Yongan’s new pile moped was unveiled on the streets of Heze, and it is expected to release 5,000 units a year

Peony Evening News all-media reporter Minjing

Recently, a batch of new pile mopeds appeared on the streets of Heze, appearing in people’s field of vision, this batch of vehicles not only fashionable appearance, refreshing color, but also complete functions, high technical content, can provide citizens with a more comfortable, light riding experience. On March 9, the Peony Evening News all-media reporter learned from Yongan Xing Technology Co., Ltd. that the company has put a total of 2,000 new mopeds in our city, and it is expected that this year, the city will complete the release of 5,000 vehicles.

The new car was put on the market, and citizens rushed to test ride

At about 9 a.m. on March 9, near a shared power-assisted bicycle station on the north side of the intersection of Taiyuan Road and Danyang Road in the urban area, two Yongan staff members were putting new mopeds into the parking pile. The Peony Evening News all-media reporter observed that compared with the traditional piled vehicles, the appearance and use of these vehicles have been greatly improved.

It is understood that the vehicle launched this time is Yong’an Xing’s new Y3 pile moped, which has a fashionable appearance and a refreshing and beautiful green and white color. The vehicle is equipped with speed sensors, drive motors, lithium batteries and intelligent positioning systems, which can automatically sense and understand the intention of the cyclist user, and when the cycling user pedals, the moped will automatically turn on the assist mode.

According to Qiao Yuxia, manager of Heze Branch of Yong’an Xing Technology Co., Ltd., compared with the traditional pile moped, the new Y3 pile moped of Yongan Xing has many highlights, and the body structure adopts an integrated design of front and rear wheels, which is beautiful and practical; Different from traditional foam tires, the new model tires use PU tires, which have good elasticity and strong grip, making users more comfortable to ride, and the innovative design of the “handlebar” function can also easily meet the needs of cycling users to help riding, which is lighter and less labor-saving.

Peony Evening News all-media reporter interviewed and learned that after the end of the car, citizens need to return the car, but the traditional shared power-assisted bicycle is not obvious because the return button is not obvious, most citizens return the car through the software on the mobile phone. In order to facilitate the identification of citizens, the new vehicle is equipped with a circular return button at the battery under the seat, and makes a clear “return” sign, when the pile is returned, the public only needs to click the button to complete the return. “After returning the car, the red taillights at the rear wheels will automatically go out.” Qiao Yuxia said.

The new Y3 is an “upgraded version” of Yong’an Xing’s shared pile moped, and since its launch in the Heze market, it has attracted citizens to compete for test rides, and everyone is the first to experience the new car full of technology. “The new car is lighter and more comfortable.” Citizen Ms. Han said.

This year, the city is expected to put in 5,000 new Y3 pile mopeds

Peony Evening News all-media reporter interviewed and learned that at present, the newly launched mopeds in our city are the same as public bicycles in the form of piles and need to be returned at a fixed point. “Fixed-point with piles” can effectively solve the problems of excessive delivery, random parking, and poor management of shared bicycles. At the same time, the new shared moped can reach a speed of 22KM/h and a cruising range of 60KM, which can extend the riding distance to 10km.

It is understood that Yong’an Xing’s new Y3 pile moped has been put into our city, in addition to the upgrade and iteration of appearance, the “core” also has many blessings of intelligent technology. The vehicle’s intelligent central control supports functions such as “real-time positioning”, “intelligent voice broadcast”, and “Bluetooth borrowing and returning”. Among them, with the improvement of Beidou GPS system, the positioning accuracy of the new moped will be further improved, which can make the moped parking point more accurate and easier to find available vehicles. In addition, citizens can also use the Yongan APP to inquire about moped sites and vehicle usage in real time.

Peony Evening News all-media reporter learned through interviews that due to the increasing number of bicycles, in order to meet the needs of citizens and provide everyone with a more high-quality and comfortable riding experience, this year the company will successively put 5,000 new Y3 piled mopeds into the Heze market. Qiao Yuxia also reminded the general public that shared mopeds are public finances, and citizens must use vehicles correctly in accordance with the norms, and park them on piles to maintain good urban order.