The “plaid scarf”, which is very popular in winter, learn to match clothes in this way, warm and fanciful

The necessary “plaid scarf” in winter, how to match the clothes to look good?

After waiting for so long, the mushrooms in the south have finally waited for winter. In the cold season, you can finally put on your long-collected winter clothes happily when you go out, and of course, “scarves”!

Speaking of scarves, perhaps most girls have a special love for it. You know, a fashionable and delicate shape, the embellishment of the scarf also plays a big role.

As for the style of scarves, it is also full of variety, such as the classic basic solid color model, as well as the romantic broken flower model, and the “plaid scarf” that has been popular in recent years.

In the era of retro style, pieces with plaid elements are also on fire. Now in winter, the popularity of plaid scarves is also expected, for such a clause-style scarf, how to match clothes to look good?

Today, Lily will talk to you about the related matching of plaid scarves around this topic, if you are interested, follow along!

How does a plaid scarf look good with “clothes”?

Regarding this plaid scarf, how should it look good with “clothes” in winter? Below Lily recommends a few fashionable ways to wear it, hurry up and get it!

With 1, plaid blazer + plaid scarf + boots

Items like plaid scarves are actually not as picky as expected. The combination of a plaid suit and a plaid scarf, an unexpected harmony good-looking, a colorful plaid blazer, paired with a black and white plaid long scarf, is really too good-looking, right? The structured suit shape defines the figure well, simply layered with a black bottom and black leggings, and a pair of black boots on the feet, the proportion of the legs is instantly elongated, and the legs are thin and long.

Match 2, green sweater + plaid scarf + jeans

It is said that a simple and a complex look is the best, so when matching a plaid scarf, you may wish to choose to match it with solid color clothes. Green sweater, wearing this color in winter, seems to be in spring, so eye-catching and vibrant. Very white and not picky color, with red and white plaid scarf, clever contrast, both fashionable and retro.

The lower body is simply paired with a pair of denim blue straight-leg pants, and the young girl is full of fan. Indoors, it’s appropriate to wear it this way, but when you’re outside, remember to add an extra coat or cotton jacket to keep warm and good-looking!

With 3, cream white down jacket + plaid scarf + suit pants

After cooling down, how can you go out without a down jacket? This milky white down jacket, the color is too milky, neat short, very tall to wear, very suitable for small girls. With a plaid scarf, a plaid shirt was also chosen underneath, which played a good echo with the scarf. The coffee-colored suit pants with the lower body, the loose fit, looks thin and comfortable.

Match 4, sweater cardigan + plaid scarf + sweater mid-length skirt

This set is quite suitable for the little cuties in the south, very gentle sweater cardigan, light pink, really not picky at all. With a red plaid scarf, the whole person looks warm and beautiful, and the off-white sweater mid-length skirt with the lower body makes the whole outfit look soft and sticky, too gentle, right!

With 5, coat + plaid scarf + jeans

The combination of coat and scarf is really a perfect match~ This straw yellow coat, the color looks really foreign, very suitable for this season. A long scarf that casually sits over your shoulders to keep it warm and stylish. As for the underwear, it is recommended to wear it casually with a white legging, a pair of jeans on the lower body, and a pair of sneakers, which is very daily and warm.

Plaid scarf looks good “Fence Law”

Well, after reading how to wear the plaid scarf with various clothes on it, don’t you think it’s very good? Next, let’s take a look at the various beautiful “bib methods” of plaid scarves, there will always be something you like.

Method 1: Simply put it on your shoulder

For the enticed scarf, there are actually quite a few, but to count the good-looking and versatile tying methods, this kind of casual hanging on the shoulder can be counted. No matter what kind of winter outfit, this scarf is suitable for the wrap. However, it should be noted that the color of the scarf and the color of the clothes should be harmonious enough.

Enclosure 2: Cross around the neck

I don’t know, do you think that wearing a coat and scarf in winter is super good-looking. Like such a plaid scarf, simply crossed around the neck, both to ensure the temperature and fashionable, so that it is appropriate to match any kind of coat, and has a sense of déjà vu of Korean girls.

Enclosure 3: Directly as a shawl

Regarding the scarf method, there are really many tricks, and it is also very good to wear it directly as a shawl like the trendy man in the picture! First of all, you have to choose a wider scarf style, not to mention, just open it and draped it over your shoulders, super fanciful, the key is to keep warm.

Enclosure method four: side knotting method

To say how to tie the scarf is the most warm, Lily feels that this method of tying the side knots is worth imitating. Despite this, this method is really not suitable for girls with short necks, you yourself “brain makeup” the scene, short neck, big face, really can’t bear to look at it directly…


Well, seeing this, I don’t know what you think about the article how to match clothes with the plaid scarf shared by Lily today? Follow the hipsters above to match clothes like this, warm and fan!

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