The new products of the Casio Electronic Dictionary E-R series are now fully available

The Casio Electronic Dictionary E-R series is finally fully available on June 22nd! At the new product conference, 11 colors of the six models of the E-R series were officially unveiled, and this year, in response to the needs of the audience, new colors were added to enrich the diversified choices of users. At the same time, we have made many functional responses to English course standards, study abroad education, and Japanese for college entrance examinations, and continue to help language learning.

Ingenuity to create dreams

A new highlight of the E-R series

The E-R series adopts a one-piece color design in the appearance color matching, with a silver LOGO, adding a fashion visual effect, retaining the three-dimensional design as a whole, and the unique diamond-shaped concave and convex texture covers the fuselage and hinge, making the entire appearance more textured. Integrated large buttons for smoother operation, and front-end speaker design for better sound concentration and clearer pronunciation.

E-R99 is applicable to the college entrance examination

Casio Electronic Dictionary E-R99 is specially designed for middle and high school learning, and the “Oxford Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary (9th Edition)” has been newly upgraded, adding situational expressions and Oxford speaking guides to improve English application skills. At the same time, the word learning function is strengthened, listening


Pronunciation, confirmation of word meaning, pronunciation assessment, spelling test and review of example sentences, five steps to achieve word deep learning. Equipped with the new course standard topic extended reading “Sunshine English Graded Reading”, to assist high school English classroom learning, colorful pictures +

Pronunciation + reading guidance, which enhances the fun of reading while improving reading ability. 83 authoritative dictionaries, 500 English masterpieces, 200,000 English words

Pronunciation, all the way to help the high school entrance examination.

E-R200 is applicable to study abroad and universities

The Casio Electronic Dictionary E-R200 is designed for studying abroad and includes Oxford Advanced (9th Edition), which strengthens the learning functions of vocabulary, writing, and oral expression. Equipped with Oxford and Merriam-Webster’s English-English dictionaries, the interpretation is closer to the European and American way of thinking and expression. Sentence pronunciation evaluation function, five scientific dimensions to score, correct pronunciation, effectively improve speaking. Complete TOEFL, IELTS, SAT and other test preparation dictionaries, easy to cope with the preparation for studying abroad. In addition, it includes 7 university professional dictionaries, as well as Collins Academic English series Group work and Presenting, to help you adapt to the overseas study mode faster. 89 authoritative dictionaries, 500 English masterpieces, 200,000 English words

Pronunciation, as well as powerful study abroad course planning features, help you realize your dream of studying abroad.

E-R300 Japanese Language Major is applicable

The Casio Electronic Dictionary E-R300 is designed for learning Japanese, covering the Japanese language required from basic introduction to employment. It includes 87 authoritative dictionaries such as Dazhilin, Xinming Xie, and Japanese-Chinese Double Interpretation, and 500 Japanese famous works. Especially for the Japanese college entrance examination, it is equipped with the “College Entrance Examination Japanese Mock Test Paper”, 8 sets of real simulation test questions, supporting listening audio, and restoring the listening test room to meet the needs of exam preparation. Built-in N1, N2, N3 Japanese Language Proficiency Test vocabulary set, and supporting mock questions, so that the preparation for the test is easy. Includes “Japanese Language for Employment/Work”, supports human-computer dialogue, and simulates the interview scene of Japanese companies. “Japanese for Work” series of books, covering daily work e-mail,


and Japanese business etiquette, calmly facing all aspects of the Japanese company workplace.

E-R800 Multilingual Essentials is applicable

Casio Electronic Dictionary E-R800 is specially designed for multilingual refinement, and contains a total of 128 authoritative dictionaries in English, Japanese, French, German and Chinese, 500 English masterpieces and 500 Japanese masterpieces. The content covers politics, history, economics, law, science and technology, tourism, life and other fields. English, Japanese, French, German, and Chinese words

Pronunciation, professional pronunciation practice and recording function fully meet the needs of multi-Chinese speaking learning, you deserve to have if you want to master multiple languages!

IP empowerment to add FUN to the brand

20th Casio Electronic Education National Distributor Seminar

E-R series electronic dictionary new product launch IP display

In the era of IP outbreak, Casio, which has always adhered to continuous innovation, while improving product functions, keeps up with the pace of the times, and jointly launches a limited edition electronic dictionary with many well-known IPs such as LULUPARK, LINE FRIENDS, “YESTERDAY’S BLUE SKY”, “ALITA”, and WUHUANGWANSLEEP, constantly meeting the personalized needs of users, adding FUN to the brand, reaching the hearts of young consumers, and giving users more new possibilities.