It can be heated without plugging in, Daewoo portable thermostatic kettle TN15

Now children’s travel equipment is indispensable is the thermos cup, whether in winter or summer, an excellent thermos cup can always allow the baby to drink warm water anytime, anywhere, which is why the children’s thermos cup has been respected by many mothers in recent years. At present, the so-called long-term insulation of the boiling water cup on the market, in fact, is to add 100 degrees of hot water, double-layer vacuum to extend the physical cooling speed of hot water, the temperature is difficult to control, when the poured water temperature is lower, the shorter the holding time, if you take the baby to play outdoors for a long time, there is no way to ensure that the baby always drinks a sip of warm water, so recently the author started Daewoo portable constant temperature kettle TN15, built-in temperature control battery chip, real wireless heating constant temperature, temperature controllable. The water temperature can be adjusted as much as you want, which solves the baby’s outdoor drinking water problem.

Unboxed display

Daewoo portable constant temperature kettle TN15 outer packaging with a simple style design, the front is a 3D stereoscopic picture of the constant temperature water bottle, the lower is the product name and model, the overall packaging looks a little retro, I personally don’t like this color packaging style, it doesn’t feel very fresh. But it doesn’t matter, the key is that the thermostatic kettle is easy to use.

The back of the package is mainly printed with the main parameter information and manufacturer information of the thermostatic kettle, from the above information can be known that this thermostatic water cup has a built-in 4400 mAh battery, heating power of about 35W, the power is not very large, but the daily insulation water temperature for the baby is enough.

After opening the package, you can see that the thermostatic kettle is wrapped in a thick sponge, and there is no need to worry about damaging the thermostatic kettle due to bumps during transportation, which is still quite in place by the manufacturer.

Take out all the items in the package, you can see that in addition to the main body of the constant temperature water bottle, there is also a TYPE-C charging cable and a paper manual, and the accessories are relatively simple, after all, the core component is the constant temperature water bottle.

Daewoo portable thermostatic kettle TN15 has an appearance size of 82X82X205MM, which is similar in size to an ordinary 800ml water cup, weighing only 590 grams, the focus is not light and light, but it is still very convenient to carry and store when you go out, and it will not take up too much space.

Daewoo portable constant temperature kettle TN15 has yellow and blue two colors to choose, the author started with the yellow model, looks more warm, the shell is made of ABS material, the surface has a slight matte texture, non-slip and fall-resistant, the feeling of holding the hand is also very good, the overall workmanship is still very good, you can know at a glance that it is produced by a large manufacturer.

On the front of the fuselage are three physical buttons, namely temperature plus, subtract button and power button, short press the power button can display the remaining power, long press for 3 seconds to turn on, the default temperature is displayed as 37 °, after booting the user can adjust the heating temperature according to their own needs by adding and subtracting buttons.

There is an LED display embedded above the button, through which the user can query the remaining battery power of the constant temperature kettle and the current water temperature, and the digital display method is very intuitive, and the elderly can easily identify it.

Pressing the on key in the middle will display the charge

Double-clicking will display the real-time temperature inside the cup

The transparent part above the body of Daewoo portable thermostatic kettle TN15 is the main body of the water cup, which is made of food-grade TRITAN

It is a safe and environmentally friendly plastic raw material. It has passed the FDA certification of the US Food and Drug Administration and specified materials for infant products in Europe and the United States, so moms and dads can rest assured to use it for their children.

Up to 300 ml of pure water, daily can be for the baby to milk about once or twice, although the volume is a little small, but after drinking the water, you can add pure water to continue heating and heating, unlike the thermos cup water is gone, with Daewoo this portable constant temperature kettle, you can easily achieve warm water freedom.

The lid of the body is designed with a lock type and is very convenient to open, and the lid will automatically pop open with just one touch of the unlock button. Moreover, the sealing is very good, and it will not leak when placed upside down, so there is no need to worry about leakage and wetting the contents of the bag when placed in the backpack.

Considering the safety of baby drinking water, the lid sealing ring position is all food-grade silicone material, even if used at high temperature will not volatilize harmful substances, for the baby entrance I dare not be sloppy, so buy any product must be food-grade materials to ensure that the baby grows healthier.

Ordinary water cup pouring water is easy to leak out, while Daewoo portable constant temperature water bottle TN15 cup mouth duckbill shape, pouring water is more smooth and not easy to leak. The detail design is very well considered.

The charging interface adopts the mainstream TYPE-C interface, supports 5V2A input, so when the water cup is out of power, you can use the charging treasure or car charging, which is quite humane, but it takes about 5 hours to fully charge once, I personally feel that the time is a little longer, if you can support the fast charging protocol is more perfect.

The bottom of the cup is designed with a non-slip adhesive pad, which is not easy to pour when placed on the tabletop. There is a label on the inside of the anti-slip rubber ring that marks the product model and product information, which is convenient for users to query the parameter information of the constant temperature kettle without an instruction manual.

Usage experience

Daewoo portable constant temperature kettle TN15 built-in 4400 mAh battery, the maximum working power is 35W, the author filled a glass of water, from the boot to the heating to the water temperature of 50 º takes about 9 minutes, the heating speed is still quite fast, if you need to milk the baby, turn on the heating 10 minutes in advance.

However, if it is not milk, normal drinking water heating to about 38° is completely sufficient, and the water temperature is just right; Daewoo portable constant temperature kettle TN15 has a built-in intelligent temperature control chip, which can adjust the corresponding temperature according to your needs. In order to test whether there is an error between the display temperature of the fuselage and the actual water temperature, the author used a temperature gun to test the water temperature, and the test results were consistent with the 39 degrees displayed by the fuselage, and the temperature did not have a large error.

Babies usually have to get up once in the middle of the night to drink milk before they can sleep until dawn. Usually, it is very troublesome to re-boil water and then rinse milk, and it will definitely cry badly for babies who are anxious to wait so long. Therefore, the heat preservation function of Daewoo’s kettle can completely liberate parents, microcomputer intelligent temperature control, set the temperature at 40 ° constant temperature before going to bed, LED display real-time display temperature, get up in the middle of the night to flush the temperature still shows 40 ° C. Ready-to-use, it is much more convenient than traditional kettles, the temperature is easier to control, and nutrients are not lost.

In terms of battery life, from normal water temperature heating to 50 degrees of power consumption of about 20%, full power can be repeatedly heated to 50 degrees 5 times or so, if it is a simple constant temperature, the insulation battery life can be about 12 hours, completely enough for a day of use, truly achieve long-term constant temperature.

Through a period of use, Daewoo portable constant temperature kettle TN15 is remarkable in terms of appearance and heat preservation effect, and built-in ultra-large capacity battery, completely get rid of the shackles of the wire harness, can heat cold water without plugging, so that the baby can drink warm water anytime, anywhere, a very good intelligent insulation kettle. Disadvantages: 1. It does not support fast charging protocol, and the charging time is a bit long; 2. Due to the limited body volume, the water volume is a little small, if you can design a larger volume is more perfect.