2 must-buy shirts this summer! Every piece is well worn

It is said that girls are fickle, especially in the matter of dressing, they have always been on the way to buy, but there is always one missing in the wardrobe.

But girls can also be single-minded, forever fond of some classic and timeless items, and can never give up, such as jeans, such as white T,

Like my favorite shirt

No matter how the tide changes, they will always have a place in my wardrobe, “a panacea” and an “evergreen”.

I love wearing shirts and have even become my style label.

However, wearing a shirt in summer, I often see a little cute complaining: it is indeed versatile, but the long-sleeved bar is too hot, wear sleeveless, and worry that the worship meat cannot be hidden.

The short-sleeved shirt is too rustic, and the arms are still very stuffy. The short-sleeved shirt in everyone’s impression is probably like this:

Is there any

A short-sleeved shirt that is both stylish and cool while covering your arms


In fact, there are many styles of short-sleeved shirts, especially the French style, what puff sleeves, Peter Pan collars and a variety of popular colors and other elements are integrated, so that simple shirts have many choices.

Good looks are good looks, but they are not suitable for everyone, and the style is instantly limited and not versatile enough.

Might as well choose one

Fresh and special colors + comfortable and breathable fabrics

, paired with a classic and timeless style that can go with everything.

Thus, such a short-sleeved shirt appeared.


Fit is a top priority

Choose a shirt first look at the fit, it belongs as a whole

The loose H-fit has a length that covers the crotch

, summer shirts must be tucked into bottoms to look better and be more stylish.

I tried it on with a 90-120 pound partner, and I could find the right size and wear the same loose feel as I was.

Determine the overall fit, the style is suitable for most people, focus on the sleeves and collar.

According to my experience of wearing so many shirts, sleeves can basically be divided into three categories:

Fitted with rotator sleeves, rotator cuffs and raglan sleeves.

Even the shoulder sleeves are more picky, if it is a dropped shoulder or a pear-shaped body girl wearing it will look collapsed and have no aura; The raglan itself is more casual and casual, and the commuting is not versatile enough.

So after wearing so many shirts, I still prefer to wear shoulder sleeves.

But if this type of sleeve is the simplest short straight sleeve, it is indeed easy to become the rustic and cramped fit in the first example.

Replace the large body and sleeves with a loose and stretched circumference

Changing the material from shiny combed cotton to linen with a casual natural atmosphere will give the shirt a more stylish feel.

The shirt comes with a neutral touch, plus the finishing touch

Narrow flange

Isn’t this a short-sleeved shirt with a dashing taste!

In terms of collar, those who want to be cute have a small round neck; The one with a strong sense of design has the Peter Pan collar; There are also more casual stand-up collars.

But I think the most practical wear, my own first choice,

Or a decent, just the right size shirt collar

, seems to be basic, but in fact you can define your own style and make it more versatile.

In this way, you want to make him more neutral and casual, you can match it with jeans; If you want to wear it to the workplace, choose suit pants for the bottom; Occasionally wear it with a skirt to instantly switch sweet and gentle wind.


Fabric is still the soul

Summer shirts should really be worn well,

Good fit, fine fabric, indispensable

During this time, I tried on about a dozen different fabrics before I chose this one.

It has both cotton and linen moisture absorption, breathability, and silk-like delicate touch, no matter how many degrees of day to wear it, you can do it refreshing and comfortable without stuffiness, so suitable for summer!

Comes with a pleated texture

, so that the simple basic shirt adds a bit of design, thin and moderate, no matter what color of underwear you wear, you don’t have to worry about embarrassing to go away.

This textured fabric is also more durable than cotton and linen fabrics that are harder and looser as they are washed!

Vigorous rubbing will not deform, repeated friction is not easy to hook, washing machine wash will not fade,

Greatly extend the life of clothes.

The fabric of three-dimensional craft textile is relatively loose in structure, so

Particularly breathable

。 Even if it is wet, it can be quickly absorbed and will not stick to the skin, so it is too comfortable to wear it in summer!

Coupled with the texture of natural drape, you can also hide small shortcomings such as shoulder width and excess meat, and the whole person visually looks thin!


Funky is king

I paired it with a pair of jeans,

The shirt is a piece that seems formal, but in fact, it can completely define its own style

, wear more suit pants at work, and you can change into casual bottoms after work.

Is it a lot of age reduction all of a sudden.

Its color is that kind of green that is not highly saturated and very fresh, I this

Yellow and black leather is not only stress-free, but also unexpectedly white.

Light green + denim blue, I also paired it with some white pieces, giving people a comfortable and clean feeling.

With a skirt, you can switch the gentle route in an instant.

The H-shaped shirt is the thinnest, much more inclusive than the waist model, and with an A-line skirt, it can highlight the waist line and be friendly to pear-shaped and apple-shaped bodies.

Light green and white are undoubtedly the most refreshing colors this summer, with their own cooling function.

There is a certain sense of formal competence, and a certain affinity, but also help us improve our aura, suitable for the workplace and suitable for dating, this is

It is “effective dressing”, which is also the charm of shirts.

In addition to the light green, there is

Baby blue

I also like it, they are all colors that make people feel at a glance, and summer is suitable for these fresh and elegant colors.

Of course, there are also classic and versatile ones for you


, with high-grade textured fabrics, even the most basic colors will be very good.

In total

Four sizes

, 80 pounds to 130 pounds, all kinds of body types can be easily handled.

If you just lack a versatile and stylish shirt that can be worn to and from work, try it!