Only love is the best suit

——COCOBELLA 2015 Early Spring Collection, opening the world of love

Introduction: No holiday is more suitable for speaking out than Valentine’s Day. Compared with a direct and explicit confession, a quiet gesture is better. Maybe it’s a lingering demeanor, maybe it’s a fluttering demeanor. Whether it is a male god of literature and art or a mature man of tough guys, the right dress can make his heart surging, and he can’t embrace you by himself. This is the attraction of seamless and gaps, the confession of gradually getting better, and the best suit for love.

Refuse to bump shirts for a unique choice

Romain Rolland said that every kind of love is unique, and it is because of its uniqueness that we are so immersed and fascinated. Fashion god Gabrielle Chanel said that just like love, clothes full of love are for those who love the most, and they must ensure that they are maverick. Therefore, every fashionista knows that the beautiful side must be presented to the beloved TA, which is a silent confession from the heart, and it comes from the sincerity of true love. This season, COCOBELLA launched a new spring style of European and American vacation style slim and flowing women’s cardigan knitwear KT23, allowing you to refuse to collide and always interpret your true colors. The flowing hem always reflects your exclusive beauty, and the length of the ankle, killing the gaze of the male god in seconds. Its invincible slim fit, the upper body immediately thin, whether it is a sweet rose light pink, an intellectual aqua green, or a quiet and elegant gray, can quickly grab his heart this Valentine’s Day.

Striped elements, directing a love cruise

The cruising style, which has always been marked by stripes, can quickly elevate the atmosphere and break the dullness. Stripes are born with magic that not only relaxes the mood, but also visually stretches the proportions of the body. Whether it’s thin and narrow stripes or large stripes, you can’t go wrong with Valentine’s Day. COCOBELLA is always one step ahead, whether it is the new striped long-sleeved slim bottom with a long women’s dress DS170 in early spring, or the new versatile contrast slim long-sleeved crewneck knitted stripe women’s T-shirt TE123, or the slim slim knitted stripe versatile hip skirt DS173, while coming to simple beauty, let the two never tire of looking at each other, and the love voyage opens instantly.

The sweatshirt is on the upper body, interpreting the love defense battle between the two

Sometimes, clothing is the physical evidence that best reflects the stage of the relationship between the two. Just as the two of their first lovers choose formal wear, this is not only respect for each other, but also based on devotion to feelings. For two people in love, a casual sweatshirt is perfect for it, not only because of its great comfort and inclusiveness, but also because of its affinity to bring each other’s hearts closer together. COCOBELLA’s new sweatshirt for early spring 2015 gives you more choices: the hooded loose long-sleeved OP women’s sweatshirt DS171 brings style and vitality; The CT241 cropped lapel sweatshirt jacket stimulates endless mix-and-match imagination; The pullover, hooded space cotton loose long-sleeved sweatshirt T-shirt TE113 derives a rich layering with different material panels, and the atmospheric and smooth lines refuse any cumbersome and cumbersome, bringing a lighter and burden-free wearing experience, just like the appeal of true love has not changed.

Finally, COCOBELLA and all employees wish you a Happy New Year in advance! Thank you for your support and love for COCOBELLA over the past year, and thank you for growing up happily with COCOBELLA. Looking ahead, there is hope. NEXT YEAR COCOBELLA WILL TRY TO DO BETTER! I wish you health, happiness and good luck!