One Foundation Warm Pack Program has been providing warmth to children in need for 11 consecutive years

One morning at the end of November, Wang Yong, head of the One Foundation’s Warm Pack Program partner, Linfen Yaodu District Volunteer Federation (hereinafter referred to as “Yaodu Zhilian”), drove to a small village in the mountains in the western part of Yaodu District to visit a pair of children concerned by the Warm Pack Project with the staff of One Foundation.

The warmest expectations of winter

From the city to the home of the Xiaoding siblings, it takes nearly 2 hours. The vegetation on the hills has faded green, the Loess Plateau is grayish, and some collapsed loess slopes and dumped courtyard walls have traces of heavy rainfall in October. Many houses in the villages along the road are locked and rarely crowded. With the relocation of migrants and the migration of people to the cities to work, fewer and fewer people live in the mountains, except for the family cattle and sheep herding farmers, most of them are old, young, sick and disabled.

Near the destination, on a gentle slope, you can see four or five brick houses, and one of the ear rooms on its left is where Xiaoding’s family lives. Because his family’s old house had collapsed and was uninhabitable, the family borrowed to live in a neighbor’s house. Xiaoding’s parents are not in good health, can not do heavy work, farm at home, feed cattle, the eldest brother in Xi’an is not stable, Xiaoding is in the second year of junior high this year, his sister is in the fifth grade, fortunately, the brothers and sisters usually live in school, and the home is not so crowded.

After learning about the situation of Xiaoding’s family when distributing the One Foundation warm pack a few years ago, the caring people of Wang Yong and Yao Duzhilian have been paying attention to these two children. “When I first came, my sister didn’t talk much, she was very shy, but now she is much more cheerful.” Wang Yong said.

The yard had no walls and doors, and when the familiar voices of volunteers were heard, the Xiaoding brothers and sisters and their parents quickly came out of the house to greet each other. When the brothers and sisters saw the familiar cardboard box in the volunteer’s hand, their eyes were not only happy to see their big friend, but also expectation.

When I received the box, I couldn’t wait to open it and see what was different from the previous one. A few years have passed, both children have grown taller, the sleeves of their previous clothes can no longer cover their wrists, and the new cotton clothes have come at the right time. It’s a rare new outfit for two children in a year. Xiaoding said that the small clothes can also be worn by the little nephew. Their schools are a little far from home, and every Sunday afternoon, Dad rides the family’s motorcycle to take them to school, and the winter mountain breeze blows people through the cold, and the full set of clothes, shoes, socks, scarves and hats wraps the children tightly so that the way to school can be less cold.

At the end of November, the lowest temperatures in the city were sub-freezing, the mountains were even colder, and the huts with fires were warm, but there were not many people standing in the small houses. There were large and small beds, stoves, boards, cabinets, second-hand TVs and refrigerators, which were a little chaotic. The folding table next to the TV is a dining table for the family. Where the brothers and sisters do their homework, sometimes the dining table, sometimes the large empty stove.

When it rained heavily in October, the roof of the cottage also leaked. A small section of the dirt slope behind the house collapsed, but fortunately it was still some distance from the house. “Scared!” Xiao Ding pointed to the pile of collapsed loess and said.

There is light in the heart and hope in life

After collecting the new gifts, Xiaoding couldn’t wait to bring volunteers to see their calves. Some of these cattle are the government’s “poverty alleviation cattle”, pinning their hopes on the future. When Xiaoding is at home, he helps his parents feed chickens, drink cows, collect firewood, and cook, and is already a veteran of work. Speaking of the calf, Xiaoding was visibly excited, picked up half a bucket of swill, and led the volunteers up the slope with his sister, with his father silently following behind.

The water flowing down the mountain made the road a little muddy, but the brothers and sisters dodged left and right skillfully. Pouring the swill to the old cow tied to the tree, Xiaoding carried a bundle of corn stalks twice as large as him, carried it to an old house for disposal, and then put the chopped straw into a basket and fed it basket by basket with his father and sister. The sister was not tall enough to tiptoe to dunk the basket into the bullpen.

These old houses for raising cattle and stocking materials are Xiaoding’s original home.

Feed the cows, and on the way back, pick up some firewood just in time for lunch. Xiaoding skillfully cuts sweet potatoes into slices, steams them in a pot, heats a few buns, and adds some millet to make lunch for a family of four.

In between meals, the family and volunteers chatted in the yard, and Dad said that when the sky was clear, the lights of Linfen could be seen from the top of the mountain at night.

The people living in the village are going out, so that Xiaoding’s family also has more imagination and expectations for the outside world. The eldest brother who works outside carries this imagination, although the family knows that the eldest brother is not doing well outside, but still looks forward to when he comes home.

“My brother said to surprise me!” Xiaoding waited for his eldest brother to come home, and also looked forward to getting out of this mountain as soon as possible.

For Xiaoding’s future, Wang Yong is already helping to consider, this child is not as good as his sister, but he is quite interested in animals and plants, and if he is willing to learn some technology in a vocational high school, he can also have a skill in the future. Yaodu Zhilian has also been doing public welfare education, Wang Yong said: “We have sent out several college students. ”

On the road to common prosperity, some people go fast, some people go slowly, but no one will be left behind, and there will always be someone to accompany them.

On the road ahead, warmth accompanies you

2021 is the 11th consecutive year that the One Foundation Warm Pack Program has brought winter warmth to children in need, benefiting more than 790,000 children. This year’s One Foundation warm bag contains cotton clothes, cotton shoes, hats, scarves, socks that children need most for winter, hand cream to protect small hands from frostbite, children’s favorite doll kangaroo pockets, art suits, school bags, as well as children’s masks and epidemic prevention manuals required for epidemic prevention. A box is full of more than ten items, and it is also filled with the love of all the families.

In 2021, the distribution of One Foundation warm packs is underway, so that more children will not be cold in winter.

Adhering to the concept of “one dollar per person per day, warm children for a winter”, the warm package project has been supported by the Internet platform Tencent Public Welfare, Alibaba Public Welfare, Alipay Public Welfare, ByteDance Public Welfare, Xiaomi Public Welfare, Easy Public Welfare, Water Drop Public Welfare, Micro Public Welfare, BOC Public Welfare, Yibao Public Welfare, Jingdong Treasure Auction, Baidu Public Welfare and other platforms, each platform actively promotes the fundraising information of the warm pack everywhere, and gives special recommendations on the charity page. Among them, Alibaba Charity also collaborated with Taobao Life Appliances caring merchants to launch a special support project for warm packs through the Alibaba Charity Baby Program. Thanks to the participation of each platform, we call on caring netizens and users to join together with practical actions, so that the One Foundation Warm Pack Program can be helped by more people.

The 2021 One Foundation Warm Pack Program is also supported by Beijing ByteDance Foundation, Weibo E-sports All-Star Team, Anweiyi, Ducati China, Capital Securities Co., Ltd., TCWA Caring People, China Merchants Wealth, Morningstar Information (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Oppein Wardrobe and Oppei Charity Foundation, Meng Veterinary Museum, Saturday Fu Jewelry, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, Tencent Video, NetEase Mail and other caring enterprises, institutions and teams.

In addition, Chenguang Rainbow Charity donated 35,000 boxes of colored pens to One Foundation; Metersbonwe provided design support for warm cotton wraps; and 3M China provided new Sherry warm technology support for warm cotton wraps.