Pure cotton manufacturers recommend pure cotton cloth price recommendation

Pure cotton manufacturers recommend pure cotton cloth price recommendation

Due to its natural, durable and comfortable materials, pure cotton has become the first choice for consumers to buy clothes and household products. There are many manufacturers of pure cotton cloth on the market, and the quality is uneven, so which are the manufacturers with word of mouth? How much does cotton cost ? Let Xiaobian recommend it for you.

Recommended by pure cotton manufacturers

1. Nantong Chenyun Textile Co., Ltd

Zhejiang is famous for the production of fabrics, so the quality of manufacturers selected in Zhejiang is guaranteed. Nantong Chenyun Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Nantong Tongzhou District Pioneer Industrial Park, is a limited liability company (natural person investment or holding) specializing in the production and processing of all kinds of yarn-dyed fabrics and other products, specializing in the production and operation of all kinds of yarn-dyed poplin, stretch cloth, seersucker yarn, jacquard cloth, youth cloth, oxford spinning, uniform crepe, willow crepe, all kinds of yarn-dyed linen cotton fabrics, all kinds of yarn-dyed flannel, double-layer cloth, cut fabric, all kinds of jacquard fabrics and other yarn-dyed fabrics, all kinds of custom fabrics, products are used for export clothing and straight out.

2. Shenzhen Hesheng Textile Co., Ltd

As an economically developed region, Guangdong also has a good reputation for the production quality of the factory. Shenzhen Hesheng Textile Co., Ltd. is an industrial and trade enterprise that combines industrial 92tO.cOM cooperation with commodity trade, integrates textile, printing and dyeing, and enjoys independent import and export rights.

The main products are cotton, stretch denim, printing, yarn-dyed fabrics, corduroy, red-edged denim, special woven fabrics, etc.; In addition, we do a variety of processing treatment: waterproof, oily, grinding, glue, coating, etc., which can meet the needs of different customers.

3. Guangzhou Meilongda Textile Co., Ltd

In addition to Shenzhen, the quality of manufacturers in Guangzhou is also well-known. Guangzhou Meilongda Textile Co., Ltd., professional processing and sales after nearly ten years of hard work, has developed a complete fabric product system with (4-24 A) canvas series as the main product, twill, yarn-dyed fabric, and various post-processed fabrics as supplements. Our products are mainly suitable for bags, shoe materials, sofas; Realize independent weaving of 4-26oz canvas cotton embryo cloth, 4-26oz polyester cotton embryo cloth; In addition, a complete post-processing system has been created with dozens of post-processing plants.

4. Jinzhou Rongshun Textile Co., Ltd

The textiles in the Shijiazhuang area are also famous. Jinzhou Rongshun Textile Co., Ltd. is located 50 kilometers east of Shijiazhuang, close to Shihuang Expressway and Shide Railway, and 60 kilometers west of Zhengding International Airport. The company is mainly engaged in textiles and yarns. Perennial production of various specifications of polyester cotton grey fabric, CVC grey cloth satin cloth, cotton grey cloth, pure cotton gauze. Chemical fiber grey cloth, bleached cloth, dyed cloth, herringbone pattern pocket cloth, clothing fabric.

5. Changyi Shoujie Textile Co., Ltd

Changyi Shoujie Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, located in Changyi Yingma Town, is a professional fabric manufacturer, the main products are gauze cloth, home textile fabric, pure cotton, clothing fabric, polyester cotton cloth, etc.

Pure cotton price recommended

Pure cotton cloth reference price: 10 yuan / square meter

Printed cotton reference price: 10 yuan / square meter

Reference price of 116 wide cotton cloth: 11 yuan / meter

Fabrics are the products that come into contact with our skin every day, so it’s important to buy good quality cotton. Of course, the purchase of pure cotton cloth can not only look at the price, but also depends on personal preferences and the use of the fabric to comprehensively evaluate the purchase, of course, choosing a good reputation manufacturer produced pure cotton cloth is the greatest quality assurance. The above is the pure cotton fabric manufacturers and pure cotton cloth prices recommended by the editor, I hope it will help you in your purchase.

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