Little! The most beautiful metasequoia forest in East China, a 900-year-old hidden village, the beauty here is just in time

Some people say that the autumn colors of Ningbo

90% of them come from Simingshan

White walls, black tiles, wood stacks and smoke

Panshan Highway, ancient village, ancient road

Corresponding to persimmon, ginkgo, red maple

See almost all the elements of autumn in one trip

In early November, it belongs to Siming Mountain

As the largest mountain range in Ningbo

When autumn colors are still brewing elsewhere


Red maple ginkgo

It has quietly bloomed

One, two, cluster, row

It spreads to the entire mountain

Autumn gives Siming Mountain the most beautiful color

All you have to do is —

Come to Simingshan!

What is the concept of more than 1000 acres of red maple?

November and December every year

They spread like flames on the top of the mountain

The mountains are full of spectacularity

From Hangzhou, drive for 2 hours

High-speed rail only costs 23 yuan, which is cheaper than a cup of milk tea!

At this right time, take advantage of the sun

Let’s go to Simingshan together and catch the last wave of romance in autumn!

01 Wok thatched


From Maowo Village to Dongxi Village

Travel through the core area of Siming Mountain

No matter where you stop

You will feel as if you are in an oil painting

/Maowo Village/

Maowo Village is located on Longjiantou Mountain north of the Zhougongzhai Reservoir

The terrain is like the ancient cookware “wok”

And thatched all around,

Named “Mao Wok”

This village is hidden deep in the Siming Mountains

It has the reputation of “the first ancient tree village in eastern Zhejiang”

Photography @456

There are 52 old trees that are over 400 years old

Money pine, ginkgo, beech tree, maple incense


In late autumn, the leaves begin to turn yellow and red

The wok becomes a splendid world of color

To enter the village of Maowao, you have to go through nine curves and eighteen bends

But the winding road is not difficult to open

It is about 5 kilometers away from Maowo Village on the way into the village

There is an observation deck overlooking the spectacular reservoir

The scenery of Siming Mountain is endless

Go to a high place and look down

Cailin is like a coat in the mountains

There are also chestnut sellers at the intersection

Who can refuse chestnuts in autumn?

Photography @Jamie sauce

Aerial photography

The whole wok can be said to be “360 ° without dead angles”

A road goes around the colorful Siming Mountain

Blue satin-like

Zhou Gongzhai Reservoir

Perched at the foot of the mountain

This is not a pattern that “Xiaojia Jasper” can interpret


It’s no less impressive

Orange-hued cedar trees stand tall on the side of the road

The bright yellow color of the ginkgo biloba dots the mountains

There are also small wildflowers “lying on their stomachs” on the road to watch the liveliness

/Battle Tsuki Village/

The village of Jiaoxi is halfway up the mountain to the village of Maowo

Stop when you’re passing by

Its highlight is supposed to be the Peach Blossom Festival in spring

I didn’t expect autumn to be so beautiful!

Maple stands in the field like a lollipop

Unknown trees are interspersed

Put the fiery red maple hue and turn it into pink

The high ginkgo and cedar trees are too dreamy

It feels like there’s only one castle left here!

/Toao Art Museum&Coffee/

It is 14 km away from Maowo village

There is a small 900-year-old village called Duao Village

Like a “lost pearl” hidden in Siming Mountain

It’s here

Duao Art Museum

The art museum was originally an army food station

It was later converted into a “spiritual supply station”

Used in private collections and various exhibitions

Opposite the Toao Art Museum

Duao coffee

Only open on weekends from 10:00-16:00 and public holidays

The collision between the small but beautiful village and contemporary literature and art is very subtle

If not in a hurry

Sit here for a while in the afternoon and have a cup of coffee before leaving

Photo @ Lao Xu

02 Danshan Chishui

Danshan Chishui Scenic Area is located in the hinterland of Siming Mountain

With natural landscapes and Taoist culture

It is characterized by the rich ancient village style of Dongshan Township in Zhejiang

Cliffs and rocks, ancient roads and streams, ancient bridges and waterfalls, ancient villages, persimmon forests

It forms a beautiful and spectacular landscape painting

Stroll through the core area of Siming Mountain

It’s like being in an oil painting

Enjoy the outdoor experience brought to us by the colorful Siming Mountain

Enjoy nature’s golden autumn gifts


Kakibayashi Ancient Village

Persimmon trees have been planted for many years in front of and behind the houses of every household in the village

It is rich in “hanging red” persimmons, hence the name

“Kakibayashi Village”

When the persimmons are ripe in autumn and winter, the powder wall is among the tiles

A small persimmon, red and joyful

Photo @ People’s Daily Social Livelihood Weekly

Stroll around the ancient village in autumn and winter

The stone-built villages are full of traces of time

The cobblestone paths remember the footsteps of tourists

Persimmon trees scattered over the mountains set against the powder-walled Dewa old house

A few ancient ginkgo trees at the entrance of the village are the icing on the cake

03 Yangtian Lake

Yangtian Lake is a volcanic dammed lake at an altitude of 800 meters

It is an extinct crater gifted by the Quaternary glacial period

Praised by writers

“A tear on earth”

The lake is clear and full of metasequoia

Autumn bounty pine ginkgo, winter view fog ice waterfall

This is a sacred place for Siming Mountain to seek snow in autumn

This is a rare alpine grassland in the south

Compared to the dam, there is a little less boundless magnificence

But there are more mountains and majesty

The wind turbines at the top of the mountain did not spoil the beauty here

Instead, it blends perfectly with the mountains

Watching the sunrise and sunset, the clouds are beautiful

04 Lijiakeng Village

This ancient village is hidden in the mountains at an altitude of 500 meters

It is in the Siming Mountains

The most complete and largest preserved ancient village

The hidden world and beauty have become poetry, and the house is surrounded by mountains and streams

It seems to be in line with the artistic conception of Wang Wei’s “Autumn in the Mountains”

Passing through the alleys, you can catch a glimpse of the majestic green mountains

Courtyard courtyards in the Ming and Qing dynasty architectural styles are scattered throughout the village

House to house is towering

Horse head wall

The stage door is inlaid with a brick door plaque

The village is full of ancient buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and walking in it has a strong sense of traversal

“Ambiguous distant village, nestled in the smoke

Dogs barking deep in the alley, chickens crowing mulberry trees”

That’s probably what Tao Yuanming described

05 Bird’s Nest Trail

Yuyao Bird’s Nest Village

It is located in the north of Siming Mountain, with an altitude of about 470 meters

It consists of four natural villages

There is a basin of about 120㎡ between the two villages

It resembles a swallow’s nest and has been called since ancient times

“Bird’s Nest”

It is very well-known in Yuyao, and the older generation often recite it

Although it is not far from Yuyao urban area

However, due to economic development, it is not as good as other villages and towns

On the contrary, it retains a relatively unique quaint style and fresh air

From time to time, there are mountain springs and bamboo forests

Bird’s Nest Ancient Road

It’s through this village

A trail with traces of history

There are emerald green bamboo and mottled bluestone slabs

Lakes, mountains and lakes are intertwined

The redwood forest on the shore of the lake is quietly waiting

The whole route has mountains, water, and ancient roads

Only in recent years have a small number of donkey friends started to get involved

It’s a wonderful route with a great experience

Pass by Zilong Temple, Maluping, Hong Jiaxiang, Meijiadai

The entire loop is about 9km hiking

06 Siming Lake

“Ten Miles of Smoke and Nine Cave Heavens, Mountains and Hidden Spirits and Water Hidden Immortals”

Siming Lake is located in Liangnong Town, an ancient cultural town of Yuyao

Surrounded by lakes and mountains, 72 peaks near and far are verdant

Generations of famous Coats have left many anecdotes and legends

Although it is an artificial lake

However, Siming Lake is twice the size of West Lake

The capacity of the library is 13 times that of West Lake

There is a monument on the lake

“East Zhejiang Pearl”

It has the “reputation of East Zhejiang Kanas”

Every autumn, the four lakes and sequoia forests of the circle of friends will be flooded

Known as “the most beautiful redwood forest in East China”

Rows stand in the water

By mid-November, the leaves of the shirt had begun to turn red

The red-soaked leaves resemble phantoms

The reflection in the water is particularly beautiful

Photo @ Huang Xiao Eel

On the shore of Siming Lake, a large sequoia forest stands gracefully in the water

It became a veritable “metasequoia”

Occasionally, a boat wanders around, startling countless egrets

In autumn, Metasequoia begins to turn yellow and red

Fallen leaves float on the surface of the water

Twinkle under the sunlight, a red glow, beautiful

There is a large open space by Siming Lake

Set up a tent against the back of the cedar forest

It was the most enjoyable thing on an autumn day

While enjoying the view

There are also various small vendors on the side of the road

Freshly made Liang Lane and lotus root powder rolls, full of aroma

Speaking of which, Lianglong Village, where Siming Lake is located

There is also a delicacy with customs – Liang Nong Big Cake

Liang Nong Big Cake has a long history, and it is said that every Dragon Boat Festival

The “hairy son-in-law” who is engaged but not married

You have to pick a big cake and go to your mother-in-law’s house

The cake is engraved with auspicious characters such as Fu, Lu, Shou, and Xi

Carrying beautiful, simple blessings

It should be sent with gifts such as yellow fish, hoof tendons, cigarettes and so on

07 Selling Chai Ao Metasequoia Forest

It is located in the south of the Yinjiang River in Ningbo

Close to Rongfeng Village and Jinlu Village

It is a niche hiking trail

The hiking trail is varied

Drunken red sequoia forest

Soaring straight into the sky and reflecting in the lake

Dark green tea plantation

Distributed on both sides of the ancient road

It’s all in the air

Tea aroma

There are also patches of miscanthus swaying in the wind

Under the stars, in the mountains

Watch an open-air movie and have a farm barbecue

As the sun sets, hike the ancient trail and embrace the autumn flowers

On the way, we pass through bamboo forests and step on bluestone paved roads from time to time

The whole walk down, the body and mind are extremely comfortable

08 Qixiakeng Ancient Road

Siming Mountain in autumn is bright and moving

Except for the village of Maowu

Siming Mountain also has a great niche place to enjoy autumn

Qixiakeng Ancient Road

The Qixiakeng Ancient Road is located in the territory of Xikou Town

From Xikou Town Qixiakeng Village

To Tangtian Village, Simingshan Town, Yuyao City, Ningbo

It is the “Tang Poetry Road” from the former Xinchang and Yuyao to Fenghua and Ninghai

Photography @ Ningbo Chao Play

Qixiakeng Village is

A settlement of Wang Xi’s descendants

Formerly known as Peach Blossom Pit

There are Chang’an Bridge, Changshou Bridge and Yongji Bridge in the village

3 Ming Dynasty stone arch bridges

One wall and one tile, telling the feelings of home

Brick by brick, written with the scars of the years

One end is connected to the mouth of Fenghua Stream, and the other end is holding Yuyao

It is the most beautiful section on the road of Tang poetry in eastern Zhejiang

In the past, the Japanese literati came here to chant poetry

Still beating on the pulse of this land

Image @ Ningbo Chao Play

On the ancient road, cedar pine needles spread out like a golden carpet

Like a colorful oil painting

More like a colorful fairy tale world

In autumn, be sure to come to Siming Mountain once

It doesn’t matter if it’s for the layers of the forest

maple leaf

Or for clarity and beauty

Siming Lake

Or here

Romantic sunset

Copywriter @ 456/Loose

Edit @Tintin

Photography @456

Photography @456

Photography @456

Photography @Jamie sauce

Photography @Jamie sauce

Qixiakeng Ancient Road

Image @ Ningbo Chao Play