environment will be in a humid state for a long time, and the rise of sea level will also lead to environmental changes in the surface layer of more and more coastal areas, and the importance of stainless steel decorative pipes is also increasing. The humid environment will bring a certain corrosion effect to most materials, and it is not conducive to the daily maintenance and long-term replacement of public facilities and other decorative projects.

Stainless steel decorative tubes are more conducive to the development direction of decorative pipes in the future.

Stainless steel guardrail

1. Stainless steel guardrail

Coastal areas are generally blocked by guardrails, to a certain extent for safety reasons, on the other hand, cultural landscapes and sea level have a certain barrier effect. Coastal areas belong to a highly corrosive environment, the general metal is easy to rust, over time can not play a role in protection, rust also affects the beauty. In this case, the stainless steel guardrail made of 316L stainless steel decorative pipe can make up for these defects well, not only anti-rust and anti-corrosion, but also beautiful and durable.

2. Stainless steel anti-theft net

Long-term humid environment will also cause corrosion and rust of our anti-theft net. Once the anti-theft net is corroded by long-term humid environment, it is easy to rust, age, and even fall in serious cases. Therefore, stainless steel anti-theft net has entered more and more home environments, the general household stainless steel protective net with 304 stainless steel decorative pipe can be, not only cost-effective, high processability, not only improve safety, but also improve the beauty. Specific 304 stainless steel decorative pipes have developed artistic tubes such as patterned tubes, embossed tubes, and color tubes.

3. Stainless steel gate

Gates, generally built outdoors, experience the harsh environment of sun and rain. Therefore, stainless steel doors have great advantages, far more durable than wooden doors, aluminum doors, and iron doors. Now to make stainless steel doors, not only use ordinary 304 stainless steel decorative tubes, but also colorful colored stainless steel decorative tubes, artistic pattern stainless steel decorative tubes, all kinds of stainless steel tubes, to bring you a different stainless steel gate.

There are more stainless steel pipes to give examples. The trend of global warming is becoming more and more serious, and we must not only contribute to environmental protection and public welfare, but also contribute to the development of the national construction process. The development of stainless steel decorative pipes is in line with the international concept of environmental development and is an inevitable trend of future development.

Stainless steel guardrail

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