What warm and skinny leggings are there to wear in winter?

When you think of winter, you might think of cold, but I think of fat. Because it’s cold, people become lazy, don’t like to move, winter fat will grow, in addition, winter wear a little thicker, bucket waist, small thick legs are obvious, can’t temperature and demeanor coexist? In my case, of course it can.

The vast majority of people must have stepped on the thunder of leggings, and I am no exception. After wearing countless pairs of leggings, I still have a bad winter, hey. The most common pits in leggings are: thick legs, balloons, color loss, gear drop, tight leg tightening. Blessed are you who read this article today, after I wore countless pairs of leggings, I finally found a few high-quality, warm and skinny leggings, if you are interested, you may wish to read down.

The first one: Korean star leggings

This leggings brand is a Korean clothing company specializing in the production of stockings and leggings, established in 08. The 400 high-pitch weaving technology of the Italian company LONATI is adopted, so the leggings made have no horizontal lines, and the elastic fits the legs without slacking, making them comfortable and shiny.

It is not an ordinary textile fiber, but a full dul treated precursor and functional spandex using multifilament yarn, so the fabric is more advanced than ordinary leggings, effective anti-hooking, resilience, wear resistance, and cold resistance. This leggings is no problem to wear at -3°C in winter, and with it, my mother is no longer afraid of me being cold in winter.

The second one: it is still a super popular Korean legging

Now I understand why Korean girls don’t feel cold when they wear so little in winter.

Personally, I like this one more because it has a skin tone model, wearing skin tone leggings is very convenient to match clothes, and it also has a men’s model ohhahahaha.

This leggings is thickened mink velvet fabric, the inside is very comfortable, very skin-friendly, elasticity is also very good, if the legs are thick, do not be afraid, wear it freely, 3 thicknesses are optional, autumn, winter, spring can be worn.

This leggings is said to use nano, self-heating technology, snow below 0 degrees will not feel cold, wear very warm, the fabric also added “Fendorin”, can regulate endocrine, avoid humidity and stuffiness, the merchant is really very intimate.

Because there is no physical store in China for these leggings, you need to go to a duty-free shop or find a reliable purchasing agent to buy.

The last one is the leggings that have been very popular in Japan in previous years.

This leggings are also not available in China, and you need to go to a duty-free store or find a reliable purchasing agent to buy. There are three thicknesses, and it can cope with different temperatures of 10°C, 0°C, and -10°C.

These leggings are said to have been selling well in Japan for 12 years, and the workmanship of the leggings is really good, anti-hooking, no balls, and a special deodorizing design, so you don’t have to worry about foot odor. The use of heating fiber material, can effectively lock the temperature, super warmth.

Leggings are definitely indispensable in winter, but the water of leggings is very deep, so everyone must buy carefully, and must choose regular, reliable channels to buy, in order to pick less pits, I don’t know if you like the leggings I shared? If you have your favorite leggings, you can also share them.