Can 200 yuan curtain be used 6 major problems are all solved for household curtain procurement

Bought a projection, how should the curtain be chosen, there are many curtains on the Internet for only 200 yuan, can such a curtain be started? I’ll tell you the answer today. This article starts from a number of problems to solve your problem of buying a curtain:

First: How many sizes of curtains should I buy?

This first depends on your viewing distance, if it is more than three meters, and your wall is large enough, you can buy a 100-inch curtain. And also to consider the performance of the projector, if you purchase a smart projection, the brightness is only 500 ANSI lumens of the product, in fact, 100-inch curtain is not suitable, if the brightness is above 1000ANSI lumens, the author thinks that 100-inch curtain can.

Mainly look at the brightness of the projector and the home space

Second: what proportion of curtain should I buy?

Household use must buy 16:9 curtains, in fact, commercial projectors are rarely equipped with 4:3 curtains. After all, many PPT sizes are 16:9. In fact, the 4:3 screen is suitable for the resolution of 1027X768, due to the decline in the price of the projector, many business projectors have upgraded the resolution, and also support 1080P, since it supports 1080P It is naturally the best 16:9 curtain.

Third: What is the gain of the curtain?

We generally use gain to describe the reflective ability of the screen. We will not talk about the specific definition, in fact, it is the ratio of reflective ability, generally speaking, the screen with small gain looks more peaceful, but it is more affected by ambient light. Screens with high gain will be brighter, richer in layers, and better in color, and screens with high gain will be less affected by ambient light.

Gain is actually the ratio of incident luminance to reflected luminance

When we purchase the screen, we still have to look at the parameters of the projector to choose the curtain. For example, if your projector has high brightness, then you don’t need a product with too high gain. If the brightness is low, it needs to be selected according to the gain and different materials, and we will talk about the material of the curtain.

Fourth: What material to choose for the curtain?

There are many mainstream curtain materials on the market, their parameters are different, and the price is also different. The most commonly used screen is a white plastic screen, which is characterized by low gain, large viewing angle, and relatively natural color, which can express the performance of the projector as it is. The price is also relatively cheap, and it is a kind of curtain that is used more. In fact, white plastic screens are the most common in general households.

Renderings of different screens

Glass bead screen is also a cheap curtain, its gain is a little higher, color reproduction is better, it is characterized by can be used in daytime environments, but the disadvantage is that the viewing angle is small, and the curtain will be yellowed after long-term use. Now there are already such curtains on the market.

The glass fiber curtain is woven by glass thread, which is divided into white glass fiber and gray glass fiber curtain. The advantage of glass fiber curtains is that they are easy to clean and have high contrast and gain. The price of this kind of curtain is finally mid-to-high. It is suitable for groups with sufficient budget and relatively high picture requirements.

The glass fiber curtain can be wiped

Generally speaking, the entry needs can buy white plastic screens, the gain of white plastic curtains is not large, but the price is cheap. The glass fiber curtain has strong gain ability, but the price is high. You can position your own screen material according to the brightness and price of your projector.

Fifth: Is the electric curtain more suitable to start?

There are many shapes of curtains, such as electric curtains, picture frame curtains, and floor curtains. In fact, generally choose an electric curtain at home, because this way the curtain can be put away and does not always occupy a large space. And if it is a professional audio-visual room, most people choose to frame the screen.

Schematic diagram of the picture frame

The picture frame curtain uses a buckle spring to flatten the curtain, and it will be automatically flattened if there is a slight unevenness, and the flatness is almost the best in the curtain products on the market. However, the price of the picture frame curtain is relatively high, and there are certain requirements for space, and the popularity is not as high as the electric curtain.

Floor-pull curtains save space

In addition to these kinds of curtains, there are also bracket curtains and ground pull curtains. The price of the bracket curtain is low, and its advantage is that it can be used anywhere, often in outdoor scenes. The ground pull curtain can overcome the situation that the electric curtain cannot be hoisted in many occasions, and it is more convenient to use and recycle. This kind of screen is basically more common for commercial use, and household or electric curtain is more suitable.

Sixth: What type of curtain should I buy?

The price of white plastic is relatively low, a few hundred yuan can be done, and the price of about 1000 to 2000 curtains are made of glass fiber, its gain and color performance ability are relatively good, flatness is also relatively high.

No matter how high the price is, there are many types of screens, including light-resistant screens made of glass fiber materials, and light-resistant screens made of aluminum alloy bodies combined with other materials, and metal materials also appear. For example, the curtain of laser TV belongs to a metal curtain, and is equipped with a special coating, so the price is four or five thousand yuan, which is relatively expensive. And the average household, in fact, a thousand yuan curtain is enough to meet the demand. If your requirements are not high, in fact, curtains under 200 yuan can also be purchased.